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From the desk of Harsh Strongman
Subj: Distract and conquer
Location: A beautiful beach village

Today’s post is a fun conspiracy theory that has some truths to it and will change the way you view the world.

The Things of Worldly Value

From the beginning of mankind, a few things have mattered for worldly progress:

  1. How much liquid money you have (cash, cattle, etc.)
  2. How much land you control (as the owner, king, etc.)
  3. How much power you have (if you want something to happen, does it happen?)
Even in video games the same things matter – get resources, acquire control of land, and build your army (power/influence)

Men would work to maximize all of them if they could, and even if they couldn’t – they knew these were the things that mattered. They knew this made them “important” in the world.

Enter The Conspirators

Let’s imagine a group of people (let’s call them the elites) that acquired a lot of liquid money, control of land, and power – and to be realistic, let’s say the money and land are under investment firms they control, and their power comes from their influence and ownership over the media, politicians, contractors, etc.

The elite do not want competition. They know no one stays at the top forever, and they want to maximize their time there.

They want other people (the masses) to not do well in their pursuit of money, land, and power.

The Conspiracy

The goal is simple: Acquire more land, money, and power and retain them. Prevent non-elites from rising up without overt displays of power (no military action).

How might the elite achieve this?

If I was an elite, this is what I would do:

1) Brainwash them to value unimportant things

Use your control over the media to brainwash people into prioritizing things that do not help them get any closer to money, land, and power. In fact, promote things that make it less likely that they will acquire much of them.

This means we run sitcoms like How I Met Your Mother and F.R.I.E.N.D.S that reprogram people into thinking that the meaning of success is sitting in a bar or coffee shop drinking beer and talking about “life”.

We convince their teenagers to want to become people who sit around all day talking about life and relationships – something that any idiot can do and doesn’t produce any money, land, or power.

This is something the masses can do easily from their teenage years itself. Just find a bunch of other people and sit around at a coffee shop.

This way their time not only gets eaten up, but their health also gets ruined. They can’t build anything of value while they’re out there drinking beer in the bar and watching TV.

2) We distract their high testosterone men

We know the vast majority of revolutions are started and pushed by young, high testosterone males. We need to find a way to keep them busy and out of our way.

We teach their men that the only thing that matters is sex. We tell them that sex is what gives them value. Sure, the vast majority of men don’t get much sex, but the higher testosterone ones – the ones who are more likely to compete with us – they’ll get distracted with chasing sex.

Earlier they could simply marry and have children, but now they’ll spend all their free time going on dates with girls they met on an online app.

This only leaves them time to work their job and do nothing else – we’ve eaten all their free time. If they weren’t distracted with chasing sex, they could start a business after their job and give us some competition.

We’ve learned from polygamic societies that once men get multiple wives, they get so occupied with their women that they don’t invent or innovate much. This is what we want for the high testosterone men – keep them busy and out of our way.

To drive the indoctrination more, we use our media to shame men for being “virgins” and really make them believe that the hallmark of success is not land, money, and power but just how much sex they’re having.

3) We destroy their system of marriage and push extreme feminism

We teach their women to get a corporate job instead of having children. Fewer people around is not only less competition, but all the women working means we have to pay lower wages since the supply of labor is bigger.

We also turn women into militant feminists who think any kind of traditional female role is a form of oppression. This turns the woman who has historically been the home-maker into the home-breaker. Instead of being the connecting glue that keeps everyone together, women now start fights and arguments.

It also makes marriages much more likely to fail and end in divorce.

We make the divorce process slow and messy and use it to waste 3-5 years of both people’s time and money to slow them down even more.

We also introduce inheritance taxes so that whatever few children people do manage to have don’t see much of their ancestral wealth.

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4) We destroy their system of family

We teach their young people that their parents are a “burden” and should be put in a old age home. It will be hard to convince people to abandon their parents, but with enough marketing… anything is possible.

No matter how high they climb, the next generation starts all over again.

We tell them that moving out at a young age is an “achievement” even though humans across the beginning of time lived with their tribe and family. We try and get them to want to leave as soon as they turn 18 even when they don’t have great sources of income so they waste a few years struggling (don’t worry – we can teach them to cherish the waiter job).

This way their families no longer function as a coherent long term unit to pass wealth and knowledge from one generation to another. Every generation starts afresh.

The 18 year olds have to waste years working menial jobs like waiting tables at a restaurant. We take their late teens and early twenties (when they have the highest energy levels) away from them.

We make every generation spend 20 years working to buy a new house.

They are so busy trying to make their basic ends meet that they have no time to compete with us. They will never manage to acquire much land, wealth, or power.

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5) We keep them divided by pushing nonsensical public delusions

We push LGBT and other mass-hysteria on to people. This gets people divided into two sides – the ones who like it and the ones who don’t.

We use our control of the universities and the education system to push it on to people at earlier and earlier ages – to the point where we create such absurdity that we can have half naked men dancing in front of toddlers and teach them about being gay and transgender.

This will surely mess up the minds of their children and will take them years to get over the confusion it will create.

Many of them will spend a lot of time wondering if they are straight, lesbian, gay, and would not even be sure if they are male or female.

When they’re not even sure of things like that, how can they focus on acquiring land, money, and power? We’ve got them good!

As an added bonus, we can use LGBT as a constant public debate so the public doesn’t notice that we are ones in complete control of them.

6) We inflate and tax their wealth away

We control the government and this means we control the money printer. We print a ton of money and dilute the value of each unit of currency.

We then find ways of giving the newly printed money to ourselves – with government contracts. Yes, the government buys our stuff at absurd prices and we keep the cold hard cash.

All the new money entering the system through us (our employees, investments, loans, etc.) reduce the value of money and makes everything more expensive.

This means we get even richer and makes it much harder for the masses to catch up to us.

If we have $10 Million in assets (not cash), it’s now worth $11 Million after 10% inflation.

Meanwhile the average Joes’ salaries aren’t up 10% and even if they are, then after taxes – they actually got behind compared to us. Their net worth didn’t grow by $1 Million like ours. Their net worth shrunk.

Also, since most members of the masses save in cash – the value of their savings fell! DOUBLE BINGO.

Not only did we get ahead, we also pushed them behind and made it even harder for them to catch up to us.

7) We keep them in debt to control them

We know debt is slavery so we get them in debt as soon as possible.

First we make them take debt to go to college, then we get them in debt to buy a car, and finally we get them in debt to buy a house.

This way they are in debt from age 18 to age 60. They are turned to slaves who work for banks that we own.

They are dependent on their jobs and have to OBEY so they keep their job. If they don’t like anything we’re doing and they speak out – we fire them and the debt kills them by itself.

We keep them in debt and they can never stand up to us.

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8) We keep them satiated with cheap dopamine

We know if we make all of this happen, many people will be incredibly frustrated.

We know young, frustrated men have high testosterone levels and like doing revolutions. We have learned from history.

We don’t want them getting so frustrated that we are at risk – that destroys the point of what we’re trying to accomplish. We don’t want to get our heads chopped off.

We keep men satiated and we do it with things that don’t cost much money – porn, TV, video games, alcohol, and weed.

All of these will give them the dopamine hits they crave and give them a sense of accomplishment even though they haven’t achieved any money, land, or power.

The porn will trick their minds into thinking they are highly sexed, the video games will help them feel like they are high achievers, and the alcohol/weed/fast food combination will keep them calm and fat.

We take out their frustration and they will never revolt against us.

This way we can keep all the real wealth, power, and control of land to ourselves for a long time without the masses getting in our way.

We shall be the kings and stay the kings.

They shall own nothing and be happy.

– Harsh Strongman

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