Why You Shouldn’t Drive a Motorcycle

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Note: This article contains graphic pictures of accidents and dead bodies. Not suitable for work.

This post is going to be unpopular with many of you but it needs to be said: Don’t drive a motorcycle.

Riding motorcycles is a dumb decision. One small accident can break your bones, dislocate your joints, and even cost you your life.

Every time I go on a long drive, I come across at least one bike accident. Usually they are minor (no more than bruises and dislocated shoulders) but sometimes they are major.

Picture from the internet.

Unlike a car in which you are surrounded by a metal box and attached to a seat, in a bike you have no protection and stability.

You could be driving 100% safely and a car, truck, or another bike can give you a slight bump from the side or from behind and you will fall. Once you fall you are pretty much guaranteed an injury (often death if without a helmet).

Biker dead from an accident. It wasn’t the biker’s fault (other than not wearing a helmet). Picture from the internet.
Picture from the internet. These two guys were on a bike and got hit by a car. If they were in a car they would be alive.

You also depend on the vehicle behind you to stop in time and not run you over.

One time my car got hit by a scooter from the side and the 2 guys that were on it fell over. They were wearing helmets and the fall wasn’t bad so they got away with bruises.

But they still nearly died. The car behind them was alert (luckily) and applied hard brakes. It stopped less than 1 foot from one of them. If the car driver wasn’t paying attention, it would have been a much worse accident.

Driving bikes, scooters, bicycles, or any other two wheeler on a road is a dumb decision. You are putting yourself at a high risk of injury.

I can understand if you are broke and cannot afford a car. In that case at least wear a helmet. Make sure you wear the strap too (should be decently tight), otherwise it’s just going to come off when an accident happens.

If you do have some cash, buy a car. Even if it’s a cheap car like a used Alto – a car is infinitely safer than a motorbike or a scooter.

Yeah a small car is far less “cool” and thrilling than a motorbike but when push comes to shove, it will go much further in keeping you alive than a two wheeler ever can.

– Harsh Strongman

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