Men are Success Objects and Women are Sex Objects

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The world values men and women differently. There are different standards that are used to measure each gender.

“Oh no Harsh, you cannot say this … we are all equal … we should have the same standards … blah blah blah”

Most people have lots of opinions about what everyone “should” and “should not” think/do, but opinions are meaningless. Only reality matters.

You do not want to be one of those dorks who dress up in ill-fitting clothes because “people should not judge others by their clothes”.

You want to dress well because in reality, people will judge you by your clothes.

Same thing – I don’t care what people “should” value in a man or a woman. I’m just telling you what people actually do.

When you understand the rules of the system, you can play the game well, bend the rules, and come out ahead. (If you don’t want to come out ahead, not sure why you are reading LifeMathMoney.)

Women as Sex Objects

People judge women by how they look. A woman could cure cancer and people will still judge her by how hot or not hot she is.

Virtues, talents, skills, and character also matter, but at the first glance, you will be judged by your sex appeal.

Fertility, chastity, appearance – these things matter much more in a woman than her income and influence.

You could make a lot of money and be influential but men will consider you low value if you are lacking in appearance.

Lose fat, improve your looks, and be charming – these will get you much further as a woman than money will. People will bend over backwards to help you and do you favors.

As your value as a woman is related to your looks, you need to capitalize early. Your looks will deteriorate as you age and your value will go down.

Find a good man and marry early. When you are young and hot, you can get a very high value man.

As you get to 28 and above, the caliber of man who wants you will go down every year. This is regardless of how high your salary is or how high ranking your job title is. Wine aunts are low value across all societies.

Instead of complaining about the “unfairness” of this, recognize reality for what it is and play accordingly.

Read what every young woman needs to know so you are ahead of the game.

Men as Success Objects

Men are success objects. You are judged by your power, wealth, and influence over the world.

Men cry “Young women are in high demand, meanwhile no one cares about us young men. This is unfair.” -> re-read the first part of this article.

Unlike women who are born with value (an 18 year old woman doesn’t need to do anything to be hot and fertile – she just is), a man has to work and create his value.

Instead of crying about this, just recognize reality for what it is and do what you can.

You have to accept that unlike a woman:

  • You cannot expect anyone to come and save you.
  • Few people genuinely care about you or your problems.
  • You need to be self-reliant and handle your own emotions.
  • You will be treated more harshly under the law for the same crime.
  • Unless you can earn money, you are pretty much inconsequential and irrelevant.
  • The media and other mainstream institutions hate you. They do everything for “women’s issues” while you will be completely ignored and even blamed for their problems.

You are judged by income, power, and influence much more than you are by anything else. Yes, looks matter too but not nearly as much as it does for women.

You could be a super hot guy but if you are broke, no women are lining up for you. (On the other hand, if you’re a hot waitress, you will find lots of men who will marry you regardless).

As a man – while you need to have good health – your main focus needs to be on acquiring wealth, influence, and power. I am not saying you should be a fatso, but good looks alone are nowhere near enough.

Build your network and your place in the world. As you do so, you will suddenly stop being invisible.

The more money you make, the more important people you know, the more people listen to you – the more “valuable” you become.

You need to do this yourself because no one else will come and save you.

It takes time.

Up to your mid 20s, you need to be ultra focused on getting successful because you need to raise your value. The quality of the rest of your life depends on what you do in your 20s.

(You are on the right track if you made it this far in the article. The average Joe read the first line, got triggered, and left. The masses cannot handle the writing on this blog.)

As a result, it’s a dumb decision for a man to get into a long term relationship when he is young. The woman you can get when you are 20 is far inferior to the woman you can get when you are 27.

The Conclusion

Everyone thinks they are being discriminated against and that the world is “unfair” to them.

Instead of wasting your time complaining about reality, just recognize reality and play accordingly.

At the end of the day, the buyer determines the value, not the seller.

If you are selling a house, you cannot complain that “people should not care about the broken walls and leaky roof”. The buyer decides what he cares about in the house he buys.

In life, you are selling yourself and you have to go work on what the buyers consider valuable. It’s that simple.

That’s all for today.

Until next time.

Your man,

Harsh Strongman

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