The Truth About UK Foreign “Aid” to India

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India just landed a lander and a rover on the south pole of the moon under it’s third lunar exploration mission Chandrayaan-3. The only other countries who’ve successfully landed on the moon are USA, USSR, and China.

This is a big accomplishment for us.

This has lead to some weird comments from British influencers and politicians who think “India has been begging them for aid”.

I am going to set the record straight.

This is not just meant to destroy the illusions of our former colonial masters, but more-so to show Indians that we don’t actually get any “aid” from the UK.

1) UK Foreign Aid does not go to the Indian Government

Some of you seem to think the British government just writes India a check for a few hundred million dollars each year.

Foreign aid does not go to the Indian government. The British give it to their own for profit businesses and banks and shady NGOs and organizations to promote their interests.

As a UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) spokesperson said:

“Since 2015 the UK has given no financial aid to the government of India. Most of our funding now is focused on business investments which help create new markets and jobs for the UK, as well as India. UK investments are also helping tackle shared challenges such as climate change.”

The “aid” is literally for the benefit of the UK and creating jobs there, and “helping tackle shared challenges such as climate change” basically means funding protests to stop development work here.

The rest of the money goes to missionaries to convert poor people to Christians.

2) UK Foreign Aid does not benefit India

Like I said earlier, the UK foreign aid does not go to our government.

Aside from sending the money to for profit British businesses to create “new markets and jobs for the UK” (which isn’t really aid), it goes to shady NGOs which typically use the money on anti-India activities like:

  • Converting people to Christianity
  • Protesting development projects in the name of “climate change”
  • Influencing government decisions and politics by pushing UK propaganda

We do not want this aid. Very little of the money actually benefits Indians in any way – most of it hurts India’s interests. In fact, Indian politicians have been asking for years that this aid be stopped.

Stop acting like you’re doing us some kind of favor.

3) India is actually trying to BAN foreign aid from the UK

Since all this aid money is being used for anti-India activities, India is trying to ban it from coming here.

We are revoking the foreign aid licenses for a lot of these “charities” and asking the British to stop sending their money here.

It’s completely ridiculous for the British to say “stop coming to us with your hands open” because we literally are not asking them for aid – we are trying to stop them from sending it here.

Christian “charity” KICKED OUT of our country.
Full piece here.
UK Politicians are BEGGING India to let them send “aid” here after India banned many “charities” from getting UK aid. Full piece here.

4) India has been asking for the Aid be stopped for YEARS

For example, India’s finance minster dismissing UK’s aid.
India has repeatedly declined foreign aid.

The UK still keeps finding ways to fund these shady NGOs that do anti-India activities.

This is not India “going out with its hands open” to the UK, this is the UK forcefully sending it’s poison money here and then telling its public that they’re helping “the poor”.

The UK has this weird superiority complex going on that does not reflect modern realities.

5) The UK aid/poison money is actually peanuts

UK aid is a very small portion of the Indian economy.

In the 5 years from 2016 to 2021, the UK forcefully sent India a total of 2.3 billion pounds.

To compare, India’s annual GDP is about $3.5 TRILLION. This means the total of 5 years of UK “aid” is about 0.066% of our GDP of 1 year.

To compare India spends 3% of its GDP per year just on fertilizer subsidies to poor farmers – so yeah, your money is literally nothing to us.

The UK politicians like to lie to their public to make the British people feel like they are still a relevant power in the world. It fuels this weird superiority complex the British have over “poor countries” despite having a smaller economy than India.

You are not contributing large sums of money to the Indian economy. You are not our savior in any way, shape, or form. If you think your aid is relevant to India – you’re on that copium.

You’re sending peanuts and those peanuts are being sent to hurt Indian interests, not promote them. Do not be under the illusion that Indians somehow are supposed to be grateful for this.

If you’re a UK politician, here is our message to you: Your own people are struggling to afford heating, so use this poison money on them. Stop sending it here.

6) We’re often a net giver of aid

So much for being a “poor country”.

7) We are becoming a world superpower

In all fairness, it’s probably best if the foreigners continue to think of India as “poor country”.

If the enemy deems that you are no longer a threat, they will underestimate you or dismiss you as an opponent. This arrogance creates the perfect environment for you to successfully attack them. – Sun Tzu

As a country, we are progressing REALLY fast. 30 years ago India was dead broke. Today we have modern cities, infrastructure, almost every kid is going to school, cheap internet access, and much more entrepreneurship – more unicorns are coming from India than ever before.

We are on the trajectory of becoming a world superpower and it is very good to be underestimated. Less sabotage.

If you’re an Indian in India – keep your head down and keep working hard. You are in the right place at the right time.

We will be the kings of this era and beyond.

With love,

Harsh Strongman

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