Should You Risk Your Life to Protect Women You Don’t Know?

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I came across an interesting piece of news: A German man has been blinded and disfigured defending a girl at a bar from a Moroccan Muslim who was trying to lace her drink with a substance.

Now I have no idea how true or false this news is. Knowing the media, there’s probably some bias/propaganda and I have no way of knowing what happened.

This post is not about this incident. This piece of news was interesting because it prompted a question:

Should You Risk Your Life to Protect a Woman You Don’t Know?

Of course, if your wife, mother, sister, or a woman in your family is in danger – you should do everything in your power to protect her.

But what about some random woman on the street? Are you obligated to protect her?

Here’s my take:

If someone is being attacked/harassed through no fault of their own and they did not knowingly put themselves in a risky situation – you should protect them.

For example, if a woman is walking down the street some dude randomly gropes her tits – yeah, you should make some noise, stop the guy, and help her. But even then – it is not your “responsibility” – you’re just being a kind person.

On the other hand, if a woman is deliberately putting herself at risk:

  • Being drunk at parties
  • Going on dates with guys she met online
  • Going on dates with immigrants who come from cultures that have 0 respect for women
  • etc.

You have no obligation to protect her.

She chose to be there, do that, and expose herself to risks. She did that because she wanted to have fun.

You aren’t the one having fun getting drunk at a party, so why should you bear the risk of “protecting” these people? Makes 0 sense. You are not their servant.

At best, the guy in the screenshot above should have informed the bar staff that he saw the Moroccan Muslim spike the girl’s drink. He has no business getting into a physical fight to protect a girl not in his family that’s out having fun in a bar.

Remember, 99% of women who put themselves in situations like this (drinking in bars, wearing skimpy clothes, going to parties and getting drunk, etc.) are feminists who believe they need men like a fish needs a bicycle.

Would these women show you any support if another woman made a false rape accusation against you? No. They’ll say “believe the victim” and try to destroy your life.

Why would you risk your life to protect them? Makes 0 sense.

She chose to go on a date to have fun, or a party to have fun, or a bar to have fun. She knew what she was doing. She was the one who was going to have all the fun.

Why would you be responsible for protecting her in case things go wrong? Makes 0 sense.

To think it is your responsibility to protect random women putting themselves at risk is like thinking it’s your job to save failing banks after they give out risky loans to make money for themselves. It’s retarded.

If someone goes to North Korea, they know they run the risk of being killed by the regime. Yes it’s still North Korea’s fault for being evil, but you should have known that you were exposing yourself to the risk of being killed by going there.

It is not your responsibility to protect random people you do not know, especially people who knowingly putting themselves at risk.

If you want to be a selfless servant of random women, go ahead and get into bar fights with random drunk men.

I have no sympathy for you if you get blinded, broken, or worse.

Here’s the kicker: Neither does the woman you fought for. She’ll just move on to the next guy on her dating app.

Hope this helps.

Your man,

Harsh Strongman

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