Worried About Women Having a Past? Read This.

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I’ve lately been seeing more and more guys worry about women having a past. They are worried that a woman they marry might not be a virgin. They stress that their wife might not turn out to be a virgin like they wanted.

First of all, you are not crazy or alone in this. Regardless of what feminists say, the only women worth marrying are virgins.

Women are becoming extremely degenerate and slutty and unworthy of marriage.

You are right to be concerned – but worrying doesn’t help you.

You did not create the modern world and its degenerate culture. You were born into it. This is not your fault whatsoever so don’t beat yourself up about it.

Play the game instead of hating the game.

Look, you cannot fix the world. There is NOTHING you an do to stop all these women sleeping around with lots of men.

Instead of hating the game or being pissed off about it – hack the game and play it to your advantage. What does this mean?

It means that instead of being the nice guy worried about other men sleeping with the women around you, you become the guy sleeping with all the women.

We are in the modern degenerate age where literally 50-60% of women will get in bed with you commitment free just after 1-3 dates with them.

Instead of watching from the sidelines and feeling left out, have some fun.

Instead of worrying about women having sex with other men, go have sex with all these women.

Stop Worrying. Start Living.

You’re on the ride whether you like it or not. You can either enjoy it or you can cry.

You are sitting on the same rollercoaster we all are.

You can either make the most of it and enjoy the ride, or you can hate it and cry about your experience. You decide.

Personally I do not like complaining and I do not look kindly upon men who do.

Sex is NOT success but if women being whores is bothering you, it’s a clear sign that you need to up your game.

You Have The Best of Both Worlds

About 100 years ago, if you wanted to have sex, you’d have to marry a girl. Or at least provide significant amount of commitment. It was not easy to enjoy women for free back in the day.

Most guys would only have sex with one woman in their life – the one they married and were committed to for life.

In today’s degenerate world, you can fuck a whole bunch of normal women (not prostitutes) and then still find a decent virgin woman for yourself.

We are in the best time to be alive because you can have your cake and eat it too.

I’m not saying this is a good or a bad thing. I’m just telling you how reality is.

You can have fun AND also marry well. Our ancestors couldn’t do this.

You need to be the one sleeping around with women, not the guy who worries about “the health of society”.

Society is how it is. You have to navigate it to get the most for yourself.

Before I got married, I was dating 3-4 girls at once. I did that for years.

Much of this was back home in India so it’s not like any part of the world is especially “moral” nowadays. If you try to date, you will get women (assumes you are not boring, nerdy, or unpresentable).

The modern cultural environment makes getting women so easy. Women have been psyopped into thinking having sex with random men is the epitome of empowerment.

If you can supply a feeling of excitement, women will be all over you.

Nowadays you can even find lots of sexually available women on these dating apps (Bumble is the best one).

Most dating app women can be bedded in 1-3 dates maximum.

The game is so easy. It makes no sense to worry.

There are both degenerate women and decent women out there. Not all women are whores.

Yes in the ideal world most women would be decent but this is not the ideal word. You cannot fix women so just exploit the system.

Have lots of sex with the easy women and then marry a decent/virgin one.

Make sure you read How to Avoid a False Rape Case to avoid bullshittery in your life and read How to Know if a Girl is a Virgin so you don’t end up marrying a past-whore yourself.

If you’re doing your best to get the most ROI from the game and protecting yourself from catching a false case or a bad wife – there’s nothing to worry about.

Note for delusional Indians

You can sleep with most single working educated Indian women (who live away from family) in 3 dates or less.

Close to 100% of them will sleep with you without marriage if you do a “relationship” with them but most will do it in 3 dates or less if you’re fun/high value enough.

Indians who think “Our women are better” are living in cope and delusion world. When given complete freedom and privacy that living away from family in cities provide – your women behave exactly like western women.

Me out on a date with an Indian woman from India. This particular one was a decent woman (rare). Most are just like western women.

Indian girls date just like American girls. At least American women are honest about dating many men. Indian girls are much more cunning, discreet, and good-at-lying because of social and reputational pressures.

I dated many “good girls” who later married with some nerdy nice guy with a degree and a job (sometimes arranged sometimes not). Most of them dated a lot more men than me (these online apps have them spoiled for choice).

Women have the same desires everywhere – when given western freedom they behave in the western way.

If she has complete freedom (lives alone), privacy (no neighbours, family, or friends watching), and you are a fun and exciting guy (not “friend material” and non-judgemental) – she will sleep with you.

This is especially true if you met her from an app.

Instead of being mad about this like a chump beta male, play the game to your advantage.

You Are NOT Being “Moral” by Not Dating

Seriously, don’t be this guy. It won’t get you anywhere.

You come across these weird dudes with 25%+ body fat making less than $150k a year complain about men who are sleeping with women for “ruining society”.

These guys are beta males who are upset that other men are having sex with the women around them while they don’t get anything. They are coping with this by acting like they are “more moral”.

If a sexy woman threw herself at them, they would sleep with her. Most are just purely coping by saying they wouldn’t (most men are porn addicts).

Most of these girls on dating apps are out there trying to get fucked by a man. If not you then by someone else. This is a fact – it just has to be the right man. It might as well be you.

You are not being “moral” by not playing the game, you are just choosing to exclude yourself.

These guys have the sour grapes mentality where they both complain about all girls being whores but also don’t manage to get laid. It doesn’t make sense.

If this is you, you are not “moral”, you are a loser who lacks game.

These “moral” weirdos are the types who get into fights over women, while the woman just goes on another Bumble date with someone else after the fight is over.

Learn Game

In life as with women, you always want to position yourself to be in the top few percent that gets all the gains and booty. Remember the CEO makes more than 100,000 warehouse workers combined.

The top 20% of guys get all the sex and women while the bottom 80% are mostly invisible.

Many don’t even know how to talk to women.

Take this very seriously – if you suck with women, you need to learn game.

You don’t want to be in the ranks of 80% of bottom men who don’t get any women and then have to marry these women after they’ve been fucked and dumped by their betters.

I feel bad for these guys. Not only do they have to watch the rest of us enjoy the women around them, they also have to marry these women later after they become 27-28 and we’re not interested in them anymore.

Also, when I say top 20%, I mean in terms of excitement/sex appeal/attraction (also known as “game”) – not money (like most assume).

Money does not make you good at handling women. Experience with women makes you good at handling women (Catch 22).

I know lots of rich guys with money who get dominated by their wives. I mean things like “I have to ask her if I can come play Tennis on Saturday” type of life.

Imagine living your life under a woman. Such a terrible existence – money or no money. We are men. We are supposed to be leaders.

Most rich guys get absolutely dominated at home (Also why so many of them spend so much time at work. Their home life sucks).

Things like being fit and having money help, but you need to learn GAME. You have to be EXCITING and FUN to be around. Women should want to be around you.

I do not cover this topic on the blog much or talk about dating because I don’t want LMM to become just another game blog.

If you don’t know where to start, here are two of the best resources:

  1. Read The Book of Pook (Old book written before texting and online dating were a thing. Covers mostly mindset stuff. Life changing read for many – including myself.)
  2. Get Seduction Bible (Best modern resource on the subject and regularly updated)

UPDATE: I reached out to Masculinity Rediscovered and you can now get both books as a bundle here.

Hope this helps.

Your man,

Harsh Strongman

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