How Much Does X Pay Creators (X Creator Ads Revenue Sharing Income)

How Much Does X Pay Creators (X Creator Ads Revenue Sharing Income)

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The quick answer is: Not that much.

In September, I made exactly $71 from X Ads Revenue sharing.

You can see a screenshot of my creator earnings dashboard below:

For the first two weeks of September, I made $35.54 and for the last two weeks, I made $35.46.

Of course these numbers are meaningless without context, so I dug up my twitter analytics dashboard to find out how many impressions I got in the time frame.

I got 9.6 million impressions on my Tweets in September – screenshotted below:

At the moment, X only shares revenue for ads seen by verified accounts in the replies.

This means any ad views from non-verified accounts and all ad views from my profile don’t add to my payout. In other words, the impressions number is not very relevant, but it’s the only “context” available so far so we’ll use it.

Roughly speaking, I made about $.007 RPM (revenue per 1000 impressions) or about $7 per million impressions.

Of course you might make more or less depending on what percentage of your followers are verified accounts and how many of them click to see the replies to your tweets (as only ads for replies are shared currently).

The point is – I have 367K followers on Twitter at the time of writing and I made $70 a month from their X creator revenue sharing program.

Which is almost nothing.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not complaining. Something is better than nothing and X is much better than what Twitter used to be (in growth and monetary potential and free speech).

But – ads are not a great way to make money. But hey – it’s better than… nothing.

Speaking of nothing:

I made 30 times X’s Ad Revenue Share Payout by doing… nothing.


You read that right.

I made $800 from YouTube, $700 from Instagram, and $500 from TikTok in September 2023 using my X posts.

About $2000 from these platforms for doing 0 work. That’s 30x my Twitter Ads Revenue Share income.

How did I do this?

I used a tool I founded called Repurpose Pie.

What it does is simple:

  1. It first pulls my tweet from X (100% automatic)
  2. It converts my tweet into a beautiful video (100% automatic)
  3. It posts the video to all the video platforms (TikTok, YouTube, etc.) – again, 100% automatic.

There’s literally no way I can manually create content for all these platforms. I just create content for X and let Repurpose Pie automate all the other platforms away.

The automated videos work really well:

I got 100k views to my videos in less than on month. They are all automatic videos made from my tweets using Repurpose Pie.

The same thing on my Instagram and TikTok:

Getting 10k+ views on each video on Instagram.
I got to 20.2k followers on TikTok using automated videos alone.

I also got a few dollars in YouTube ad money (LOL).

All my social profiles contain a link to at least one of my products.

This is key. I’ve set up Repurpose Pie to post a sales link with the videos where possible, and where not – I just include the sales link on my profile itself.

The automated videos bring in traffic and followers automatically and the sales links convert the traffic to money.

I’m getting literally 100k+ views per platform (almost a million on Instagram) each month and this is just the beginning.

And it’s 100% automatic and hands off. I just tweet on X which is still my main “content creation” platform and Repurpose Pie helps grow everywhere and get paid from everywhere.

If you’re an X creator, sign up to the Repurpose Pie waitlist now. It’s going to be launched to the public in a few months.

– Harsh Strongman

P.S. We’re currently in early adopter / testing phase and if you’re an account with 10k followers, we can give you early access (it’s not free but you get a big lifetime discount). You will get an email with instructions once you sign up to the waitlist.

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