What Is a Real Man? (The REAL definition)

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If you’re a man, you will often hear people tell you “A real man is…” followed by some sort of moral value the person making the definition wants you to have.

It’s a vaguely defined term that you are supposed to aspire to become, and whenever you hear someone define it, it’s almost always a veiled attempt at manipulating you into doing what they want.

Here are some definitions that I’ve heard and seen frequently repeated, and some that I found on the internet (citations added by me):

Who is a real man according to women?

A real man does not care about a woman’s past. – Girl that fucked around when she was young but is getting older and now wants a stable husband before it’s “too late”

A real man will stay loyal to his woman and never cheat. – Woman that wants to ensure she doesn’t lose her man

A real man doesn’t chase younger women, he wants someone his own age. – Woman past her prime

A real man will respect women and sacrifice for them. – Woman who thinks being born female means she’s owed respect and sacrifice

A real man pays his girl’s bills. – Broke woman that wants your money

A real man will do whatever it takes to make his woman happy. – Woman looking for a servant

A real man is someone who forgives a woman for her lies.
“If hold me accountable, you’re not a real man. I DEMAND forgiveness.”
A real man will get rid of whatever and whoever it is that will jeopardize his relationship with his girl
“Do what I say or you’re not a real man.”
It Takes A REAL Man To Step In And Not Only Love A Single Mom
So, for us to be “real men” we have to “step up”, take care of you, and raise another man’s child. If you know so much about men, how did you become a single mother in the first place?

The message is clear: “Do as I say”

The conclusion is that “a real man” is just a manipulated man that does what other people want him to do with no regard to his own wellbeing or return on investment.

It’s a term used to manipulate and control men.

If a mosquito could talk, it would say a real man is someone who gets his blood sucked without resisting because a real man can handle the sting.

What is the actual definition of a real man?

Here is the one and only criteria of a real man: he has a penis.

If you have a penis, you’re a real man.

It doesn’t matter if you cheat on women, get a woman pregnant and leave her a single mother, or are so broke that a woman pays YOUR bills – if you have a penis, you’re a man.

It doesn’t matter if you will not fight and die for your country; it doesn’t matter if you abandon your family and not provide for them; it doesn’t matter if you never give money to charity – if you have a penis, you’re a man.

Sure, we can argue that what you’re doing is irresponsible, immoral, or bad for society – but none of that means that you’re not a man.

The idea that you have to follow a particular set of rules that other people set for you to qualify as a “real man” is a form of psychological slavery.

People want you to do things in their best interests – they don’t care about you.

Think for yourself, ask yourself “why”. Is doing the thing they want you to do, being how they want you to be, and taking on the responsibility they want you to take – is it in your best interests or not? Sometimes it is, but mostly it’s not.

You are not a donkey, so stop letting people manipulate you into becoming a beast of burden.

– Harsh Strongman

P.S. If you want a good laugh, watch this woman tell you that a real man is someone that gives her money without her asking.

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