Stop Trying To Be Liked By Everyone

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We’re getting to the point where most people have such low testosterone levels that they want to be liked and “accepted” by everyone.

The issue is both physical and cultural.

Physically, everything in the modern world is trying to mess with your hormones and lower your testosterone and increase your estrogen levels. The average testosterone levels are at an all time low and it shows.

Fat bodies, lethargy, people who pant like a horse after climbing 2 flights of stairs, and other signs of physical decline. Many people can’t even do a single pull up (which is a complete disgrace and should make a man feel deeply ashamed).

To top it off, most people are very ignorant about health and do stupid things like eat food from plastic containers while telling you that whey protein will hurt your arteries.

Culturally, you are taught to be an obedient little chump from the get go. Obey your teachers, don’t go beyond the syllabus, don’t make any mischief, never say anything disagreeable or you get punished – we live in a highly feminized society where everything is hate speech.

You are taught to not get into verbal fights, never talk back to authority… the list could go on and on. Basically, you are taught to be an obedient little people pleaser who does what he is told.

Here’s a little secret that no one tells you:

You do not need to be liked by everyone.

In fact, if everyone likes you, it’s a sign that you’re a NPC loser with zero critical thinking.

You do not need to please everyone and everybody doesn’t need to like you. Assuming you’re not deliberately being an asshole, it’s completely OK if many people don’t like you.

In fact, if you actually have a brain and use it – average people will not like you. This is a fact that anyone who’s gone through the arc of success knows about.

People will not like it if you make lots of money. In fact, your existing “friend circle” will probably start hating on you if you make 50x what they make. This is because most people are crabs in a bucket.

Some people will dislike you because you refused to do them a favor they weren’t owed.

“Hey Harsh, can you help me out [favor]”

Me: “No” (Unless you are a friend or someone I’m close with, it’s usually a no)

For some people, that’s enough to get them to dislike you.

You do not owe people favors. If someone doesn’t like you because you won’t do them favors – that’s their problem, not yours.

Unless someone matters, why would you try to please them?

You are not people’s peon and you don’t have to try to please everyone.

Grow a spine and learn to say “no” to people.

Weak people say yes to everything and supplicate. Strong people say no, deny requests, and ask people to go away.

If you want to be liked by everyone, you need to be weak and hold extremely vanilla and politically correct opinions.

If you want to be successful, you need to stop caring what other people think. This is because the only way to be really successful is to go against the grain which always attracts haters.

Unless the person is someone who actually matters in the world and/or can provide you with something of value, their opinion of you is irrelevant.

Why does it matter what some random person thinks of you?

Some people on the internet really don’t like me. Not because of anything I did but simply because they don’t like what I have to say.

When I click their profile pictures, it’s always some fatty telling me how sexist or misogynistic I am. Some of them actually promote scams to make a quick buck.

What do I do? Do I cry and moan that these guys don’t like me?


I focus on winning even harder.

This means more articles, more money, more success.

I don’t try to get “liked” by people who don’t like me.

People who don’t want to like you are not going to like you. No matter what you do, they’ll find a reason to dislike you.

You are not in the getting-liked-by-everyone business. Even Heads of State usually have 50% approval ratings.

So stop being a doormat, grow a spine, be true to yourself, and make peace with some people disliking you.

– Harsh Strongman

P.S. This does not mean you become an unlikeable socially inept person. If everyone dislikes you, you have a serious personality problem. If you’re going out of your way to piss people off, you’re doing it wrong.

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