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LMM is a hobby blog and it makes ~$250k a year.

LMM is not my main business and not what I do for a living.

I own a legal consulting firm, an affiliate marketing business, and multiple software companies. LMM is just funny internet money to me.

I can 10x LMM revenue if I go the “mass-business” route and start saying more “positive” and mainstream things and stop being “controversial and problematic” but that is not how LMM operates.

How Does This Blog Operate

1) I build my audience with intention

The LMM audience is 80% high IQ men and 20% high IQ traditional women.

This is completely intentional.

The blog and my writing style is designed to repel low IQ people. Dumb people aren’t reading a blog with the word “math” in it (math = yuck when you are low IQ).

LMM content is sharp (cuts like razor blades) and another thing low IQs can’t handle. The average person doesn’t want to be told his life is his responsibility and they can’t handle hearing that men and women aren’t the same.

Average men and women run away from LMM. This is not a place for the fat feminist to hear “you are beautiful at any size” and the simp to be told “you are a good person for being subservient to women”.

This is a high testosterone website for men who want to be successful winners in every domain of life.

Another thing: LMM is long text. Average people can’t handle long emails and text content (their brains have been fried by TikTok and YouTube).

I occasionally have some designers email me to tell me I should use short posts because most people don’t have attention spans… they don’t get it – this blog isn’t meant for that kind of audience.

2) I solve my audience’s problems

Because my audience is built intentionally, I know what they want.

If you are an LMM reader, you want:

  • A fit healthy body
  • No jobs, bosses, and masters
  • Location independence and online income
  • Date lots of women AND/OR marry a great woman
  • Discipline, motivation, and inspiration to get after it

Some of you already have all of these, some have a few and are working on the others, and some of you have none of them yet.

The important thing is – you know what you want out of life and are actively working to get it (or you would be watching Netflix, not reading this wall of text).

The LMM product strategy is to give you working solutions to your problems.

Live Intentionally will have you lose fat, gain muscle, get better habits, and quit that nasty porn habit.

The Art of Twitter will show you how you can start an X based business – literally the easiest way to make some WiFi money.

The Complete Web Design Course ™ will teach you web design and help you build your own design agency and business.

I don’t tell you “you are good the way you are” – I focus on helping you solve your problems and get what you want.

Winning and getting after it > Bullshit feel good cope.

3) 99% of LMM content is free

There are hundreds of articles, tens of thousands of tweets, and hundreds go videos that I created that are available entirely for free. This represents thousands of hours of work.

99% of what I produce I just give away at no cost. The intention is obvious – it’s actually done to help you.

This isn’t a news site where each page has 20 ads and a clickbait title and the author has a corporate salary.

This blog is my way of “sending the elevator back down” and give you the guidance I wish I had when I was starting out.

Young men are more lost than ever (especially high IQ young men) and this website is meant for you to help you find the way. To achieve everything you want 5, 10, and even 20 years before you would “naturally” do it (if ever).

Remember, there are no institutions or way of passages today for young men.

The mainstream hates men. Universities hate men. The legal system hates men. Journalists hate men. Corporations hate men.

They all tell men to accept a life subservient to authority, women, and corporations.

No one is teaching men how to avoid a false rape case. Instead the mainstream is trying to teach men to “believe all women”.

This is how the mainstream thinks: “Men have been on the top long enough. Now it’s women’s turn.”

Literally no one cares about men except for people like me.

LMM is that light in the darkness. It’s the one true light in a world telling men to be slaves.

My other businesses make much more money than LMM but they are just money making machines. LMM helps the world, saves lives, and is saving men from darkness. This is the best karma I can do.

This is why 99% of LMM content is completely free.

All I do is tailor my content to high IQs because life’s too short to be dealing with reta*ds.

4) Never promise more than what I can deliver to *most customers*.

For example, The Art of Twitter says you’ll make $100/day in 1 year. That’s about $3k a month after 1 year of building from scratch.

The numbers go up later as you scale your following but I don’t promise you’ll be a millionaire in 6 months like everyone else on the internet.

Yes there are some people who were making $20k/month in less than a year but those are the exception cases. Most people are pulling in 3-5k after a year and that’s what I promise.

Majority of the people who sell something online market themselves like the product will give the 1% exception results to everyone (i.e. they are scams).

I only sell products that I can guarantee do exactly that they promise and are worth 10x the price. You will probably get much more than what I promise but it’s very very unlikely that you get less than what I promise you.

You can read the reviews for each one and verify this for yourself.

This is the most important thing – the insane value proposition. If you give the customer something worth $10 for $1 – will he buy it? Yes.

The value proposition allows us to have money back guarantees that say “if the product didn’t work for you, we’ll give your money back”.

5) Staying Uncancellable

I don’t accept sponsorships and I don’t promote bullshit products for cash.

LMM is not my main source of income and I own all the businesses I work at.

This means I don’t have to worry about getting “cancelled” as there are no sponsors who can pull out and no job the mob can get me fired from.

I’m not against accepting sponsors but if I do – it will be with a pro-free speech clause.

All of this means that I don’t have to hold back my words. I can say exactly what I mean and mean exactly what I say.

I don’t have to worry about woke mobs – in fact woke mobs are free promotions and money for me.

More people hear about the LMM brand each time someone tries to “cancel” me.

6) I focus on my strengths and use software for the rest

I am a writer. I write on the blog and I write on the LMM X account.

But I’m not dumb enough to think that I don’t need to be on other platforms too.

I use Repurpose Pie to be on all platforms (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram). It automatically pulls in my tweets, turns them to video, and posts them everywhere – completely on autopilot.

I don’t spend my days fucking around making videos myself. Some people are great at that type of thing but I find it tedious and boring.

I like to write so I write. I let software handle everything else.

7) Ethics and Integrity

I keep this pretty simple and call this the “LMM promise”:

The LMM promise: I only make money by honorable means.

This means: I sell products I am proud of, I don’t promote shit I don’t personally like just to get a commission, I don’t skip payments to our affiliates, I will not charge you for something after you cancel, etc.

It’s that simple.

Until next time.

Your man,

Harsh Strongman

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