Why Sunlight is Important For a House

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A friend of mine was buying an apartment and took me along to see the property before he signed the papers.

He was buying the house to live in it and not just as an investment property.

I told him to look for a different flat simply because the house he showed me barely got any sunlight. It was a bright sunny day and his house was barely lit up.

People in the past knew how important sunlight was to a dwelling which many people of today do not know (and they suffer from their ignorance). They knew one simple thing:


Sunlight is VERY effective at killing germs. A portion of sunlight is ultraviolet (UV) light which kills nearly everything given enough time.

A house that gets a lot of sunlight will have far fewer disease causing germs than a house that doesn’t.

You will live healthier and breathe better air if your house is rich with sunlight. Fewer bacteria, less fungus, fewer viruses and less other nonsense in your living space.

Obviously people in the past did not know what germs were but they could observe that people who had houses that got in lots of sun lived healthier than people who didn’t.

“Dust kept in the dark contained organisms closely related to species associated with respiratory diseases, which were largely absent in dust exposed to daylight” (BioMed Central Microbiome)

During the Influenza epidemic, medics found that influenza patients who were allowed lots of sunlight recovered better than those who were treated indoors. The death rate was lower and there were fewer infections among hospital staff.

Influenza patients getting sunlight at the Camp Brooks emergency open-air hospital.

“Experiments have shown that ultraviolet radiation inactivates influenza virus and other viral pathogens and that sunlight kills bacteria…… patients did not do as well in an ordinary hospital, no matter how well ventilated, as they did outdoors… in one general hospital with 76 cases, 20 patients died within three days and 17 nurses fell ill. By contrast, according to one estimate, the regimen adopted at the camp reduced the fatality of hospital cases from 40% to about 13%.” (The open-air treatment of pandemic influenza)


For sunlight to kill the germs in your house, the sunlight needs to be direct.

I’ll explain this with a simple picture that anyone who treks a lot has observed many times before:

The side that doesn’t get much sun is frozen while the sunlit side barely has any snow. The lake in the shadow of the valley is also frozen. There is also ice on the shady side of the stones.

The parts of mountains that get direct sunlight will have much less snow than parts of mountains that are in the shade.

The part of the mountain that is shielded from the sun will have lots of snow and ice for weeks after the sunlit side is completely clear of snow.

Direct sunlight has all the power of the sun and will give your house heat, disinfect the air and floor, and let you live a much healthier life.

If you buy a house that doesn’t get much sun, then just like the side of the mountain where the ice lives on for a long time, the germs in your house also get to live long and strong.

Be smart and let sunlight into your house. It’s for your own good.

Benefits of Letting Lots of Sunlight Into Your House

Not only does sunlight kill germs in your house, but it also does a whole bunch of other beneficial things for you:

  • Helps you synthesize vitamin D
  • Increases serotonin levels (better mood)
  • Increases feelings of happiness and reduces sadness/depression
  • Helps you regulate your circadian rhythm (improving sleep quality)
  • Keeps you more alert throughout your day
  • Increases testosterone levels
  • etc. (the list is endless)

You really want lots of sunlight into your house. Make sure to factor it in any time you’re looking to buy or rent a house.

Your man,

Harsh Strongman

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