What To Do When You Feel Like Shit

What To Do When You Feel Like Shit

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Unless you’re psychopath, there will be times in your life when you feel like shit.

Maybe you’re too stressed out, maybe it’s a bad day, maybe you had an argument – whatever it is, it can happen.

When the average person feels like shit, he ruins his entire day. He will:

  • Argue with everyone (“bad mood”)
  • Be bummed out and unpleasant to be around
  • Not exercise/Skip the gym (“I don’t feel like it today”)
  • Eat a lot and it’s going to be “comfort foods” (aka junk foods) (stress and boredom eating is the #1 cause of obesity)

They let a bad mood destroy their entire day.

Here’s what you need to do instead:


Do SOMETHING that gets your heart rate up and some sweat dripping.

  • Brisk walk for 20 minutes (preferably under the sun)
  • Stretch, squats, and push ups (1 set of 50 each)
  • Hit the gym and lift weights
  • Jump, dance, whatever

Do any form of exercise that gets you sweating. Even if it’s just walking around at your office – do it.

Make yourself sweat.

Your body is meant to be in motion. It didn’t evolve to sit all day under artificial light.

Exercise, sweating, and sunlight release endorphins in the brain which will make you feel “good”.

You will feel happier, more energized, and it will also reduce the feelings of stress/anxiety if you were going through them.

And unlike most people who ruin their health when they’re having a bad day (by skipping workouts and eating junk food) you are improving yourself.

This is called winning. Even on a bad day, you are getting better. You are getting ahead.

Now that you’ve read this piece – go for a 20 minute walk.

Walk under sun if you can, or around the office if you’re still stuck in the wage cage (get a copy of TAOT to break out).

See how much better you feel.

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