Live Life on Your Own Terms: Making Good Decisions Part 2

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This article has been continued from Part 1: Dealing with people who “disapprove”.

Hopefully, by now you have realized that you are an independent human being – you are capable of taking control of your life, making your decisions independently, and you do not have to take orders from anyone else.

The only ‘moral code’ you HAVE to follow is the law. All other rules are irrelevant.

With that said, you reap what you sow.

You have the freedom to do what you like – which includes drinking hard alcohol in your bedroom all day, tattooing your face, and eating candy and sugar for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But the liver that will be destroyed will be yours, the body that will get fat and ugly will be yours, the consequences will be borne by you.

Freedom of choice is a two-edged blade – it makes just as many people as it breaks.

Think of social rules as a rope – it ties you around the average. You can be slightly above average or slightly below average – but the chain will ensure that you stay around the average.

When you break free and decide to live life on your own terms, that chain no longer exists – you can go as high or as low as you’d like.

You can create a multi-billion dollar empire, have the prettiest of girls at your disposal, be the best of the best. On the other hand, you can be addicted to crack, homeless, begging for money and scraps, not knowing where your next meal is going to come from.

One situation is better than the other.

The difference in the above two situations is how you chose to use your freedom – the decisions you made, and the consequences thereof.

Your actions eventually catch up to you.

MAKE GOOD DECISIONS in your journey of a million miles.

If you don’t, well, you’re going to be wishing you had never left the cage.

Speaking broadly, there are certain choices that are “good choices” for almost everyone, and certain choices that can be grouped as “bad choices” for almost everyone.

Low intelligence people end up making bad choices. They make choices that feel good in the moment, but cause a lifetime of misery. High consciousness people make good choices – they bear the pain today so they can reap the rewards tomorrow.

The very fact that you are reading this blog shows that you are of at least above average intelligence – because you are actively seeking useful information.

There’s an ocean of bad information out there.

A website like this one is not something popular media will tell you to visit. Mainstream media knows how to target low IQ individuals to make money.

Ordinary Joes and Plain Janes don’t want to read why fixing their obese-ass should be their number one priority. The mainstream media knows this. That’s why they tell their readers that it’s okay to be obese.

If you truly want to win, you have to ensure that your sources of information are genuine. Which means you need to:


If you avoid all the bad information out there, half the battle is already won.

With that said, in general, there are certain excellent habits to develop:

1. Reading: In general, block 1 hour per day just for reading. I recommend reading non-fiction more than fiction. With only 1 hour a day, you should easily be able to read one book per 2 weeks, which is ~26 books a year.

2. Exercising: Spend 1 hour per day at the gym – minimum.

3. Research: Learn about something new every day. Pick a topic and read 1 article relating to it every day – for a week. Every week, you’re learning something new. This helps broaden your horizons and keeps you an interesting person to talk to.

4. Dietary Supplements: I recommend taking ~1g cod liver oil per day. It’s anti-inflammatory and is an excellent source of vitamin D (improves mood and hormones). It can help prevent you from getting arthritis later in life. Supplement with B-12 if you are a vegetarian. (Medical Disclaimer)

And some other pointers:

1. Alcohol and Drugs: Although I don’t use either, alcohol can be used socially in moderate quantities (learn to have fun and socialize sober though). There is research saying certain drugs might also be beneficial for the brain. With that said, I’ve never used drugs, so if you choose to go this route, proceed with caution. Avoid addictive substances such as heroin and crack at all costs.

2. Marriage: Unless you want to have children, marriages appear to be pointless in this day and age. If you are a man living in a western country, NEVER sign a formal marriage document. In the event of a divorce, you’ll lose half your assets, and you’ll end up paying alimony and child support.

This does not appear to be too much of a risk in Asian and Middle Eastern countries with lower divorce rates and more reasonable courts but do your research well before making anything official.

3. Sleep: In general, you want to get 8 hours of sleep every night. This is tougher than it looks. Most people only get ~6 hours of sleep because they end up staring at their phones when it’s time to hit the bed. Fix this, or in the long run, the damage to your body (and brain) will compound significantly.

4. Money: In brief, you want to make more money than you want to spend. Money is the second most crucial thing after health. You ALWAYS want your finances in order.

5. Jobs or a Business: I recommend starting a business. Remember, ownership is key. Start as soon as possible. Starting a company is the only way to reach a billion dollars. If you must get a job to feed yourself, ensure that it’s a job where you’re paid based on performance (e.g., sales) and not based on time (e.g., call center employee).

6. College: If you want to go to college, read our excellent guide to check if your degree is worth the time and money. The four years you put into a college degree can be used to launch a startup!

Final Thoughts

Your life is yours alone – that means so are the consequences of your actions.

Life is a marathon where consistent good decision makers always win.

Any choice you make, every decision you take, every obstacle you break – are always compounding. The gains might seem small now, but they truly snowball into a huge difference down the line.

New readers: If you’re interested in getting in control of where your life is heading (essentially the point of this article) and improving your mindset, discipline, and self-control, you should check out Live Intentionally: Discipline, Mindset, Direction – A 90 Day Self-Project.

– Harsh Strongman

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