Ravi Handa Caught Red Handed Promoting a Scammer for $180 (Are All LMM Haters Losers?)

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I was browsing X and I came across a tweet where the name seemed very familiar:

Tweet calling out Ravi Handa

I instantly recognized the name “Ravi Handa”

I have a good memory and I recognized the name – this guy is a hater from years ago.

Ravi Handa hates Life Math Money and wants to take me down.

Ravi Handa has been OBSESSED with me for years.

Ravi Handa has been tweeting at me for years.

Like the creepy stalker, he’s been trying to get my attention for years and I’ve ignored him.

I have no idea why he won’t move on but his obsession with me is creepy to say the least.

Ravi Handa, founder of Handa ka Funda

Ravi Handa, man clearly in perfect health, has the following to say about Harsh Strongman (I identify as a queer transgender lesbian person of color): “I want him to suffer consequences of his actions. But his followers just keep growing.”

Apparently, me – a writer – has offended him so much that he wants me to “suffer consequences” of my “actions”.

Note that he uses the pronouns “him” when everyone knows I am a transgender woman – clearly a sign of extreme transphobia.

Ravi Handa is looking for ways to take me down. In his words: “Don’t think reporting the account would work. Any other suggestions?”

Ravi Handa Promoted a Scammer for $180

For a guy who has been morally posturing around calling me a sexist and a misogynist, apparently the dude was promoting a scammer for the large sum of… $180 (15,000 Indian Rupees).

He invited a guy called Ravi Sutanjani to his podcast in exchange for a $180 sponsorship. I have no idea who Ravi Sutanjani is but apparently it’s a guy who was scamming people and lying about his degrees.

As reported by Mensxp:

Ravi Sutanjani, who claims to hail from Navi Mumbai and holds multiple degrees, like Computer Engineer from IIT Allahabad, Business Administration and Management from HEC Paris, and PGP in business, development, and marketing from MDI Gurugram, turned out to be a mere ITIan from Mirzapur.

Ravi Sutanjani deleted his Twitter & LinkedIn. It wasn’t a case of someone with skills but no degrees. He was a fraud at the workplace too. Got fired within months, not coz of fake degrees, but coz he could do no valuable work. Would procrastinate and just pretend to be busy. A founder told me. So don’t make it a case of a Mike Ross from Suits.

Apparently the dude out there was faking his education to promote himself as an influencer.

Here’s a long X thread about the whole thing if you’re interested:


Instead of apologizing, Ravi Handa asks people calling him out to pay him sponsorship money if they want him to not promote the spammer.

Not only does he admits being a sellout for a grand sum of 15,000 Indian Rupees (USD 180), he wants people to pay him money for calling him out. (???)

Someone actually pays him:

Some guy actually pays him the $180

Ravi Handa folds immediately:

Ravi Handa says the money was for “not publishing the video”

What’s funny is that, for someone who’s been virtue signalling for years by hating on LifeMathMoney – the #1 Self-Improvement Website For Men, he has been selling out his dignity and his followers for… $180 per video.


This proves the hypothesis: LMM haters always turn out to be losers.

It was true with Redditors and it’s true with Ravi Handa – people who hate on LMM turn out to be losers, sellouts, obese and ugly people.

In real life if you don’t like someone, you ignore them and move on.

When a loser doesn’t like someone, they keep obsessing with you for years and never let go.

If you’re reading LMM, you’re already winning.

LMM readers:

  • Fit people
  • Sexy women
  • People improving their life
  • People making money with the internet

LMM haters:

You are on the right side. We are WINNING.

Every day LMM readers report making money from the internet, losing fat, waking up early, and more.

Almost every single LMM reader is on the path to self-improvement and building his business.

Public challenge: Waking up at 5 AM.

All I can say is – the haters are partially right. In this case, Ravi Handa was right about 1 thing: “His followers just keep growing.”

The losers keep hating and LMM readers just keep growing.

If you want to be richer, fitter, and more successful – keep reading. You are on the right website.

Until next time.

Your man,

Harsh Strongman

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