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The Big Advantage of Believing in God


A lot of people today are atheists and agnostics.

I respect that. I understand your reasons and I would not force you to believe in something you don’t feel is right.

This post isn’t meant to convert anyone, or to debate about religion, to promote or demean any religion.

I’m only discussing the advantages of believing in God (God is different from religion), be it any god.

Believing in God takes away a significant burden from man. It’s in man’s nature to think and overthink, to worry and fear the unknown.

Constantly trying to solve problems and improve our lives has been the key to all of man’s inventions and the progress made by us as a race.

The key problem we face here is that we also end up thinking and worrying about things we cannot control.

E.g., “What will my future look like?” “Will I win this bet?” “How will things turn out?” “Will things work out?” etc.

I’m sure you know the kind of stuff I’m talking about and have probably gone through the same.

Believing in God can take that away.

By simply passing over the responsibility of managing the things you cannot control to “god”, you rid yourself of doubt and worry.

You control what you can control. You do what you can do. What you cannot control or cannot do is in God’s domain. God will manage that variable.

This can be incredibly liberating. It takes away a lot of pressure from man. It takes away the fear of uncertainty.

And that’s a good thing. It enables man to focus on the present and work on what is in his power, rather than lamenting about what’s beyond his power.

I think that this is a big reason why people who believe in God are usually happier and friendlier.

Most of the atheists I have met tend to be gloomy cynical individuals.

I understand that the people I know are not a sample of the entire world, but I would still recommend believing in God, considering the pros and cons.

Life isn’t about having the “correct’ beliefs. It’s about having the most useful ones. It doesn’t matter whether the belief is factually accurate or not, if believing something makes your life meaningfully better, then why not go ahead and do it?

The thought that God is actively helping us achieve what we want is an incredible confidence boost as well!

Sure, don’t take it as an excuse to be lazy. You gotta do the work yourself. (Control what you can; leave only the rest to God.)

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