How to Know if a Girl is a Virgin (Without Asking Her)

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From the desk of Harsh Strongman
Subj: How to find out if a girl is a virgin

The vast majority of men (including you if you haven’t been brainwashed by feminism) want pure women who haven’t been sexual with other men.

This is simply an evolutionary reality as men who wanted to marry virgins were much more likely to pass on their genes.

There are many advantages to marrying a virgin – the question is, how do you know if she is one?

Why You Should Only Marry Virgins

Marrying a virgin means:

  1. A much lower chance of divorce
  2. Much less emotional baggage/damage
  3. No STDs
  4. Less westernized
  5. Better morals and self control
  6. More religious woman
  7. Less likely to cheat
  8. A stronger bond with you (women lose their pair bonding capacity as they rack up partners)
  9. Past behavior is a predictor of future behavior

– it is a no-brainer.

Source: NSFG, 2002-2013

Marriages with virgin women last for a lifetime. The divorce rate is the lowest by far.

Ever-married men and women aged 17-45. Data from the National Survey of Family Growth (2006–2010). N = 6,732.
Notes: Ever-married men and women aged 17-45. Data from the National Survey of Family Growth (2006–2010). N = 2,537.

All things being equal, no sensible man will pick a woman with more prior partners over a woman with fewer prior partners.

Don’t let any soyboy tell you that women who’ve been with lots of men are just as good as women who have kept themselves pure. These soyboys will not be around when things go south.

I’ve dated a lot of women (including many “cultured” Indian women) and here’s the thing and I can tell you from firsthand experience that women who haven’t had partners before are superior to women who did. They bond better, respect your authority more, and are less damaged and more feminine.

Soyboys and simps worship women and live in a world of scarcity. They delude themselves into thinking pre-fucked women are the same as virgin women because they cannot get virgin women.

Ask them if they’ll sign a contract saying that they’ll pay your legal fees and alimony if you get divorced after marrying a promiscuous woman and watch their tone change.

You really do not want to get divorce raped. You lose half your wealth, and then spend two decades paying child support and the rest of your life paying maintenance to your ex-wife.

All successful religions that have stood the test of time recommend marrying only virgin women.

Make sure you also read my post on How to Protect Yourself as a Man in a Divorce written by my friend Amish Aggarwala who is a Central Government Counsel and Disputes Lawyer at the Supreme Court of India.

How to Find Out if a Girl is a Virgin or Not

I couldn’t care less who you marry. You could marry the richest woman on earth or the most used hooker in Bangkok – it wouldn’t affect my life. What you choose to do with your life is up to you.

If you’re a guy like me who wouldn’t marry a non-virgin – keep reading. If you don’t care, go do something else.

I’m going to tell you a way for you to learn if a woman is a virgin or not over a few meetings.

This is relevant to anyone in the arranged marriage situation (Hindu or Jewish) or anyone who wants to verify if the woman they’re considering for marriage is a virgin.

In most situations, you cannot just ask a girl if she’s a virgin or not. It’s impolite to do when you hardly know them and most likely you will hear lies because women are smart and know they will be rejected if they revealed the truth.

You need to be INDIRECT.


  1. You need to have good social skills with a non-nerdy personality. If you look like a nerd, this will not work.
  2. You need at least 3 meetings with a girl (to establish comfort).

Here is what you do:

Step 1: Establish comfort and verify that you like her.

In the first few meetings, establish comfort with the girl.

Get her to like you and who you are as a person. Show your good qualities.

Show her how exciting you and your life are (all girls want exciting men).

Act completely non-judgemental.

You need to act like you’re a modern guy who doesn’t have “traditional” standards for women. She must think you are someone who will not judge her over her past.

Verify that you like her.

There’s no point trying to figure out things about her past if you don’t like her. If you don’t like her, you need to move on already.

Step 2: Hint that you’ve got a social life and go out with women.

Over your first few meetings, you need to hit that you’ve got a social life and you go out with women.

This needs to be done with suave because you don’t want to make her think you’re a guy with loose morals yourself. You cannot be a nerd.

You don’t want to seem like a player. You want to seem like a regular well-adjusted guy who does normal social things. Dating/going out with people of the opposite sex is not a big deal to you.

Some examples:

If she’s into trying out food:

“It’s good to see you like food. We’ll get along well! Normally when I’m out with a girl they barely eat anything…”

If you’re at a pizza place:

“No ordering pineapple on pizza ok. I had a date order that once and It. Was. Horrible.”

If you’re at the beach:

“Watch your step. One time I was here with a date and she cut her feet on a piece of glass…”

You get it – you must seem like the type of guy who has his own experiences and will not judge her for hers. You MUST seem non-judgemental and someone she can open up to.

Step 3: Open up about your experiences and ask hers.

Once you’ve established a decent amount of comfort with the girl and she likes you, you open up a bit and talk more casually/informally.

Tell her a bit about your experiences. Depending on how much comfort there is between you two, you can tell her about:

  1. An interesting date you went on
  2. Some trait you don’t like because you dated a girl that had it (eg. doesn’t smile at all)
  3. Your first kiss (eg. I like beaches because my first kiss was at a beach)

You need to do this with suave. It cannot be done abruptly.

It needs to seem like the natural flow of the conversation brought you to say this. You need to sound completely normal and not like you’re testing her.

Note: If you’ve never had any experiences of your own, make up something light and believable.

You then ask her for her experiences.

For example, after telling her the most interesting date you’ve been on, ask her for her most interesting date. Virgins will say things like “I don’t date” or “I haven’t been out alone with a guy”.

If a woman starts telling you about her first kiss – she’s probably not a virgin.

If you’ve established a lot of comfort with her – you can even pop the question “have you ever been in a relationship” or “have you dated before”.

Whether you directly ask her a question like this depends on how open she is and how much comfort you’ve built – like I said, this stuff needs good social skills.

In all cases, you must seem completely non-judgemental, well adjusted, and “modern” in your outlook.

Note: If she tries to get into your history – tell her you haven’t dated anyone in the past 2ish years. Women will forgive you for your non-recent past. After all, a man with some experience is a sign of competence and tells her that you’re high value because other women want you.

Remember – women SUCK at keeping secrets. They love talking and telling people things.

If she thinks you will not judge her – she will tell you everything.

Of course, this does not work all the time. There are women who will not reveal their past no matter what.

This method works about 90% of the time which is pretty good. There are no guarantees in life and you can only do your best to protect yourself.

That said, I also made a list of “risk factors” from my own experiences and from other people’s.

Signs a Woman is Not A Virgin

  1. Lived alone at any point in her adult life
  2. Has gone out on a date with dating apps (Tinder/Bumble/etc)
  3. You find out from the grapevine (have one of your trusted female friends ask her friends about her past relationships for you)
  4. Has tattoos (especially those small tattoos on seemingly “innocent” women)
  5. Smokes (“if she smokes, she fucks”)
  6. Smokes weed
  7. Uses hard drugs of any kind
  8. Says things like “men are trash” (the irony is that these types have the highest body counts)
  9. Went to a western university
  10. Lesbian, bisexual, sapiosexual or anything like that
  11. Non religious
  12. Uses birth control (no shit)
  13. Social media pictures with men outside her family in romantic poses (eg. head on his shoulder)
  14. Wine Aunt type (The older the woman, the less likely she’s a virgin)

Can you judge a girl by her clothes?

Surprisingly, the thing that does not correlate with virginity in my experience is clothing. Most naive/inexperienced men think promiscuous clothing = promiscuity.

In my experience, this is not true. A lot of whores dress very modestly when they’re trying to get married and sanitize their Instagram accounts.

A lot of virgins dress a bit provocatively because it’s how they feel modern and “in the vogue” – it’s their source of release.

Outside of extreme cases (like a girl who wears extremely deep neck tops), you cannot judge a girl by her clothes. The worst girl can put on nice clothes and good girls often wear sluttily clothes to feel modern and desired.

Girls are AWARE you judge them by their clothes and they change their clothes accordingly. The method I told you about in the first half of this article works much better than simply going by what she wears.

Hope this helps.

Until next time.

Your man,

Harsh Strongman

P.S. If you’re a western man, you cannot expect to find a virgin (there aren’t any). Get a copy of the Seduction Bible and go out with lots of women. Look for a woman with as few partners as possible.

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