How to Fix Low Confidence

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From the desk of Harsh Strongman
Subj: How to stop being a pussy

Buckle up, because I’m going to tell you how to fix not getting shit done because you “lack confidence”.

Here’s the secret: Do what you need to do without confidence.

Stop being a goddamn pussy that doesn’t do a thing you want to do just because you’re “not confident”.

If you’re not feeling confident enough to do something, then do it without confidence and make it seem like you are confident.

No one cares whether something was done “with confidence” or “without confidence”. What really matters is that the thing was done.

Confidence is an emotion – and just like all emotions (positive or negative), it exists inside you in your head.

The world does not see “confidence”. Other people do not know whether you did something with confidence or without confidence – just make it seem like you are confident (with your facial expressions) and it’s exactly the same to an external observer.

Let’s say you’re asking a girl out and you’re not confident. What do you do? You go and ask her out anyway and act confidently. To the girl it’s the same thing. She doesn’t know you weren’t confident – she can’t read your mind. She just sees your actions.

Want to give a speech and lack confidence? Just act confident and give your speech. People don’t know you aren’t confident.

The point is – just do the damn thing whether you’re confident or not. The results come from the action not from your mental state.

Besides, you do something a few times without confidence and you automatically start building confidence. This is how confidence works in the first place.

Few people are confident the first time they give a public speech, but most people have a reasonable degree of confidence when they give their 20th speech.

Ask out a girl for the first time and your voice may crack, but do it a few dozen times and it’s easy as pie.

Same for anything else – sales pitches, podcasts, presentations – whatever it is. If you do it a few times, your confidence levels will improve.

Until then just tough them out without the confidence, because no one can tell the difference anyway (and who cares if they can – you’ll get better fast).

The long story short is… no one cares about how you feel, so stop making a big deal out of it.

We are not women. Women make a big deal out of their emotions. Women worry about “being confident”.

We are men. The only thing that counts is action.

So get shit done regardless of your confidence levels or other emotions.

Action is king.

– Harsh Strongman

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