Sex is Not Success

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If you look in the books and read about the great men of history:

Literally any of them – you will find them being proud of their deeds, conquests, wealth, and power.

You will never find any of them saying they are amazing because they are having lots of sex.

You’ll never hear a quote from Alexander along the lines of “Yeah bro I just fucked Helen. I am so awesome”. It just isn’t there in history.

Fast forward to modern day, and pretty much all sources of modern culture (TV, celebrities, songs, etc.) push one message – SEX is SUCCESS.

Don’t care at all about politics – especially American politics where I’m not even a voter. This is just meant to be an example of sex being subliminally pushed as success.

If you talk to the average person today, you’ll find a lot of them think having sex is success.

They think that if they’re getting laid a lot, they are successful. They are winners in the world. After all, they’re getting laid.

Some of them are so deeply entrenched with this thought that they use “virgin” as an insult – implying that someone is a failure because they haven’t had sex.

You don’t find “virgin” being an insult across history. It’s a thing of the modern world.

Why is this the case?

Back in the day, you had specified gender roles and things you’d do that would make you a man or a woman.

You could express your sexuality (manliness or womanliness) in many ways like your daily duties and responsibilities (fighting vs cleaning) or clothing (masculine clothing vs feminine clothing), etc.

Today gender roles don’t exist – women earn money and men help in the house – i.e. the only place people actually get to express their sexuality is in the bedroom.

This is a very recent development (think last 100 years) and it’s led to sex becoming a big deal for many people.

Now you are thought of as ‘cool’ for the sex you have – how rough it is, whether you did it in a public place or not, etc.

This is a psyop.

Sex is not success.

No great person in the past thought he was successful because he was having a lot of sex. Thinking of sex as success is a modern day psyop.

Literally anyone can have sex – it’s not that hard. People who are total losers have sex. Even broke people and slaves in Chinese factories have sex.

Your are neither cool nor successful because of your “sex life”.

Sex is a form of pleasure that has a lot of good uses like bringing you and your partner closer and making babies – but it is not success.

Don’t let globohomo society reprogram your definition of success. It will lead you astray.

It’s important to study history. You can contrast the values of the past with the values of the present to see what changed and why. Start with the Hardcore History podcast by Dan Carlin (not an affiliate link).

Success has pretty much meant one thing across history, and it’s this:

If you’re religious, the last point applies to you. If you’re not, it doesn’t.

Sex being a measure of success is a total joke.

Ask any of these kids the question “why is sex so important to you” and you won’t get an answer.

Because they don’t have one. They just picked up this way of thinking from their modern environment.

You are not a success because you’re having a lot of sex and you are not a failure because you aren’t having enough sex.

Hope this helps.

Your man,

Harsh Strongman

P.S. If your first thought after reading this was “you only think this because you’re not having sex” – you are balls deep in the psyop. Good luck.

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