What Do Haters On The Internet Look Like?

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You tend to attract a ton of haters if you say things wokes and simps don’t like. Even something as obvious as “men are taller than women” will get you called a misogynist and sexist by a whole bunch of limp dorks and obese land whales.

There’s a website called Reddit where a ton of people hate anything LMM related – misogynist, sexist, etc. (typical woke terms).

Normally I ignore all haters because it’s simply not worth my while to deal with them (except in cases when they have huge X accounts and the publicity would benefit me).

In this case I had to take a look because I was generating a decent amount of traffic from Reddit.

I found some pictures from a “meetup” they had a few years ago.

Have a look and draw your own conclusions:

Reddit meetup – real pictures. I had to see them so you have to as well.

Would you care if these people didn’t like you in real life?

If these people critiqued you in real life, you would laugh in their faces.

But because it’s the internet and you can’t put a list of achievements to the voice, you take them seriously.

In real life, if a cab driver started saying John Paulson doesn’t know how to invest in stocks, you would laugh in his face. But people on X call John Paulson an idiot all the time… despite being broke.

Remember – if people who are winning at life are generally hating on you, you’re doing something wrong.

If people who know what they’re talking about tell you you’re making a mistake, you should have a second look because you probably are.

If some dumb fatso calls you their favorite words (racist, misogynist, etc.) the correct response is to laugh at them and troll them.

“Does this guy’s opinion actually mean anything?”

Since I deal with so many people (both online and offline), I’ve come up with a thumb rule where I will ignore any opinion about life/health/fitness/money from someone outright if they don’t meet it.

Here’s the rule. Note that BOTH conditions need to be met.

  • Person is making less than $150k/year (unless older than 40)
  • Person is 25% body fat or greater

Person is making less than $150k/year: This represents roughly $10k in post tax income. Very easy to get here with WiFi money in 3-5 years regardless of which country you live in.

If someone says “I live in India/Africa/Latin America and $150k is a lot here” just smile, agree, and ignore. You’re looking at a bona fide loser, a complete idiot, a baffling fool.

This is someone who speaks English but hasn’t realized that no one cares where he lives on the internet. This isn’t 1990 where you need to move to SF to make good money. You can make a TON of money online right from where you live.

You have my guarantee that this person isn’t getting anywhere in life – you can safely delete their contact information.

This criteria only applies if the person is younger than 40 because someone older than that didn’t have access to the internet and had to go the traditional career route (i.e. probably don’t make that much money).

Person is 25% body fat or greater: After 25% body fat, you have crossed the line of obesity. This includes the average skinny fat/dad bod person.

This is someone who hasn’t worked on his body at all. He doesn’t even know what to eat. How can you take him seriously? It makes no sense.

No matter how fat you are, you can get down to a healthy body fat percentage in 2 years or less. Even someone who’s 50kg overweight can bring that down to acceptable limits in 2 years.

Being 25% body fat or greater means that this person doesn’t care about his health at all and lacks basic self-control over his senses.

If someone meets both of these criteria, just ignore any “opinion” that comes out of their mouth.

If you meet both these criteria, keep your “opinion” to yourself – no one of value cares what you have to say about anything.

Instead of yapping your opinions, focus on fixing your life. Take the Live Intentionally: 90 Day Self-Improvement program if you want to fast track it and do it in 90 days.

– Harsh Strongman

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