The Ultimate Guide to WIFI MONEY (2024)

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From the desk of Harsh Strongman
Subj: The No Bullshit Guide to WiFi Money

What is WiFi Money?

WiFi money is money made over the internet without any physical presence i.e. no office or physical shop. Just you, your computer, and an internet connection.

Back when I was growing up, it was inconceivable to make money from the internet. You were “supposed to” finish school, go to college, and then get a job. The exception was if your family owned some kind of regular physical business, you would work there.

Today, you can make money from your internet connection. Not just some money, but a lot of money.

Everyone is out there glued to their phones and computers. Everyone is spending money online. Most of the biggest companies in the world are online businesses (Google, Meta, Netflix, X, etc.).

You can use the same internet connection you use to make all these companies rich to get yourself a piece of the online spending pie. Without opening up a shop or holding any inventory. That is WiFi money.

Why You Should Start a WiFi Money Business

WiFi businesses:

  1. Require little capital to start – $1000 is more than enough.
  2. Don’t need any physical offices – You just need an internet connection (and good English, duh.).
  3. Can target customers from all over the world – We have customers from all over the world.
  4. They are highly profitable – Margins are literally as high as 80-90%. This is unheard of in the physical world.
  5. Location independent – You are free to travel and enjoy your life. Your WiFi Business doesn’t require your physical presence.
  6. No bosses. No commute. No bullshit. – Life is too short to be living as a wage slave.

If you need more convincing, read why you should start an online business. It will light a fire under your ass to start something right now.

How to make your first $1000 online

Since this is an ultimate guide, I wanted cover everything.

Getting your first $1000 is the hardest part as you’re going from no momentum to some momentum. Covering that in a blog post would have made it way too long. It needed an ultimate guide of its own.

This is why I made a completely free step by step guide on making your first $1000 online.

No-BS WiFi Money covers:

  1. Services you can start selling right away (no more “I don’t have ideas” excuse)
  2. How to send cold emails and DMs (with examples and drafts you can copy paste)
  3. Handling payments, getting testimonials, customer experience, and the “nitty gritty” stuff
  4. Scaling your business to 6 figures and beyond (with personal stories of how I did it multiple times)

Click here to download your copy of No-BS WiFi Money.

I was originally planning to charge money for it but I decided to keep it free so it can help maximum people. I might change my mind in the future and decide to charge for it, so get it free now while you can.

Types of WiFi Money Businesses

1) Blogging and Email Marketing

This is the super simple “uncool” way of getting started. You just start a blog and write up some articles.

You need to have a few things you can sell – be it your own ebooks, courses, products, or you affiliate marketing (i.e. selling for a commission) other people’s products.

Here is how this business works:

  • You get people to your blog by writing good articles and doing search engine optimization (SEO)
  • You get them to sign up to your email list
  • You give them a lot of highly valuable content via emails
  • You occasionally tell them about the products you’re selling (make sure they’re very good)
  • You make money from the sales.

It works and it works really well. The trick is to make sure all the information you give out is highly valuable and any product you sell is worth 10x what people pay for it.

It’s not “cool” anymore because it’s slow. Everyone wants to make money right now and no one wants to work for a year for free.

You will need to write up a few hundred articles before you start making decent money but unlike everything else on the list – it’s very stable and doesn’t depend too much on finicky social media companies.

1. Easy to start.
2. Low cost (just need a website).
3. Very stable (unlike social media algorithms).
4. High income potential once the articles are written.
5. Work once – Get Paid Forever. Your articles bring traffic forever.
6. Combines well with all other forms of WiFi Business.
7. You cannot get banned from your own blog. You own your email list and no company can take it away from you.
1. Slow to get to “real money”.
2. Lots of upfront work.
3. Income is usually one time sales (non-recurring).
4. You need to enjoy writing to survive.
5. You will likely also need to do social media marketing to get things rolling.

All of this also applies to podcasting which is pretty much the audio-version of a blog.

My experience with blogging and email marketing

You are reading my blog right now. I started in 2018 and I’ve written hundreds of articles since then.

At this point, we’re the #1 Self-Improvement Website for Men on the Internet.

My flagship e-book Live Intentionally: 90 Day Self-Improvement Program has sold over 10,000 copies and helped countless men wake up early, lose fat, quit porn, and live the life they want.

The email list is at 25,000+ subscribers and my open rates are much higher than industry standards. This is because I always strive to provide as much value as I can.

Even on the rare occasions I am promoting a product, I always lead with value and never spam.

The big thing you need to succeed in the blog business is to write useful content that people want to read. If you can do that, you never have to worry about getting readers and “managing open rates”.

Sign up to my e-mail list here. (If you downloaded the free guide above, you are already signed up.)

People love my emails.

2) Social Media Marketing

This one is the WiFi business most people are familiar with.

You start on any big social media platform and build up your audience there.

You need to pick a platform. It could be:

  1. TikTok – Pretty easy to grow here even if you are a nobody. Their algorithm doesn’t consider you persona-non-grata if you have zero followers.
  2. YouTube – We don’t recommend this. Lots of work and low reward. Too much competition from existing players and notoriously hard to monetize. They make it difficult for you to get people to click links that lead people out of YouTube. It’s a good platform for building a secondary audience though.
  3. Twitter / X – I highly recommend starting here if you want to build something social media based. This is because it’s very easy to create the content as you just need to write instead of making videos or photos. They also don’t make it too hard to get people to click non-X links (unlike YouTube and Instagram) which means you can make money easily.
  4. Instagram – Decent platform that has OK growth and a censorship problem. Good for fashion related content. Creating images for this has become pretty easy now because of Canva which is much easier to use than Photoshop.
  5. Facebook – You should only consider using this if you’re targeting older people as young people don’t use this platform anymore. Older people are not a bad market as they have money. Things like joint health supplements (collagen and fish oil), massage products, etc. have good margins and are interesting to them. The only problem is… they don’t know how to buy things online. So… stay away from Facebook.

P.S. If you want to start an X based business, get The Art of Twitter.

I have over a million followers across all my X accounts and I’ve put everything I know about making money from X in The Art of Twitter. It’s updated frequently and you get all updates for free. There’s also a 6 month money back guarantee – yes, my guide is that good.

1. Easy to start.
2. Low cost (social media is free).
3. You start making money fast. Once you get a few thousand followers, it skyrockets by itself.
4. High income potential once the articles are written.
5. Combines well with all other forms of WiFi Business. In fact, it’s hard to succeed in most WiFi business ventures without social media.
1. Unstable. You have some dependence on social media algorithms. There are great income months when the algos are promoting you and bad income months when they are suppressing you.
2. Ban risk. You can get banned from the platform at any time without intimation. It can happen to anyone, even if you are a goody-two-shoes. This is why you should combine it with an email list.
3. Income is usually one time sales (non-recurring). However, you can also start a paid community.
4. If you pick a video platform, you need to enjoy making videos because video editing gets very tedious very fast.
5. Requires upkeep as content gets stale. Does not meet my “Work once – Get Paid Forever” metric.

My experience with Social Media

It’s been overwhelmingly positive and I’ve made over a million dollars from my social accounts.

My main platform is X (main account has 350K+ followers). It’s the easiest platform to produce content on as I just need to write tweets. I’m already a writer so this is very easy for me to do.

I also have about 50k Instagram followers, 10k YouTube subscribers, and over 20k TikTok followers.

I didn’t actually do any work to get these. I just used a company I founded called Repurpose Pie – just made the templates and set up everything in 1 hour.

It automatically pulls my Tweets, automatically turns them to videos, and automatically posts them to YouTube and TikTok.

I literally spend 0 minutes creating any video content. No one has time to be on all platforms. I just post on X and let Repurpose Pie take care of the rest.

My YouTube is growing pretty well with automated videos and I crossed 20k on TikTok too.

3) Consulting

Pretty simple time for money exchange. Pay some amount of money to speak with you for some amount of time.

Two big things:

  1. You will need a source of leads.
  2. People need to trust you and know that you are an expert who can solve their problems before they pay you for your advice.

This is why consulting is almost always combined with either social media or a blog. They let you demonstrate expertise with your content and bring in leads which is the lifeblood of a consulting business.

1. Easy to start.
2. Low cost (just need a sales page).
1. Needs you to build trust and a reputation before people start paying you for advice.
2. Income is usually one time sales (non-recurring).
3. Time for money exchange. Non-scalable as time is limited.
4. Does not meet my “Work once – Get Paid Forever” metric.

My experience with consulting

I own a very successful financial and legal consulting firm in the physical world (handled by family now).

The money is good but the scale isn’t there. You can make $1M per year at best and that’s if you are really good. The advantages is that it helps you network with lots of people – many powerful and influential.

Then again, I’ve never done consulting work online since it’s against my “no trading time for money” principle.

If you want to see some WiFi businesses based around consulting, look at my friend Illimitable Man’s blog and Asshole Consulting by Aaron Clarey who graciously gave me his book to help write my piece on High IQ people problems.

4) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you sell someone else’s product for a commission.

This could be by organic traffic to your own niche site or via your social media page or most commonly, via paid ads.

You ever search for a review for a product? Next time, look at the “click here to get it now” link closely. It will be an affiliate link.

When you click that link and purchase the product, the reviewer gets a cut of the sale for bringing you there.

The industry standard commission for digital products is 50% and for physical products is 10%.

Some people think this business model is a “scam” but there are ethical and unethical ways to go about doing anything. I only recommend products I personally like and use.

1. You can make a TON of money with affiliate marketing.
2. You don’t need to create a product or worry about distribution. You just sell and take the cash to the bank.
3. You don’t need to spend time building trust/reputation etc. You just pick a good product with a good reviews and sell.
4. If you have an audience of any kind, affiliate marketing is basically a money printing machine.
1. Difficult to start without background knowledge in copywriting and ads.
2. Costs lots of money upfront.
3. You might get scammed by the program owner (they might never pay you).

My experience with affiliate marketing

This is how I made my first money outside my consulting business. I noticed my clients needed a lot of software that they didn’t know they need (even simple stuff like professional emails) so I found the suppliers and did the agreements with them.

I got paid a cut for every monthly renewal and still get paid each month for them. Yes, even for the sales I made almost a decade ago.

An example of affiliate marketing with a niche content site is the Book of Pook. Every single sales link on it is an affiliate link.

We also have our affiliate program here at LMM. You get a 75% commission for each sale of any LMM product you bring us. Sign up.

5) Software as a Service (SaaS)

You make a software and you charge a monthly fee for people to use it.

Gumroad, Dropbox, Zoom, etc. are all SaaS companies. They were all started by random people like you.

The easy way to build them is to find a service that you need and would pay for but doesn’t already exist.

1. Recurring revenue. People pay each month. You aren’t on a constant marketing spree.
2. Smooth growth curve (fewer spikes).
3. Very acceptable now to charge monthly. 10 years ago, everyone would get annoyed by monthly payments and expected software to be “pay once own forever”. This is no longer the case.
1. Difficult to start without background knowledge in programming and DevOps.
2. Costs lots of money upfront if you don’t have the requisite coding skills.
3. Lots of competition for the low hanging fruits.
4. Can become a full time job if you need to do development and customer support yourself.

My experience with SaaS

I co-founded Repurpose Pie.

It’s a software that turns tweets to videos and autopublishes them on TikTok, YouTube, and other video platforms. Highly useful to anyone who’s a creator on X.

So useful in fact that you’re shooting yourself in the foot by not using it. You grow on all platforms and make money on them without any extra work. It’s a no-brainer.

How I came up with the idea:

The LifeMathMoney X account is inching close to half a million followers.

I know the value of diversification and don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket.

BUT, I don’t have the time to make separate content for TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if something could take my tweets, turn them to videos, and post them automatically to TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram?”

*looks around to see if something can do it and finds nothing*

“Fine, I’ll make it.”

Go check it out at

Go and check out the LifeMathMoney YouTube channel to see the videos yourself. I also hit 20k on TikTok with these videos alone.

5) Paid Newsletters

You run a newsletter and you charge money for it. The most popular platform to host a paid newsletter is Substack.

You can charge $5, $10, $50, $100 or even $1000 per month for a paid newsletter (depending on who you are targeting and the information you are providing).

You will necessarily need some kind of a lead source so people actually know you have a paid newsletter. The lead source is usually X as it’s a text platform. We all know that no one on TikTok or YouTube is reading anything, much less paying for a newsletter.

1. Easy to start.
2. Recurring revenue.
3. Low cost (just need a sales page).
1. Needs you to build trust and a reputation before people start paying you for advice.
2. Can start to feel like a job as you are forced to write. You’re taking in money each month. Now you need to give people newsletters regularly – whether or not you have something to say.
3. You write a lot of stuff that doesn’t get indexed by search engines. Content “dies” with time.

My experience with paid newsletters

None. Haven’t done it.

The LMM newsletter is free. The blog is free (you’re reading it). I don’t charge for my writing.

I write when I have something to say and when I don’t have anything to say, I don’t write.

That said, I do know people making a lot of money with paid newsletters. Look up the Bow Tied people on substack for example.

6) Selling Services

You sell some kind of a service. It’s like consulting but you get paid per project (it’s superior to time for money exchange).

Don’t get me wrong – you can make a lot of money by selling services.

You just need to find high paying services to sell.

If you are just starting out, I recommend either web design or copywriting.

If you want to learn Web Design, check out The Complete Web Design Course ™ by Sean, my web developer. Unlike university professors, Sean actually does web design for a living and makes over $200k+ a year from it.

You not just learn the technical skills of web design, but also the business side (finding clients, pitching, etc.). The website you’re reading right now was designed by him and I paid him $5,000 for it (of course, this was years ago and his prices have gone up).

The point is – you can make a lot of money by learning high demand high paying skills.

We recommend web design or copywriting.

1. Easy to start and great way to get your foot in the door of high ticket sales.
2. Recurring revenue (you charge a retainer fee)
3. Low cost (mostly cold emails).
1. The first few projects won’t pay much (need to get a few testimonials before you can start charging big).
2. Takes 1-2 months of full time effort to learn the technical skills of your craft.
3. You need to do the work yourself.

My experience with selling services

I am the founder of Copyright Samurai.

The service is simple – we get all pirated copies of your digital product (ebook, course, video, etc.) removed from the internet.

This prevents lowlife thieves from accessing your products without paying for them, and you can benefit from your work.

How I came up with this? As always I just solved my own problem. I found some thieves pirating LMM products, looked for a solution – didn’t find one. So I made my own.

Our legal team handles all sorts of digital products now from ebooks, courses, videos, images of you, and more. If you are a digital content creator who’s works have been stolen – get in touch.

7) E-commerce and physical products

Here, you sell some kind of physical product that is delivered to the customer.

It could be done via Amazon or your own shopify store. You need to find a manufacturer and some kind of fulfillment system (packing, warehousing, courier, customer service, and returns).

1. Once you build your brand, the sales roll in by themselves (if it’s a consumable item).1. Very expensive to start.
2. Needs you to run ads and handle returns (see above – expensive).
3. You need a manufacturer.
4. Lots of competition if you’re selling cheap Chinese stuff.
5. Profit margins are usually very low.

My experience with selling physical products

I have no experience with this whatsoever. Never sold any physical product. I’ll update this article if I ever do.

How to get customers for your WiFi Money Business

There are two main ways you can get customers for any business:

1. Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing means the customer comes to you.

This could mean anything from word of mouth from existing customers to you having an audience and talking about your product.

With WiFi businesses, it usually means the latter.

You will need to build up some kind of audience somewhere. Be it a blog where you get readers from SEO or a social media account where you grow your follower count.

You need people to come to you and see what you’re selling. Your audience is your source of leads and sales.

If you are a newbie – you should build an audience over the long run.


Because it’s a free source of leads.

Running ads cost money.

Cold DMs and emails cost time and money.

There is no guarantee they will work.

But a customer that comes to you from your own audience is someone who’s likely to buy.

And you paid nothing to acquire him.

2. Outbound Marketing

This means you reaching out to potential customers.

In the physical world, this means distributing pamphlets or having a guy outside your shop asking people to check the wares out.

In the digital world, it means:

  • Running paid ads
  • Cold emails and DMs
  • Paying influencers for promotions

Other than cold emails and messages, outbound marketing costs money.

If you know how to do it well, it works like a charm. If you don’t – you’re going to blow through a lot of money for very little ROI.

The Tools You Will Need To Make WiFi Money

Of course, it depends on the business you plan to start – but here are our recommendations:

1) Namecheap: This is the cheapest and most reliable place you can buy a web domain. They also have very cheap professional emails (you instead of you69

2) X/Twitter: This is my favorite social media site. Very easy to grow on and easy to make content for. You just need to write. No need to make videos. If you want to use this platform, get The Art of Twitter so you don’t need to waste 6 months figuring everything out.

3) Convertkit: This is a full feature email marketing software that I use. They also have a free plan. Start collecting emails from day 1 because people on your email list are your best and most loyal fans. You need to be able to reach out to them.

4) Repurpose Pie: This takes your X posts, converts them to video, and autoposts to all the video platforms (YouTube, TikTok, etc.). Helps you grow automatically everywhere without having to spend time making and editing videos.

5) Gumroad or E-Junkie: This lets you sell ebooks and other digital products. They handle both fulfillment and payment processing.

6) Copyright Samurai: This prevents your digital products from getting pirated. Essential service if you sell ebooks or courses. They also take down fake/impersonating Instagram pages.

7) Paypal and Stripe: To get paid. Get a business account to protect your privacy.

8) Shopify: This lets you create your own store if you plan to sell physical products. They also handle payment processing for you.

9) Google Analytics: This is a free analytics software that keeps track of how many people are coming to your website and gives you valuable information like how long they spend on each page, where they’re coming from, what they’re clicking etc.

10) Carrd: VERY quick landing page builder and host for single page sites. Use this to test your pitches.

How much money can you make with WiFi Money (The WiFi Money Equation)

You can make $10, $100, $1000, $10000, or how much ever money you want to make.

With WiFi Money, there is no upper limit whatsoever.

It all depends on how much traffic you have and how much you’re making per sale.

If you’re selling something that earns you $1000, then to make a million dollars you need to sell it 1000 times. Simple math.

The bigger your audience (lead pool), the more money you will make. The bigger the average order value (AOV), the more money you will make. It’s that simple.

Just make sure you sell a good product that’s worth much more than the price. You want people to be happy with whatever they’ve purchased and give you great reviews and testimonials.

All LMM products are 4.9 stars and above because I always make sure to give you 10x the value you pay for. See the testimonials for yourself. You can’t fake this stuff.

Memorize this formula. 

It’s the most important formula you will learn in your entire life:

Profit = Traffic * Conversion Rate * Margin per sale in dollars

The audience gets you the traffic.

Copywriting increases your conversion rate.

The margin depends on the product.

As you increase each metric, your profits go up.

There is no limit to how much money you can make.

Skills All WiFi Businessmen Need

1) Copywriting

Copywriting is the art of selling at scale. It means writing sales pages that convert.

You’ve seen many sales pages in your life. Ebooks, softwares, products, ecommerce stores, Amazon, etc. – they all have sales pages.

If a 100 people hit up a sales page, how many of them PAY?

Say a sales page has a conversion rate of 1%. This means 1 out of 100 visitors pay.

If you have an audience of 10k followers on X and sell a product worth $100 and make a post that gets 10% of people to click your link – How much do you make?

Audience size * click rate * conversion rate * revenue

10000 * 10% *  1% * $100 = $1000

With copywriting (i.e. you get a much better sales page) you turn that 1% to 3%.

How much do you make now? 

10000 * 10% *  3% * $100 = $3000

You’ve tripled your income. This is the power of knowing how to write good sales pages.

As an example, for one of my products (not an LMM product) – I had a quickly whipped up sales page and I was making about $1000 per month. 

I had my copywriter work on a new sales page and instantly it 5Xd the conversion rate. From 0.5% to 2.5%. That product went from making $1000 per month to $5,000 per month.

Good copywriting is worth its weight in gold.

It’s absolutely worth learning and learning well. This is one of the best courses to learn copywriting from.

2) Web Design

Another very important skill to learn is web design. You need to be able to build good websites that load fast.

This one is so obvious that I won’t explain it too much.

The short version is: if your website looks like crap, then no one is taking out their wallet and paying you thousands of dollars for anything.

Good design is a sign of competence and professionalism. So learn web design.

You can make a LOT of money selling web design skills. $2500 to $5000 on the average sale where delivery takes a week at most.

The best place to learn is The Complete Web Design Course™ created by Sean who’s a friend and my personal web designer. This course is really good, extremely in-depth, and teaches you everything from scratch. You also get access to the instructor if you have any questions or need help.

Sean does web design for a living. He lives and breathes web design and charges people $5000 per site and is always in backorder (i.e. so busy that you need to wait). 

You’re not learning from some college professor who’s never sold a site before. You’re learning from a guy who sells a website every week. This course is worth every cent.

When to Build Your WiFi Business

We recommend starting your WiFi Money gig at your day job.

Step 1: Analyze your workday.

You likely “really” work 4 hours a day and spend the rest of your workday on gossip and other nonsense like “breakfast” with other cubicle monkeys.

Stop doing that and find a way to get your actual work done in a few hours but deliver the work slower so your employer still thinks you’re working your 8 hours.

Step 2: Get work from home if you can.

Get as much work from home as you can because it’s much harder to monitor you from home.

Step 3: Use the rest of your workday to learn some valuable skills.

You need to learn something high paying. As usual, my recommendations are: 1) Audience building 2) Web Design 3) Copywriting

Invest as much time as you can. If you want to be free, you need to do a 6 to 12 after your 9 to 5.

Step 4: Once your skills are up, get some business from the internet and execute it in your workday.

Build your own audience to get leads or do outreach (cold emails, DMs, paid traffic, etc.) and get some clients/customers. Try to do a lot of it during your work hours (as much as you can sneak in) and the rest of it after work at home (yes this means no more after-office parties).

Step 5: Scale your business and bleed out at your job.

It’s time to start slowing down performance at your real job and focus on the new business. 

Once you scale it to 2x your salary, it’s time to really slow down your productivity at your job.

You don’t want to quit. You want to keep getting the free salary money for as long as possible and then you want to be laid off.

Step 6: Be laid off and get paid a severance.

Want me gone? Pay me 3 to 6 months of salary.

Learn how to engineer your layoff and negotiate a severance.

Step 7: Focus on your business even more.

All that free time from having no job should allow you to scale even more.

How to Get Started With a WiFi Money Business

The simplest way to get started is selling a service via cold emails. This is the most direct way to make your first $1000 online.

The entire strategy is laid out in my FREE e-book No-BS WiFi Money.

No-BS WiFi Money covers:

  1. Examples of services you can start selling right away (Kills the “I don’t have ideas” excuse)
  2. How to send cold emails and DMs (contains examples you can copy and paste)
  3. The “nitty gritty” stuff like handling payments, getting testimonials, customer experience
  4. Personal stories of how I scaled multiple businesses to 6 figures and beyond (inspiration and motivation for you)

It’s free. Click here to download a copy and get started with WiFi Money.

When you’re done making your first $1000 – send me an email and a testimonial. I love seeing those.

Until then – get at it.

With love,

Harsh Strongman

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