Why You Feel Depressed and How to Beat Depression

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Almost every 3rd person claims to be depressed in the urban world. While I would ask you to man up and stop being a pussy, let’s take a look at the primary causes of depression, and what you can do to fix it.

Many people think depression is a “chemical imbalance” or “genetics”. This is nonsense, of course. Just an excuse to not correct your lifestyle.

You’ll struggle to find someone who claimed to be depressed 100 years ago.


Because back then people were forced to deal with their problems and could not indefinitely defray them and still be comfortable.

It’s only in the 21st century that you can be a purposeless slob and not starve to death.

Fun fact: “Boredom” was introduced (as a concept and a word) in 1768, during the beginning of the industrial revolution. Put two and two together.

And NO, swallowing drugs and bullshit mind-altering pills is not the solution – fixing your life is.

But hey, it’s nowhere nearly profitable enough. Here swallow this pill instead.

Remember, fixing your life is your responsibility.

People who think they are in control of all aspects of their lives and those who don’t are both right.

Now let’s take a look at the real reasons of depression:

Reason 1: You Have Nutritional Deficiencies.

Your diet sucks. You eat meals full of sugar. You eat high carb high fat low protein. You eat processed garbage. Your diet is devoid of essential minerals and vitamins.

If you eat too much sugar, you will feel sluggish. If you eat processed garbage, you will feel like garbage. And if you’re severely deficient in essential minerals and vitamins, you’re going to feel like shit too.

Fortunately, the solution to this is easy.

Eat high protein meals.

Even when you’re eating out, always ensure that you’re eating high protein.

Eat meat, vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy, pulses, and legumes.

Don’t eat sugar, processed cheese, instant noodles, ketchup (or any other sauce for that matter), and soy.

Also, if you’re a vegetarian, you need to supplement with B-12. Your diet barely has any.

Reason 2: You Don’t Get Enough Exercise

All humans are mammals. Do you know what happens when mammals are kept in a cage without enough movement and exercise?

They get depressed and want to kill themselves.

Humans are no different. If you don’t move your body, your body won’t feel good.

We are a species of hunter-gatherers, not a species of sit-all-dayers.

Unfortunately, 99.9% of people barely get any exercise.

Exercise will remove those slobs of fat you have around your stomach, it’ll help you make some muscle, and will fix any alleged chemical and hormone imbalances you have going on.

Get in the gym, lift weights. Go for a jog. Go for a swim.

You should be spending at least 1 – 2 hours a day in the gym. This is especially important if your work involves staring at a screen for 10 hours a day with little to no movement.

You should ideally hire a personal trainer, but if you can’t afford one, you should check out this book for exercise guides and workout programs.

If you want some free programs, you should check out Scooby’s workshop.

If you’re too busy, you should check out my article on exercise for times when you have no time.

Reason 3: You Spend Too Much Time on Facebook

Comparison is the thief of joy.

If you’re working on yourself and trying to improve your life, looking at pictures of people having fun is going to lower your motivation and make you doubt your decisions.

Even though you know that your decisions are objectively better than those killing their brain cells on alcohol and sleep deprivation using their parent’s money (or worse, student loan money), watching other people have fun still negatively impacts your momentum.

If it’s not helping you make money, delete your Facebook and Instagram account.

Reason 4: You Barely Get Any Sunlight

Most people spend their entire day under artificial fluorescent light, look at screens emitting more artificial light, and barely get any time under the sun.

Sunlight is powerful. It helps your body synthesize Vitamin D, something many people are severely deficient in.

Just 20 minutes a day can help you feel so much better.

Also, you should be supplementing with Cod Liver Oil (India, USA).

Reason 5: Too Much Entertainment and Media Consumption

One thing that’s common with all depressed people is that they all overconsume.

Hours over hours of TV serials, “funny” videos, gossip shows, video games, fake news – the list is unending.

Let me tell you – unrestricted consumption of entertainment is extremely bad for you.

Your brain did not evolve to be constantly stimulated 24/7.

Constant stimulation leads to a situation where the baseline amount of stimulation needed for you to feel “normal” rises above what everyday reality can provide you with – so you feel under-stimulated when you’re not watching ten seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

The solution is simple. Cut the consumption, drop all entertainment-oriented media, and start becoming a producer.

Meditate to help your brain become more stable.

People who create are the happiest.

Reason 6: You Watch Porn and Masturbate Too Much

See reason #5.

Excessive masturbation is harmful – it kills your drive, it overstimulates your body, and makes you lazy.

Remember when you were about to get that thing done but decided to have a quickie before that? And then you just didn’t feel like doing it? Yeah.

Sexual transmutation is a thing. Napoleon Hill talks about it in “Think and Grow Rich” (India, UK, USA).

Cut down on porn; use your sexual energy for something more productive.

Reason 7: You Smoke, Drink, and Do Drugs

Drinking and smoking are bad for your brain – there are many studies that show that they shrink your brain, kill brain cells, damage your vital organs.

This should be fairly obvious to you.

If you feel depressed, quit them completely; stop poisoning your body and see the difference.

Reason 8: Inadequate Sleep

See reason #3, #5 and #6.

You should sleep a full 8 to 9 hours every day.

If you sleep 6 hours a day and feel dead, then it’s 100% your fault.

Reason 9: You Hang Out with Losers

You only hang out with losers who have nothing going on in their lives.

If the people you are friends with are people who want to take no risks, get a job, live in relative comfort – get out of that relationship.

Not because they are bad people, but because a lack of ambition is contagious.

Yes ladies, this means your bestie probably needs to go.

The only people you should have close friendships with are people who are trying to improve – ambitious people, people who’ll point out your shortcomings with a straight face, instead of being the “supportive” yes-men and yes-women.

Losers are depressing procrastinators; winners are energetic doers.

Hanging out with losers does not cause depression, but they sap in your energy and make it difficult to identify the underlying problems you have with your life.

You see everyone around you living like a slob, and suddenly being a slob doesn’t look so bad. “Everyone else is doing it”.

The other reason why hanging out with losers is a huge problem is because they drown out your purpose and mission (see reason #10).

You need to spend time with people who inspire you and get you to work hard – the guy who tells you you’re acting like a pussy, not the “self-acceptance”-my-feelings-are-offended-mental-masturbation crowd.

(The 99% will get pissed off by this point and call me an asshole, and then wonder why they failed at their life.

If reason #9 pisses you off, you should leave this blog and never come back. This website is for intelligent and ambitious people only

Fun fact #1: If your friend agrees with everything you say and do, then one of you is unnecessary.

Fun fact #2: I actually am an asshole.)

Reason 10: You Lack Purpose

You exist for the sake of existing.

You work a job to feed yourself, you do what everyone else is doing, you mindlessly exist with no meaning, and you have nothing going on in your life. All you seem to be doing is working for breadcrumbs and turning food to poop and oxygen to carbon dioxide.

Have goals you want to achieve, targets you want to meet, and places you want to be.

Find a purpose.

Build something – a business, a family, a community – anything.

Those who create are the happiest.

Don’t feel sorry for yourself.

Hope this helps.

Your man,

Harsh Strongman

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