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Why You Should Stop Eating Instant Noodles


Let’s talk about the thing almost everyone eats: Instant Noodles – Maggi, Ramen, whatever.

You’ve probably had a lot of those as a kid, as a student, or just as a midnight snack – they’re cheap, delicious, and easy to make.

Here’s the thing about instant noodles though – they’re garbage for you.

You’re probably aware that they’re bad for you, but you’re probably not aware of exactly how bad they are.

Let’s talk about how instant noodles are made:

It first starts with refined wheat flour (Maida). Refined wheat flour is made from processed wheat.

This processing involves removal of the endosperm of the wheat from the wheat germ and the bran.

The process also strips the wheat of almost all of its nutritional content – practically all of what is left is processed carbohydrates.

Maida has a high glycaemic index (GI) – in other words, it causes your body to release a lot of sugar in your body quickly. This leads to a similar sharp insulin response – and over time will lead to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

This refined wheat flour is given the round noodle shape in a machine and is then deep fried in vegetable oil (usually Palm Oil) to help the noodle keep that long-lasting brick shape.

Maggi Palm Oil
Source: Maggi.in

Palm oil is like any other vegetable oil – it’ll give you obesity, high cholesterol, clogged arteries, etc.

It’s bad news all around.

That’s all that the “noodle” portion is – highly processed flour full of highly processed carbs that have been fried in highly processed vegetable oil.

Add in a bunch of preservatives to give it its long shelf life, and you have the prepared noodle brick.

It’s also tasteless – the whole purpose of the noodle is to provide a place for the seasoning packet to stick.

ALL the great taste is in the seasoning.

To summarize: It’s just a bunch of highly processed carbs and an absolute ton of sodium and has almost no other nutritional value.

Empty calories.

Don’t eat noodles.

Don’t feed your children noodles.

There’s nothing in them worth eating.

(If you’re broke or traveling and absolutely must have instant noodles – you need to add things in to give it at least some nutritional content.

Add in an egg or two and some vegetables to make it slightly healthier. Do not consume instant noodles long term.)

Hope this helps,

Your Man,

Harsh Strongman

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