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Skills to Pursue to Set Yourself Up for the 2020s and Beyond


Here’s a list of skills you need to inculcate to set yourself up for the new year, decade and beyond (and no, you can’t learn this in school):

1. Meditation

15 minutes every day. For the rest of your life. Start today.

2. Turn your brain ON and OFF

3. How to spot fake news

4. How to spot a liar

5. Personal finance, investing, and basic taxes

6. Telling interesting stories and persuasion

7. The art of self-learning

8. Learning to fight

Pick a martial art that’s used in competition.

Boxing / BJJ / MMA.

Everything else is full of bullshit “techniques” that don’t really work outside of the dojo.

9. Learning to dress up and dress down

10. Learning to get quality sleep

11. Fitness, Health, and Nutrition

Hire a personal trainer.

If you can’t afford one, here’s a good book with exercise programs and lots of pictures.

If you want some free programs, check out scooby’s workshop.

12. Learning to sell online / Copywriting

Ca$hvertising (India, UK, USA)

13. Learning to control your emotional state

14. Short term discipline and sticking to your decisions

15. Public speaking

Look for a Toastmasters club near your residence.

16. Running a social media account

17. The art of writing

Provocative and persuasive.
Legal and formal.
Friendly and warm.

18. Coding and Computer Programming

An open source degree in computer science.

I’m going to be devoting a large part of 2019 to this.

19. Becoming anti-fragile

20. Overcoming anxiety

21. Learning to read body language and non-verbal communication

22. Learning to say NO

23. Brainwashing yourself and self-delusion

24. Touch Typing (especially if you’re in creative endeavors)

I used Key-br to teach myself. It’s free.

25. Learning to maintain your privacy online

26. Learning game theory and effective decision making

27. Learning how to cook basic dishes

28. Learning to motivate yourself (and other people)

29. Developing a reading habit

30. Choosing the right friends and influences

Pick any two to three from the above and attack them in each quarter of the year.

You’ll see how different you become in a year or two (people won’t recognize you anymore).

Feel free to comment below if you think you can add to this list!

Hope this helps,

Your Man,

Harsh Strongman

References: This article is based upon a similar article written by Mike Cernovich, who authored a now defunct blog called “Danger and Play”.


  1. This is easily the best and most important personal development article I’ve read online. The fact that it’s free of charge makes it all the more special. I thank you profusely. Can’t wait to share!

  2. Thanks Harsh Strongman for this valuable article. Even 2019 is almost gone, I could double my speed to acquire as much as these skills I could.

  3. Thank you for the great tips for life. What I liked most is, the sub links you have provided. Will pick one at a time to see how I can perform.

  4. For fitness, I’d argue for Starting Strength too. It is probably the most popular fitness book of all time and for good reason- it is simply too good for training and you don’t need anything else

  5. Starting Strength for beginners is isn’t always the advice IMO, unless you have the genetics. If you’re skinny fat I’d say a body weight routine that involves diamond pushups, body weight squats and chin ups/pull ups will do wonders much faster than straight to the big 3 excercises.

  6. Well,when it comes to choosing friends i sucks , please help on how to find a valuable friends ,friends with more or less of my level and of higher, i don’t want getting hooked up with time wasters , i want some to discuss valuable things and constantly evolving and presenting their thoughts about life ,money,brain and all not at all stupid gossips of CAA,lol or auction .i do want a financial freedom before my late 20s.


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