Why You Should Never Get Into a Street Fight

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There used to be a professional boxer by the name of Prichard Colon.

He had 17 professional fights in his career. He won the first 16 of them in a row. Undefeated.

The 17th fight, he lost.

Got punched in the back of his head. Brain damage.

Watch this video to see his condition today (warning – it’s a little graphic):

He got hit in the back of his head a few times which got him a hemorrhagic stroke i.e. bleeding in the brain.

Prichard Colon spent 221 days in a coma and is now in a vegetative state.

He lives on a wheelchair, can no longer talk, and needs constant care from his family.

This is what one bad punch to the back of the head can do to you.

Permanent brain damage. Disability for life. Even death.

And this was professional fight with a referee.

In real street fights there are no “official rules”.

This means:

  • There can be multiple opponents (most street fights are never 1 on 1)
  • They may be armed with knives, guns, bats, or other weapons
  • You might fall and bang your head on the pavement (deadly)

In other words, these fights are not worth getting into.

Unless your life is at risk, de-escalate the situation.

Go home. Morons in a bar are not worth risking your life and well-being over.

If you get hit by someone, call your lawyer.

As LMM legal once told me, “You punch a man, you’ll destroy his jaw at best. Come to me and I’ll destroy his life.”

You can cause much more damage to someone with a lawsuit than you can with a punch.

Dozens of rounds to the police station, weeks in jail, and tens of thousands in wasted dollars. It is much more painful for them.

Remember, the only time you should actually fight is when your life is at risk.

Otherwise de-escalate the situation and call your lawyer if you have been hit.

Once someone starts getting angry and repeating the same thing over and over, it’s time to leave. It means their rational centers of the brain have turned off and now they are operating entirely on emotion. They are highly likely to get violent.

Remember, no matter what the affront to your ego – it is not worth it to risk your life over something silly.

If you do fight, remember the three golden rules:

  1. Don’t show mercy. Fight to severely injure or even cripple. Be extreme. Your life is at risk.
  2. Leave the area as soon as possible. The guy you hit might have friends who might attack you from nowhere.
  3. Go to the cops first. Your case is much stronger when you are the one filing the complaint. Get a doctors certificate of your injuries and file it as evidence.

The last one is really important. You want to file the police complaint. You don’t want it being filed against you. The accuser always has the upper hand with the police.

Three general life and dominance rules:

  1. Lift weights and get big. Very few people are interested in picking fights with big dudes. If you are small, everyone thinks they’ll win easily so they’re more aggressive.
  2. Learn to fight. Any striking art that has sparring such as boxing and MMA are good. Let’s hope you never need to use it, but if you do – you should have the skill.
  3. Have a great lawyer that you can call whenever needed. Find a great one before you need one.

I’ll say it once again – don’t get involved in fights unless your life is at risk. Street fights aren’t worth it. If you do get into one, don’t show mercy and get out of there immediately. And make sure you go to the nearest police station and file a complaint first.

That’s all for today.

Until next time.

Your man,

Harsh Strongman

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