Are All the Sacrifices Worth It?

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Every once in a while, someone will leave a comment on the blog or a reply under a tweet that goes something along the lines of:

“You talk about putting the work to be this and that. But why should I do any of it? I can just sit back, enjoy and live a life of fun, and do what I want. Is all the work and are all the sacrifices worth it? Why work hard? What’s the point? You sound like someone who hates fun.”

I see where the question is coming from, and my usual reply is “why did you come to the restaurant when you didn’t want to eat?” (i.e. why are you reading the #1 Self-Improvement for Men if you don’t see the point of self-improvement?)

But on this occasion, I want to ask the questioners some questions of my own.

So dear questioner…

Is it worth it to live life at 28% body fat knowing that it makes you look like a slob and kills you 20 years before your time with a heart attack? Is the sacrifice of all the health benefits, beauty, and respect that comes with being healthy really worth it, just to be able to eat your burgers every day?

Is it worth it to live a life where you just lived and died where you stood and made no progress whatsoever and your children have to start from scratch just like you (i.e. 90% of humanity)?

Is it worth it to work a 9 to 5 job forever and living your life to make someone else rich, as you never start an internet based side business when in your free time because you would rather watch TV once you get home tired from your job? (Give my regards to your puppet master.)

Is it worth it to work 40 hours a week for 40 years instead of working 80 hours a week for 10 years and earning your freedom?

Is it worth it to live your life surrounded by mediocrity because self-improvement is hard and playing video games is easy?

Is it worth it to spend your youth chasing skirts instead of pursuing success because “sex is fun”, knowing that you are losing years of your life with all the distractions?

Is it worth it to get in debt because you wanted to buy the latest iPhone and the car that you can’t afford knowing that you’ll be working for years because you need to pay off the loans?

Is it worth it to be constantly owning more useless stuff even when it keeps you chained to your job and takes away your freedom?

Is it worth it working that cushy job knowing how much you could have achieved if you had worked hard and put your mind to it?

Is it worth it to eat a McDonalds and Domino’s diet knowing that you will never know the true strength and beauty your body was capable of?

Is it worth it to drink alcohol knowing that it’s damaging your body like nothing else and draining your bank account as well?

Is it worth it to watch porn knowing that porn is shrinking your brain and killing your motivation to be successful? (My theory is that most people asking the original question above are actually addicted to porn. Men normally want to be successful. Porn kills their drive. If this is you, you need to urgently do the Live Intentionally: 90 Day Self-Improvement Program.)

Is it worth it to not have any real knowledge because you haven’t read a book since you got done with school because “reading is hard” and “you’d rather watch documentaries” (but you never do) and just watch Netflix instead?

Is it worth it to play the status game knowing that no one actually cares about you and you’re just living a vain life saying vain things to please people who don’t think of you at all?

Is it worth it to keep claiming that you can do “everything in moderation” while knowing deep down that you’re using moderation as an excuse to justify your weakness.

At the end of the day, it comes down to:

Is it worth it to live like the average person?

Is it worth it to pursue vanity, enjoyment, and immediate pleasure and gratification, at the cost of your wider goals, dreams, aspirations, and potential?

And once you are done answering that, I have one final question:

Which is the real sacrifice? (A sacrifice of potential and dreams vs a sacrifice of frivolities)

And is it worth it?

– Harsh Strongman

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