Does Money Buy Happiness?

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A few months ago, I spent a little over a week in a state in India called Kerala. It is a very beautiful scenic place which is unfortunately also hot and humid as hell.

Varkala beach. Beautiful and scenic as hell.
The actual temperature is 35 Celsius but the humidity makes it feel much hotter (RealFeel 44 Celsius).

I got some lunch at a restaurant (which had AC) and when I came out of the place, it was HOT as hell.

I saw a street vendor selling coconuts and ice apples and decided to get some for me.

The guy made me an interesting drink that had coconut water, ice apple juice, and chia seeds.

The guy had some pretty interesting things to sell. It was also the first time in my life I ate a coconut flower.

I’m pretty sure I paid tourist price (80 or about a dollar for a small glass) but it wasn’t bad and I didn’t care about the money – too small to haggle over.

While I drank it, a Zomato food delivery scooter guy stopped by, took his helmet off, and asked the vendor how much for a coconut.

This guy was driving his scooter around in the heat delivering people food. He was drenched in sweat and looked extremely exhausted. When he took his helmet off, a line of sweat fell on the ground.

The vendor said “50 sir” (roughly 60 cents)

The guy thought about it for a bit, put his helmet back on, and drove away.

When guys say “Money doesn’t buy happiness” I can only laugh.

Sure, money may not buy “happiness” directly but it sure as hell buys a cool glass of coconut water on a hot day.

It does buy not having to drive on a scooter all day in the heat to deliver a bunch of pre-diabetic fat people their restaurant food.

It sure as hell buys you nice vacations to exotic places where you get to eat new and weird foods like coconut flower (how had I never heard of it before?).

I have no idea what half of these things are but it was an interesting meal to say the least.

Money doesn’t directly buy happiness, but it removes most causes of unhappiness from your life.

Who is happier:

A guy who doesn’t need to worry about bills or a guy struggling to make next month’s rent?

A guy who has his own car to drive or a guy who has to commute in packed public transport 2 hours a day?

A guy whose entire month’s budget is ruined if he gets a toothache or a guy who can go to the dentist without thinking twice about it?

Having money and being financially independent will take away most anxiety, stress, and unhappiness from your life.

Just ask anyone who has recently become financially independent – your stress levels plummet.

You don’t even need to have a lot of money to experience this, just a few years worth of expenses in the bank will make your overall stress levels go down by a lot.

Of course money doesn’t solve everything.

There’s still a lot of things that need work and if you don’t get them right, you will be unhappy.

  • Money doesn’t buy good health. If you are fat, you will die an early death from a heart attack.
  • Money doesn’t buy discipline and willpower. No amount of money will help you beat your alcohol or video game addiction.
  • Money doesn’t buy emotional control. Your life is going to be pretty low quality if you can’t manage emotions like stress and anger.
  • Money doesn’t buy frame and game with women. Most rich guys get dominated by their wives at home. It’s not pretty.

So of course money doesn’t solve everything – there’s still plenty of things that need work.

But tell me something –

Do you want to be the guy who travels, works on his scalable online business, and spends his time doing things he likes or do you want to be the guy delivering food to fatsos on a hot day?

Which option is the happier life for you?

The difference between the two lifestyles is… MONEY.

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