Why You Should Date Many Women Before You Marry

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You need to date a few girls minimum before you marry.

A lot of guys who live in the eastern half of the world try to act like they are “moral” by not dating before marriage but for the most part – they are naive.

They think they don’t need any experience with women because they can always get an arranged marriage.

What they don’t realize is that men who have no dating experience tend to get scammed in arranged marriages.

Women are very good at hiding their past if they think you will judge them for it.

Women suck at keeping anything secret except for one thing: their sexual history.

Evolution has ingrained in them the skill to hide it.

I’ve dated women who later married some guy with a degree and a job who has no idea about her past and thinks he was her first.

These guys will go on Instagram and post photos with the girl about how she is the “love of my life”.

In the meantime I have literally peed on the love of their life.

This is 10x true for Indian women who delusional Indians think are “better” than western women. It’s all pure cope.

Indian women in metro cities are just as degenerate (if not more) than western women.

The only thing is that they are much better at hiding their degeneracy because of social and reputational reasons.

You need to get experience with women before you marry.

Men who do not have experience with women get marriage scammed where the woman pretends to be “traditional” while having been an absolute slut before.

The guy just rationalizes away all the red flags because he lacks experience.

Look, think about it rationally.

Say you’re a guy with little to no dating experience. You have a job, a degree, or some other source of income.

For the average girl, marrying you is an improvement to their life. From her perspective, you are a great catch for a marriage.

The girls knows that you would not appreciate her past because you aren’t experienced yourself. What does she do?

She lies. She pretends like she’s also a nice traditional girl like you are and then cons you into marrying her.

A man without experience will not be able to look through a girl’s lies.

It’s like how inexperienced businessmen are not good at negotiating but they get better as they gain experience.

The same thing applies to all things in life. When you don’t have experience with women, you are highly susceptible to making a bad deal with them.

You are far more likely to believe lies, delude yourself into thinking that “she’s different”, and fall in “love”.

If you are a dumbass and get into a marriage with 0 prior experience with women and get scammed:

  1. Congratulations, you’ve played yourself. You now get to “love” a woman who’s been had by other men and enjoyed for free. All yours now bro.
  2. You are far more likely to get divorced. That’s not just my opinion, it’s also what the statistics say.
This is true for a lot of guys who just don’t know any better.

Learn game. Your life depends on it.

A lot of guys think that the main thing they need to do is make money. Or make money and be fit.

Yes money and fitness are important but none of those things mean anything if your life is miserable because of a bad woman or lack of women (sexual frustration).

In fact, most rich guys are dorks who get dominated by their wives and have to ask permission before they can go out and have fun.

No matter how much money you have, your life will SUCK if you don’t learn game. It’s a fact.

Whether you want to date lots of women or marry a good woman, you need to be able to deal with women or you will CRASH AND BURN.

You really do not want to be the rich guy or the fit guy who lives a shit life because he sucks with women or has a subpar wife (looks or personality) or has to live with the shame of being married to another man’s casual plaything.

Besides all of that, you will have a much better idea of the type of woman you want (personality traits and everything) if you have dated a few women.

Experience with women will make your marriage decision much better and will prevent mistakes. You really don’t want to marry the wrong woman because then you’re stuck with her for the rest of your life.

Invest some time and learn game. The ability to handle women well has a huge return on investment.

If you don’t know where to start, here are two of the best resources:

  1. Read The Book of Pook (Old book written before texting and online dating were a thing. Covers mostly mindset stuff. Life changing read for many – including myself.)
  2. Get Seduction Bible (Best modern resource on the subject and regularly updated. I highly recommend this.)

Hope this helps.

Your man,

Harsh Strongman

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