7 Reasons Why Men Care About a Girl’s Body Count

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A female reader sent in a question: “Why do men care about how many men I’ve been with? It’s in my past.”

If a man is just trying to have a casual fling, hookup, or a friends with benefits type relationship, a woman’s body count doesn’t matter.

If a man is looking for something serious (wife or a mother for his children), then it matters a whole lot.

Why a Woman’s Past Matters

1) Past behaviour is a predictor of future behaviour.

This is why companies conduct background checks and why you won’t hire a former rapist to babysit your daughter.

Sure, people change – but why would I take the chance? You are not a good investment.

2) Men evolved to care about a girl’s past to ensure paternity.

A girl always knows that she’s the mother because she makes the baby. The historic man never had such assurances. He could just be investing his time and resources into a kid that’s genetically not his own.

Men who were OBSESSED about virginity were more likely to pass on their genes. The ones who weren’t were more likely to get cuckolded.

Men who cared about ensuring the kid is theirs were more likely to have kids that are theirs (duh).

Over millions of years, this is hardwired into male DNA. There’s a reason why How to Know if a Girl is a Virgin is one of the most popular articles on this website.

3) It does not take effort for a woman to get fucked. Having prior partners signals poor self-control and poor decision making. It means she is a poor choice as a long-term partner.

All a woman needs to do is be willing to open her legs. A woman could go out today and get fucked with a near 100% certainty if she wants to.

If a woman has been with men in the past but isn’t committed to them in the present – it means she made a poor choice (either wasn’t serious herself or had sex with a man who wasn’t serious).

4) Why would I as a man commit myself to a woman who’s been had before by other men?

If you fucked random guy X from Bumble, why would guy Y want to take you seriously and be exclusive with you?

You think we’re supposed to provide for you, look after you, and love you – after you’ve let random men have their way with you? It’s dumb to expect that. No proper man will sign up for the humiliation.

There’s a certain lack of dignity and self-respect in providing for a woman who’s been another man’s plaything in the past.

Ok, let’s say you’ve changed and are a different person, but so what? I can marry better girls who made smarter choices. Just like you want what’s best for you, so do men.

5) More partners = more baggage, trauma, and damage.

You can observe this in the real world where high partner counts in women often correlate with alcohol and drug abuse.

More sexual partners for a woman means:

  • You are more likely to have an STD
  • Less likely to have a stable marriage
  • Less likely to be happy
  • More likely to be depressed

Like I said before, you are a bad investment from a man’s perspective. Why would a man want to start a family with such a bad foundation?

There’s a reason why this type of women often become wine aunts and end up 30+ and unmarried.

6) More partners = more chances of divorce.

Data shows that if a woman has had even one premarital partner, the chances of the marriage ending in a divorce are almost 5 times higher.

Source: NSFG, 2002-2013
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png
Ever-married men and women aged 17-45. Data from the National Survey of Family Growth (2006–2010). N = 6,732.
Notes: Ever-married men and women aged 17-45. Data from the National Survey of Family Growth (2006–2010). N = 2,537.

7) Men look down upon promiscuous women for the same reason women insult men for being “incels”.

Women insult men who are “incels” or “virgins” because they’re trying to imply that this guy could not get any women to sleep with him, so something must be wrong with him.

Men look down upon promiscuous women for the same reason. This girl gave herself to men before, but they decided that they didn’t want to stick around, so something must be wrong with her.

“But the guy was toxic” – it was your choice to have sex with him. It is your fault for not vetting a man correctly before you let him have sex with you.

From the IM Audiobook. Women select the men they have sex with. Most men will sleep with any woman that says “yes”.

But What About The Double Standard?

Some women complain about the fact that women are shamed for being promiscuous, but men are praised for being “studs” if they sleep with lots of women.

It is simple: Men evolved to be repulsed by promiscuous women because they had to ensure paternity. Men who did not want promiscuous women were more likely to pass on their genes.

Women did not evolve this tendency because they are guaranteed to be the mother of their child. They never had to analyze a man’s past before committing to him to ensure the kid is hers.

Men are success objects and women are sex objects. For a man to have sex with a lot of women – he has to be a very high value male that women desire. For a woman to have sex with a lot of men, she just has to show up to a club and be willing to get fucked.

A key that opens many locks is very valuable. A lock that is opened by any key is worthless.

Sidenote: Women who hate these analogies are typically trash women. They hate the analogy because it affects them. They know they have reduced their worth to near zero and now want to scold and shame you into committing to them. Never let a shameless hoe try to shame you. Always laugh in their faces.

Hope this helps.

Your man,

Harsh Strongman

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