Fixing Your Body Should Be Priority #1

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The most important thing a man (or woman) has is his health.

No one wants to be with the fat chubby man, and fat girls are second to everyone and everything. Scraps and leftovers.

All other aspects of life – be it money, relationships, academics – all are second to health.

You may be the richest, the smartest, the most educated, the best at XYZ, but if you do not have your health – you’re a loser, the dumbest of them all, all your education is a waste – because you do not even know how to manage your own body.

It does not matter who you are, what you do, where you live, who you fuck – if your health is shit, you are shit. Do all of your money and achievements really mean something if you’re too fat and sick to run a single kilometer?

A man who does not have his health will soon lose everything. And I mean everything.

Fat people will quickly mess up their hormones; they will soon get diabetes, thyroid disease, asthma or some other incurable lifestyle disease and mess up their lives forever. They will spend money and time trying to treat these problems and lose control of everything else in the process. They’ll lose money, friends, and connections, and above everything else – they will lose valuable time.

Even worse, these people will have children when their health is trash – and pass on their inferior genes.

Unfit and unhealthy people tend to find refuge in their intelligence and education. “I may be fat, but I’m smart”. Instead of fixing themselves, they try to rationalize their laziness and fatness by assigning their self-worth to other things – their intelligence, their bank balance, etc. Their building is built on a shaky foundation.

Many of you who are fat and reading this are probably getting pissed – and thinking what’s on the inside matters more, and we live in the age where intelligence matters more than the body. Well, you’re wrong.

Your health is the first and the clearest sign of what’s inside. Humans have evolved to be attracted to healthy people. Healthy people are smarter, and the very fact that you’re fat shows that you’re a dumbass who does not understand what you should put in your own body, and how you should maintain it. You’re living inside a lie you created to protect your ego from shattering into a million damn pieces.

First impressions last, and people WILL assume what they see on the outside is what is inside. No one sees a fat guy and thinks that they are talented individuals with great social skills – they see a slob with no respect for himself.

Fortunately, being fat can be fixed with some effort. Even extreme obesity can be controlled in ~ 1 year.

Nothing compounds as powerfully as health.

If you are fat, drop everything else you’re doing temporarily to get your body in control. Start strength training. It will change your life. God knows, it has changed mine.

You will gain respect and adoration – from yourself and from others. People subconsciously fear the well-built guy – they are respectful and submissive to him. Be the well-built guy – kick butt with pride.

Fixing your body will simultaneously fix everything else.  A healthy body = a healthy mind. Do it for yourself and your future children.

Many a successful man have been destroyed because they didn’t manage their health – many a successful man have been made because they had their health in line.

“A man who does not have his health has nothing.”


Give yourself that first one year, that initial push, and watch yourself go from zero to hero – from a dweeb with no self-esteem to a proud respected winner.

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