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How to Lose Fat Part 2: Exercise


This article has been continued from Part 1: Diet.


This is usually the easier part for most people.

If you’re fat, chances are you don’t exercise. Maybe you haven’t exercised in years. Don’t worry, the past is gone, but you can always try and improve the present and the future.

Regular exercise has numerous benefits, such as improved fitness, improved mood, improved overall health and immunity, etc. (you already know this)

I’m here to give you actionable advice to help you get started and maintain the momentum.

For starters, we’ll do one workout a day for the first month – this will be a simple morning workout:

30 minute run (1 minute run – 1 minute walk – alternate 15 times)

Full body stretch

60 Squats

60 Push-ups

60 Sit-ups

Increase the above numbers to 100 squats/push-ups/sit-ups over the month if you feel comfortable.

If you are very fat, push-ups and squats are not recommended due to the potential collateral damage to the elbows and knees. I would say stick to the 30 minute run for the morning workout until you reach a more reasonable weight.

After 1 month, we will start with our evening workout (in addition to our morning workout), which will be STRENGTH TRAINING. 

Strength training is the holy grail of health. It adds muscle and personality and takes away fat and weakness.

You will need to join a gym. Look around where you stay. If you live in a city, you will find many affordable options around you.

You should also hire a personal trainer if you can afford it. A personal trainer can do wonders for your health and commitment to the gym.

If you can’t afford to hire a personal trainer, there are numerous resources available online that you can use to educate yourself.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Scooby’s Workshop for more guidance on strength training if you don’t have experience or a trainer and can’t afford Hollywood Physique Program (great book!).

You can find numerous workout and exercise programs on his website for free. Here’s a beginner workout program that I like.

Hell, you can even find suitable workouts there to do at home in case you can’t afford a gym membership.

More points:

Morning workout has to be done EVERYDAY. There is no escaping it. Besides, it will help wake you up and stay alert throughout the day. Demand performance from your body and it will deliver.

Strength training is 4 times a week unless your trainer recommends another schedule.

Remember, strength training is the cornerstone of muscle and vitality. It will help you burn more fat even when you are resting with the afterburner effect.

~Dealing with muscle soreness~

Take contrast showers. It’s easy. Alternate between hot and cold water. Hot water dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow. Cold water constricts blood vessels and decreases blood flow. It helps with muscle soreness recovery and also burns calories. I recommend it immediately after your workout.

This article has been continued in Part 3: Fitness as a lifestyle.

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