What Every Young Woman Needs to Know

What Every Young Woman Needs to Know

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I’m always a bit surprised to see that about 20-25% of my readers are female.

LMM is advice for men, but hey – if it helps you women out too, you are more than welcome to stay.

I’ve had some of you reach out and ask me “what advice would you give to a woman” so I decided to do a full post for you.

1. Your biological wiring is obsolete

“Know thyself” is ancient wisdom and it 100% applies when it comes to knowing why we want certain things.

Humans evolved in very different environments than we lived in today.

For millions of years, if you were a female – your chances of survival were much higher if you partnered with the the “bad boy” – the ones who don’t follow the rules and are more dominant/violent.

In the modern day, the “bad boy” has no future. He’s going to be broke and live a shit life 99% of the time. Yes there are exceptions.

You will be attracted to this type because your DNA is hardwired to do so (just like boys like big breasts).

Be smart and think of partnership as a business decision – you want the guy with the highest probability of success, not just some “bad boy” who can provide excitement and nothing else.

It’s much easier to get a nerd to go to the gym and help him be more exciting than to raise the IQ of an idiot.

2. Money doesn’t make women happy

I own a legal and accounting firm. I no longer handle it myself (run by family now) but I’ve dealt with thousands of people over the years.

Men and women are different.

Money doesn’t make women happy. Yes, it buys things, but it doesn’t give you that warm and fulfilling feeling.

Most of our “high power” female clients who were pulling in $200k+ worked 12+ hours a day for 1-2 DECADES.

They had no husband, no children, no long term stability and were absolutely miserable.

Yes, they had expensive diamond jewellery they bought themselves and hired male secretaries to show everyone they’ve turned the tables – but they were miserable in their daily lives.

As a woman, your need for family and belonging is much higher. This again goes back to your evolutionary biological wiring, as women can only have children until a certain age.

Aloneness, loneliness, and no one to go home to and no kids to look after eats up on you. It is not a happy life and traveling gets boring very fast.

3. You should marry early and have kids early

All the above is why you should look into marrying early and having kids early.

Most women realize this too late.

They are too busy trying to do the “career woman” thing that they lose sight of what’s important.

They work day and night for their salary and think they are “high demand” because guys in the club are all over them.

Then sometime in the 28-30 age band, the realization strikes. Time is running out.

  • Your fertility is on the decline
  • You suddenly really want kids
  • The accumulated corporate stress has aged you
  • You are nowhere close to finding a “suitable” man
  • It is very likely you will never have a family and baby

It is a terrible realization to have and once you’re there, you’re there. No turning back.

If you don’t believe me, hear it all from the women themselves.

The type of man you want is trying to marry the 22 year old because she’s younger. He doesn’t care about your salary because he makes enough. You cannot compete. Wine aunt’s problem.

Many women descent into weird feminism at this stage out of bitterness.

4. Premarital sex means more chances of divorce and worse pair bonding

Marry early and avoid premarital sex.

Men care about women’s purity. They are biologically wired to do so.

Instead of judging them for what they want, try to be the partner your ideal man wants (not what you want him to want).

Men don’t judge you for wanting a rich fit man, do we?

Well, men want a young, sexy, slim woman who hasn’t been had by other men. Men don’t care about your power career.

If you want the highest quality men, you have to preserve your value so they pick you over the others. You have to become the woman they want.

Don’t become one of those retards who try to dictate what men should want. The world does not work on shoulds. What do men actually want? Work with that. Always be grounded in reality.

Remember, you are not a “stud” because you got fucked by many men. ANY woman can get laid because men will fuck anything.

You are not “cool”. You are not “special”. You are not “high demand”. You are just easy.

Winning the game from a woman’s perspective is securing the commitment of a high value man. It is NOT getting fucked by him for one night.

Don’t let modern society’s feminist retard brainwashing confuse you.

Besides, women lose their pair bonding abilities the more partners they rack up. More premarital partners = more chance of divorce.

This is backed by research and statistics.

Do you want to get fucked by a lot of men or do you want a happy stable marriage?

Your life, your choice, your consequences to bear.

5. You should look into some kind of business from home option

Of course, the question then is – if focusing on your corporate career is a bad idea, should you work at all as a woman?

I’d say yes. Just make sure you can control your own hours and don’t have to attend to the needs and demands of a boss.

Remember, women worked historically. They had small businesses like weaving clothes and making pots and trinkets and selling them.

It’s only in the industrial age where factories decimated women’s industries and turned them into stay at home moms.

Doing nothing is not good for your brain. When you do nothing, your brain starts to rot.

You should look into some kind of home based business you can do over the internet. Even a freelancing home based gig if you can.

A home-based business lets you contribute economically to your household while also focusing on your major priorities – your family and children.

Since you’re an LMM reader, you already know what I recommend:

1) Build an audience – The simplest and easiest way to make your first $1 online

2) Web Design – One of the highest paying skills on the web

3) Copywriting – Learn this and you’ll never have to worry about money

I’d also say e-com but I have no experience with it myself.

If you’re not working on an online business, you should start today.

6. Invest in your man, not your employer

In a marriage, you are in a supporting role.

Sure, mainstream media likes to look down on supporting roles, but most of the time, this is what makes or breaks the team.

You know how you work hard to please your employer? Do the same for your family.

They care more about you than your employer does.

This is minor things like having hot dinner ready when your man gets home and bigger things like encouraging him to go to the gym (without nagging).

Of course, you should always marry a man with potential. Look for a man with the success mindset (high ambition) – this requires wisdom (consult your father) as not all men are of equal quality.

7. Don’t listen to mainstream media. They don’t have your best interests at heart.

The mainstream media will tell you that men are evil and horrible and abusive and that you need a man like a fish needs a bicycle.

Somehow, these assholes are never around when you are 30, single, and miserable.

The mainstream doesn’t care about you. They have their own agenda.

They are owned by big powers who want to destroy the family unit.

They want you to be single, miserable, and working jobs because it means:

  • More consumers (women earning = women spending)
  • Lower wages for them (bigger workforce = more demand for the same jobs = lower salaries)
  • More power over society (it’s much easier to control societies with deep divides than those with ideological stability)
  • Easier for them to exploit women for sex (just look at Hollywood)

Ignore the media and make the smart choices. They pay off.

8. Husband management

The easiest way to keep a man happy is to fuck him and feed him often. Enough said.

Read The Male Brain (India, USA) if you still don’t get it. Lots of wokes hate the author, but the advice in it is pretty good.

9. Keep fit. Fit women produce fit children.

As a woman, your fitness is even more important than a man’s fitness.

The reason being that it directly influences the genes of your children.

If you are fat when you conceive and are fat during your pregnancy, your children will have a much higher propensity to be fat.

This is not “bro science”. Certain genes switch on or off depending on the life conditions of the mother.

Fat mothers activate certain genes which cause high fat accumulation and appetite in their children.

This hamstrings them for life. By not being fit, you are not just fucking yourself up, but you are also fucking up your children.

Don’t do this.

Lift weight. Eat clean. Have some goddamn discipline.

10. Know the FOMO is a LIE

When you marry young and have kids young, you will see girls your age go out to parties and have fun.

You’ll see them on Instagram getting drunk and dance while you’re busy with children.

You might feel a bit bad about your choices and want to have the fun too (you should – with your husband).

Realize that the vast majority of these women don’t have a future.

Right now they are around 25. This is when skin is tight, they can eat anything, and fertility is plenty.

In a few years, they’ll inch towards the dreaded 30 and most of them will want exactly what you have. But they can’t have it because they wasted their time.

They’ll either be childless forever or panic-marry the first available man (likely low quality) and likely get divorced because they’ve destroyed their value and pair bonding ability by getting fucked by lots of men before.

All the fun comes at a price. The FOMO is a lie because you only see the fun, you don’t see the price you have to pay 5-7 years down the line.

Remember, free choice doesn’t mean consequence free choice.

Everything has a price, and the price of wasting your 20s is a lifetime of regret – especially for women because fertility isn’t forever.

Hope this helps.

Your brother,

Harsh Strongman

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