Why Are So Many People Hating on India

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Lately if you go online, you will find a TON of people hating on India and being racist towards Indians without any provocation.

Almost none of these people have ever stepped foot in India, ever plan to visit India, or have anything to do with India.

So the question is – why do they hate India so much?

The answer is simple – People hate India because of our rise and success.

A few short decades ago, India was a very poor country with little to no impact upon the broader world.

No one cared about India back then even though it had far more social problems than it does today.

India has broken out of poverty and powerlessness in the last 3 decades and is now taking up global power and brain space. Suddenly everyone and their mother has a problem with Indian society.

The hate India gets is a testament to our success. There is no other explanation to the phenomenon of people having nothing to do with India hating on India.

We are no longer irrelevant and are a real player on the scene.

In the last 2 decades:

  • Hundreds of MILLIONS of Indians have joined the internet i.e. we are there in such large numbers that it’s impossible for anyone to ignore us.
  • We are taking over high paying western jobs and affecting their economies significantly. A lot of high paying jobs in the west no longer exist because they are being done by educated people in India.
  • Equity ownership is shifting to India with lots of new startups originating here. Do you ever hear about a new tech startup founded by someone from Saudi Arabia despite their enormous capital and resources? No. It’s always the USA, India, and China. Even Europe is rare to innovate now.
  • Capturing a lot of global consumption i.e. big markets. 1.4 billion people who are making more and more money each year. Everyone knows pissing off India has serious economic impact because they lose access to a huge market (~20% of world population).
  • Many people of Indian origin are ending up in positions of power in various countries.

We are slowly taking over and things will keep getting better and better with time from here.

A TON of Indians are entrepreneurial. Thousands of Indians have purchased a copy of The Art of Twitter. More and more Indians are making WiFi money from the internet.

Even foreigners are producing India specific content simply because there are so many Indians on the internet now with money to spend.

People on the decline hate that we are crossing them. There is no other explanation.

Everyone hates to see someone they consider below them surpass them.

People who were previously more powerful and economically stronger than us hate that they are less relevant than India today.

They hate that they are losing jobs, equity, power, and global control to a country that they previously thought was inferior to theirs.

It’s for the same reason so many people hate on China. Because China is surpassing everyone and dominating everything it can. (It’s not COVID because most of these people hated China long before COVID was a thing.)

Of course, we are still on the rise and have plenty of problems too – who doesn’t? But why would Steven from the USA and Abdul from the middle east hate on India? Why would someone who doesn’t even live in India be obsessed with where Indians are pooping?

It’s not criticism – it’s hate. They don’t want to see us improve. If it was up to them, they would have India forever be poorer and less powerful than them.

They’re hating us because we’re rapidly becoming rich and powerful.

As we keep getting richer and more powerful, people who are losing out will become even more bitter.

They will seethe more and more. They will cope by calling India a shithole while we take away their global share of GDP, their jobs, and their share of global power.

The world is changing fast. The losers of the world will hate the winners. It is to be expected.

– Harsh Strongman

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