How to Eat Out Without Getting Fat

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If you live in the real world, you’re going to have to eat out occasionally – be it because you’re traveling, meeting someone after a long time, meeting a client, or because you’re working late and need to order in food – you will have to find a way to be able to eat outside food without messing up your health.

When you’re eating out, the first rule is to never eat something that’s completely unhealthy – this means no cake, no sugary drinks, and no white bread with processed cheese (looking at you, garlic bread).

You want to have something that’s comprised of healthy ingredients – meats, vegetables, fruits, healthier breads and the like, even if it’s cooked in an unhealthy way.

Let’s take, for example, you’re going to Subway, a popular chain sandwich shop. They have tons of white bread and sauces that are poop for your health, cookies that are also poop for your health, etc., BUT you can have a decently healthy meal there.

Pick meats or paneer (cottage cheese) as the stuffing (high protein), no cheese (processed), multigrain bread, extra mustard (low calories), lots of veggies, little to none of the high-calorie sauces – chipotle sauce, southwest sauce, etc. No cookies; water is fine.

And just like that, you’ve had a decent meal.

When you’re out at a fine dining restaurant, order for eggs, salads (even though they may not be worth the money), things loaded with paneer, meats, legumes, and other high protein items.


Do not consume any soft drinks, even if they are free. The price is not the money; it’s your health – which is far more valuable.

In fact, if you go to a restaurant often enough and the bills are high enough – they’ll offer you free items on the house – usually dessert (ice cream/pastries) for everyone. Same as above, don’t have it, the real price is not the money.

Tell the waiter that you want your meal to be cooked in butter instead of margarine (unhealthy butter substitute), and ask him to lower the quantities of sauces.

E A T. 

S L O O O O W L L L L Y.

This prevents you from overeating and makes you more likely to get full on a lower quantity of food. Chew your food – aids digestion.

By the way, if you don’t like the taste of something, don’t eat it. The “if you ordered it, you have to eat it” is something parents tell children to get them to order sensible dishes – you are an adult.

If you don’t like the taste of something, and it’s not healthy to eat, you don’t have to eat it.

“But I paid for it.”

So what? That’s a sunk cost.

Why would you eat something that’s unhealthy when you don’t even enjoy the experience? It makes no sense.

If you can pay more and make your dish healthier – do it. This means paying to substitute the white bread for the brown/multigrain bread, oil for butter, etc. Extra protein is always worth paying extra for.

For the love of God, don’t have the “it’s only one-day” mindset. Everything counts.

In fact, I went out to a get-together with a few old friends some time ago, and they ordered some of the most disgustingly unhealthy things – white bread with cheese, nachos with poison sauce, you know the kind I’m talking about. I ordered the peanut salad (taste sucked, had to throw it away).

I already ate beforehand, so I wasn’t starving.

This one lady asked me, “Hey Harsh, why are you having a salad?”

Me: I’ve gained some weight that I’m trying to cut.

Her: It’s just one day.

The funny thing is, (and I had to bite my tongue here), she was 20 kg overweight.

When their entire life has been one giant cheat day, she’s probably right; one additional cheat day doesn’t matter to them.

In fact, this type of person tends to have one cheat day, every day.

And they wonder why they’re perpetually fat.

Never correct these people. If they were smart enough, they would have connected the dots to why their bodies are shit.

Smile, Nod, Agree. 

You’re not in the people fixing business.

But since you’re here, remember, everything counts, and every day adds up, 

And as a bonus, I present to you: the greatest trick – eat at home before you go out.

This way, you’re already sort of full – so you can’t consume much outside. You won’t be starving – surprise surprise you eat more when you’re hungry.

Hope this helps,

Your man,

Harsh Strongman

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