How to Avoid a False Rape Case

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From the desk of Harsh Strongman
Subj: How to avoid a false rape accusation (and minimize damage if you do get one)
Disclaimer: This is not legal advice. Everything on this website along with this article is purely for entertainment purposes.

We live in feminist clownworld where men are always guilty and women are always innocent victims.

You can go on a date and have consensual sex with a woman, and then she can falsely claim you raped her whenever she wants – the next day, the next month, the next year, or even 20 years later #metoo.

A false accusation of rape can send you to jail, ruin your reputation, get you fired from your job (especially if you work for a woke FAANG company), make you unemployable, and destroy your life in many ways.

You must take active steps to protect yourself against a false case if you’re having consensual sex with strangers or doing “hook ups” or “one night stands” as it’s now called.

How to Protect Yourself From a False Rape Accusation and Case

1) Avoid Unstable Women (Leftists and women who claim they’ve been assaulted before.)

Blue hair. Feminist. Leftist. You know the type.

They have a negative view of men and view them as adversaries.

They also have a very strong need for “feeling important” and will invent stories to get attention. If making a false rape accusation will bring them tons of attention and victim-privileges, they will do it.

You also want to avoid women who claim they’ve been sexually assaulted or raped in the past. They are very unstable and highly likely to falsely accuse you of rape.

In fact, before feminists corrupted the system, policemen used to be trained to handle women coming to them claiming rape with caution because they would often then accuse the policeman of rape.

If you end up on a date with a woman like this – be polite, pay the bill, and leave.

2) Avoid Women in the Entertainment Industry

Singers, actresses, performers, etc.

Anyone in the entertainment industry is highly incentivized to falsely accuse someone of rape because the popularity and media attention might turn out to be good for their career.

They might get roles from sympathetic producers and their social media following is likely to grow.

Surprise surprise! People behave according to their incentives.

Amber Heard, a western actress claimed she was being physically and sexually abused by Johnny Depp. She was later found guilty of defamation. She got the career and popularity boost from the media attention anyway. (Photo credits: Gage Skidmore)

No idea why someone would date anyone in “entertainment” anyway – almost everyone in this industry is trash (high drug and alcohol use, high divorce rates, extremely superficial) and objectively speaking, it’s the most subhuman work there is (you are basically dancing like a monkey for the pleasure of lowest IQ people).

3) Never have sex with a drunk woman

If a woman is drunk or high from drugs, do not have sex with her.

Don’t bring her to your house and if she’s already there – send her home.

It doesn’t really make sense that if you’re drunk and she’s drunk and you both have sex, you can be charged for rape because “she couldn’t consent”.

It’s hard to say whether or not you will be convicted of the crime (i.e. a judge/jury passing a sentence on you) but avoid these types of situations anyway.

If she’s drunk – just send her home. It’s not worth the risk.

Risking your time, money, freedom, and reputation just to fuck a drunk party girl is not worth it.

Besides, there are kangaroo courts who will punish you regardless.

For example, the kangaroo court of your employer (aka HR department) will fire you.

The kangaroo court of your university will expel you. It happens all the time.

For example, Amherst College. The guy was extremely drunk and almost passing out. The woman had oral sex/sex with the man and then later accused him of rape to protect her reputation.

He, of course, was expelled from the school.

While he wasn’t charged in a criminal court, sexual assault is now on his transcript, meaning that he cannot transfer to another school. In short, he is being punished for a crime he did not commit.

4) Be able to account for your time after abandoning the date and sending her home

If you do end up in one of the three scenarios above and send the woman home, get some quick proof of that. Go buy something like a snack or buy some petrol and pay with card (automatic timestamped proof).

Things like this can instantly disprove most stories women can cook up.

5) A lawyer friend told me I should record the sex

Getting falsely accused of rape is a horrible ordeal. It is not just about being innocent in the eyes of the law, but also the public.

If it’s just your word against hers, then even if you are innocent, in the kangaroo courts of journalists and social media – you will be declared guilty and your reputation will be destroyed.

Most people are idiots and think women are victims because they “look innocent” while men are assumed to be perpetrators.

If you want to save your reputation, you need some kind of “proof of innocence” and video evidence is the most persuasive.

A very good lawyer friend and mentor of mine once recommended to me that I should record the encounter with security cameras.

He said that I should set up a security camera on my door and bedroom. It needs to show she came willingly (in both places).

He said if I’m at her place, turn on audio recording on the phone (there are many apps that let you do this covertly).

His logic was that not only will this save your reputation should you get falsely accused, it will also make it very easy to prove your innocence in court.

Of course I’m not telling you to do this, I’m just telling you what someone else told me. If you do something like this I’d say never share the video with anyone or tell anyone you have it.

Now that I have legally protected my ass, let me remind you to read the disclaimer on this website. (“All content provided on this blog is for entertainment purposes only.”)

There have been many cases internationally where the falsely accused were able to get all charges dropped quickly after they were able to provide video evidence of the sex not being rape.

For example, the State of Georgia v. K.H.. By Brody Law Firm:

Our client had taken a cell phone video prior to the intercourse that showed he and the girl engaging in consensual oral sex. We later learned that the girl had lied to the police and told them that no oral sex ever took place. This video became critical evidence as it completely impeached her credibility…

Ultimately, we were able to present all of our evidence to prosecutors which resulted in them dismissing the case. We were then able to get our client’s arrest expunged from his record.

Another example: Manchester City footballer Benjamin Mendy cleared of six rape charges after a video emerged showing the 19 year old false accuser having “enthusiastic and obviously consensual sex”.

I will repeat: Never share videos with anyone or tell anyone you have it. It’s only meant to be used for evidentiary purposes in case you get falsely accused.

NOTE: We are not recommending you to record videos of anyone without their prior consent and permission. I'm just sharing with you advice I've heard from experienced lawyers and that if someone could provide videos showing the sex is consensual, it would be very easy to prove innocence in courts and to the public (for reputation purposes). 

6) Don’t talk about how rich you are

Don’t talk about how rich you are or how much money you have. Don’t be the moron who shows up in a supercar to impress a girl from Bumble.

Don’t talk about your online business and don’t wear a Rolex.

Doing stupid shit like that makes you a target for unscrupulous women who think they can get something from you by making a false accusation.

Trevor Bauer got a false rape accusation simply for having a public net worth of $51 Million. Watch his video:

7) Send her a pleasant text message the next morning

If you have sex with her, make sure to message her the next morning telling her how great of a time it was and that you would love to see her again.

This creates feelings of positivity and shows that mutual consent was present (you aren’t afraid of acknowledging and referencing your time together).

Don’t do the “alpha male” thing where you ignore her after sex. It has it’s merits but this is about not being sent to jail for a crime you didn’t commit.

8) Take her out for breakfast the morning after

Basically, buyer’s remorse is a thing.

Sometimes a girl might “change her mind” if she feels like a slut or something like that. Of course it doesn’t make the sex you had with her rape but that doesn’t prevent her from claiming it was.

Take her out for breakfast the morning after and it doesn’t feel like a “hook up” anymore and pretty much nullifies any “buyer’s remorse” feelings she might have.

Take some pictures of you two eating breakfast together in the morning and she won’t be able to make up stories about a fake rape.

Also, pictures of you two happy the morning after will also help you in case you need to manage social reputation (remember, in the kangaroo courts of public opinion, men are guilty by default and women are victims by default).

9) Record your phone calls, keep your texts, and I’ve heard that you should screenshot nudes

Record your phone calls.

Screenshot and save your texts and dating app messages.

A very good lawyer friend and mentor of mine also recommended that I should screenshot nudes she sends me.

Of course I am not recommending you screenshot anyone's nudes without their consent or permission - I'm just telling you that I have heard from experienced lawyers that it will help your case should things get to it. 

You should make multiple copies of these recorded calls, screenshots, etc. and save the encrypted at various places (Dropbox, drive, iCloud, etc.) in case the police takes your phone/computer or you lose it somewhere.

All of this stuff ensures that someone cannot get you prosecuted for a rape that did not happen. It makes it very hard for her to prove a cooked up story of a crime you did not commit.

10) Never apologize for consensual sex

If a girl is trying to get you into a false rape case, she will likely do things like text or call you saying that she felt what happened was “wrong” or “not right” or that you “made her do it” or “I felt pressured/rushed”.

She could be recording the call to set up fake evidence.

Say something like “Baby I had a great time and I love how much you want me. I can’t wait to see you again. What are you doing on Saturday?”

Of course you cancel on Friday and never see her again because you are not an idiot.

Especially if she says or texts something like “I kept saying no”.

Don’t do something dumb like say “sorry” or apologize in any way – especially if she demands an apology. Demanding an apology is a classic trick used to get a fake confession out of you.

It will be used as fake evidence and she and the police will claim that it is a confession of guilt.

Say, “You said you wanted it so badly. I love how you went ah ah ah. I really like how much you liked me. We shouldn’t feel guilty just because society judges us for enjoying our lives. I can’t wait to go out with you again.”

Of course you don’t actually go out with her again.

11) Never talk to the cops

If the police call you, don’t answer the phone. Cops get bribed easily and the woman could have paid them to frame you.

A lot of cops are feminists and presume male guilt/female innocence and would like to see you in jail regardless of what the truth is.

If things get to this point, make sure you have a good lawyer because you are going to need him.

You should be proactive and protect yourself from false cases because they happen all the time for various reasons and they can ruin your life and social reputation. You can be fired from your job, turned into an outcast, etc.

People who tell you “don’t worry about it, false cases never happen” are either malicious or dimwitted idiots. They are actively trying to prevent you from protecting yourself. They are not your friends.

False cases happen all the time. They are not rare. The vast majority of rape cases that get filed are false. It can happen to anyone, so you should always take measures to protect yourself against false cases.

Most Rape Cases are False

False accusations of rape are very common. Most rape cases that get filed are false.

In fact, the police estimate about 90% of rape case are false.

Superintendent of Police Manoj Kumar:

“Almost 90% of the rape cases, particularly the complaint cases filed in the courts turn out to be false” [Reported by Times of India]

Sub-Inspector Kanchan:

“The truth is that laws are being misused. Around 80 per cent of the cases we get turn out to be false. This means that we spend so much time counselling victims and investigating claims that real cases suffer” [Reported by The Hindu]

Delhi High Court Justice Subromonium Prasad:

“This court is pained to note that there is an alarming increase of false cases of rape… only to arm-twist the accused and make them succumb to the demands of the complainant” [Reported by The Hindu]

The vast majority of the rape cases that get filed are false.

Of course feminists like to say “most real rape incidents go unreported” which may be true (no one has any data) – but of the cases that do get filed – the vast majority of them are false.

It is up to you to protect yourself from them because the law doesn’t care about justice. It often takes women at their word and incentivizes them to file false cases.

Why Would a Woman Make a False Rape Accusation?

Unless you’re dumb individual who buys the idea that “woman cannot tell lies and must always be taken at their word” the answer is obvious:

  1. Money – She wants you to pay her money. This is the most common reason and entire rackets have been busted where men are told “pay me X amount of money or I’ll say you raped me” after consensual sex.
  2. Revenge – You hurt her in some way (eg. heartbreak) and this is her way of getting revenge on you.
  3. Reputation – Some conservative families will find it better to make a girl file a false rape case than to publicly accept that their daughter was dating and having consensual premarital sex.
  4. Attention and publicity – They want to get media attention for whatever reason (could be anything from enjoying the spotlight or to boost their career).
  5. Force you into a marriage – “Marry me or else” (Hint: *Always* pick the or-else no matter what it is. Cases can be fought and won. The last thing you want to do is marry some woman by force.)
  6. Settle other unrelated disputes – A lot of false rape cases are filed to settle land and other civil disputes. It’s just used as a way to put pressure on the other party. For example, a woman may crash into your car and then threaten to or actually file a false case against you if you call the cops.

“Such litigations are instituted by the unscrupulous litigants in the hope that the other party will capitulate to their demands out of fear or shame” – Delhi High Court Justice Subromonium Prasad

Be smart. Protect yourself. You don’t want to get framed for a crime you didn’t commit.

Not every woman out there is a “good person” and the people who say “you don’t have to worry about a false case because they don’t happen” will not be there for you if you happen to catch a false accusation.

You can be delusional and think it’s rare to get a false accusation but delusions don’t help you in court and don’t help you when everyone around you believes you did it and treats you as such.

It is up to you to protect yourself and your reputation and now you know how.

– Harsh Strongman

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