Why You Should Delete Your Social Media

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Social media websites are the worst places to spend your time.

Social media – especially Facebook – will eat up your time and energy, and give you nothing of value in return – it might actually take value from you.

I’m not even going to get into the privacy concerns associated with social media (even though they are significant) – that’s because most people don’t really care about their privacy enough to do much about it.

The real argument is this: If you are trying to better yourself (which is the whole point of coming to this website) – Social Media WILL make you depressed.

Humans naturally compare themselves with what they see. The problem is – when you visit Facebook, you see the highlight reel of everyone else’s life – and you compare it to your own mundane everyday life.

It’s hard to feel happy when you’re waking up at 5 am and cranking out a hundred squats to wake yourself up, eating only healthy foods, and you see photos of your friends drinking and partying and traveling to exotic countries … even when you know that they’re living on credit or partying with the money their parents gave them.

Pictures of people you know having fun negatively impacts your mindset, motivation, and discipline even when you know that the decisions you are making are far far better for you in the long term than the dweebs trying to impress nobodies on Facebook. 

With that said – It hurts to watch other people have fun while you’re slogging and working to make your future.

It hurts to see other people eat pizzas and drink beer while you are busy fixing your body.

You look at them and start second-guessing your own decisions – “what’s the point” – then you get sucked in and go partying yourself, eat trash, and waste the whole day (that you regret the next day).

Not only did you ruin your momentum – you hurt the compounding process of your decisions.

Plus – you wasted time.

Think about how much time you burn on social media, not just while actively browsing it, but also:

  1. Time spent stalking people
  2. Time spent meaninglessly chatting with people
  3. Time spent dealing with drama created on social media (both online and offline)
  4. Time spent feeling sad, depressed and jealous looking at other people’s leisurely photos – and second-guessing your own decisions
  5. Time spent thinking about social media

All that time you wasted – only to impress random people with photos of your hedonistic life:

It adds up. Even if it’s just an hour a day (it’s usually a lot more) – that’s 365 hours a year. 365 workouts a year. Think how much better your body would be with 365 extra workouts a year.

Time is your most scarce commodity. You’ll never get it back.

The golden rule is this:


I deleted my Facebook account in February 2015. I can tell you – this was the most significant and the best decision I made that year.

Make the decision now – not tomorrow – not maybe later – NOW.

The link is here; make the right decision:


~Are there any exceptions?~


LinkedIn: This is the only social network worth having a presence on – just don’t read the feed. You want people to find something when they search your name on Google – and Linkedin is what they should find.

Twitter: Be careful with this one. There’s plenty of scrap on Twitter – but Twitter makes it easy to connect with winners. I like that. There is a lot of great information on Twitter that will help you in your ambition to be successful – just make sure you follow the right accounts.

The general rule is – don’t follow your friends and don’t follow more than 100 accounts.

Final Thoughts:

Deleting your social media is really a question of how committed you are to your goals and dreams.

I can already tell you that less than 5% of people reading this will click that link and delete their Facebook accounts. And that’s okay – winning is not for everyone.

If everyone could do it, how would winners be special?

Think about it – mull over it – make a choice. Your life is in your hands – Facebook, Pinterest or wherever you go to get your fix doesn’t care about you, the people there don’t care about you, the screen you’re staring at right now doesn’t care about you – only you care about you.

We all make our choices, but in the end, it’s our choices that make us. What’s your choice going to be?

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