How to Lose Fat Part 3: Fitness as a Lifestyle

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This article has been continued from Part 2: Exercise.

I’ve already talked about losing fat via diet and exercise.

Did you notice something: I didn’t suggest one-time strategies such as crash-dieting.

I recommended longer-term solutions for exercise and diet.

That’s because keeping fat off is a permanent lifestyle change. It’s not a one-time thing. You have to stay fit.

Right now, your cue-action-reward cycle is messed up.

You want more food because you’re fat, and you’re fat because you want more food. It’s a Catch-22.

But over time it will change. You will break the cycle. Things will get better.

It requires work, but I promise, it gets easier. You won’t even notice it after a while – it becomes that effortless.

4 weeks: You start to notice changes in yourself.

8 weeks: Your friends and family begin noticing changes in you.

12 weeks: Everyone can see that your body is changing for the better.

You have to keep at it. It is incredibly motivating to start to see results. Just give it 4 weeks, the change in diet and the introduction of the morning routine will make a noticeable difference.

The introduction of strength in the 2nd month will take things up a notch.

Some tips to make your journey more pleasant:

  1. Don’t buy junk food: The real fight starts in the supermarket. Don’t buy breakfast cereal, don’t buy chocolates, don’t buy processed cheese, don’t buy white bread. If you don’t have it in your fridge, you can’t snack on it when you’re suddenly hungry.
  2. Keep healthy food around: Keep an apple or a banana or some boiled eggs in your room – you can eat it when you’re hungry (or bored).
  3. Supplement with Cod Liver Oil: Cod liver oil is extremely good for your bones and joints. It’s anti-inflammatory and is an excellent source of vitamin D (improves mood and hormones). It can help prevent you from getting arthritis later in life. All young people should be taking 500-1000 mg of Cod Liver Oil a day.
  4. Change your friends: You go out to eat with your fat friends. They order pizza with extra cheese – you order a garlic bread and thin crust pizza. At least it’s not as bad as what they’re eating. And soon enough, you notice you’ve started to pile on inches around your tummy. Do not be close friends with fat people. It is known that having fat friends makes you fatter – because your friends influence your habits. Improve your social circle. This can be quite difficult, especially if you work with fat people. It will be the biggest change you will make in the short term – and a very positive one.

~So, do I have to do it forever?~

Well, yes and no. You don’t have to do anything. You can continue to lie on the sofa and watch T.V., and slowly get fat again. Or, you can continue and keep up the work – GET AHEAD – kick ass, take names – and improve your life forever.

Remember, fitness is a lifestyle, not an event.

It WILL become effortless. Once you SEE the results, you won’t be asking this question. You’d want to keep doing it.

Please, pretty please, do yourself a favor: give it 4 weeks. You won’t regret it. No excuses, no whining, no bitching – just work.

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