Home Life “I don’t know what I want! What do I do?” Read this.

“I don’t know what I want! What do I do?” Read this.


“I don’t know what I want!!! What do I do?”

This question gets thrown around a lot, especially when people are talking about their future.

Generally, I’ve found that this question is asked under two separate subtexts, although sometimes it can be a mix of both. Let’s discuss them both.

Subtext #1: “I want something different, but I’m lying to myself to make me feel better.

In this context, the person consciously knows that they don’t want what they have and they don’t like where they’re going. But, they’re not entirely willing to admit it.

They also subconsciously (or semi-consciously) know what they would rather prefer to have, but they don’t want to say that out loud as well.

They have usually invested in quite a bit of time and resources to get where they are, and the thought that “it was all a waste” makes them feel bad.

So to avoid that pain of writing off what is essentially a sunk cost, they muddy the water and lie to themselves.

They tell themselves that they “do not know what they want” because when you don’t know what you want, it only makes logical sense to keep doing what you’re already doing.

You know what you want, you just don’t want to admit it.

There’s an excellent mountain climbing analogy to this.

You climb a mountain, and you get halfway, and you realize that your way is a dead end. You see that if you want to get to the top, you’ll have to get down, find another way, and climb back up from the beginning.

You don’t want to do that, so you say “fuck it” and decide to camp and stay there forever, halfway to the top. Then you convince yourself that it’s okay to stay here because you don’t know what the “true way” is, so until you “brainstorm” this “true way”, what’s the point of going down anyway!

If you’re this mountain climber, first you need to do some soul searching and accept that if you genuinely want change, you’re going to have to go back down and start again.

If you’re not happy where you are that journey down is worth it.

(Besides, the next climb will be easier because you’ve gained experience on your first one.)

You will not gain anything by running away and hiding from yourself; you will only waste time.

You are your own man, and if you want change, you have to make it happen, no matter how uncomfortable it feels.

Subtext #2: “I want something different, but I don’t know what my options are.

These are people who know they don’t like what they have and what they’re doing and are willing to admit it, but they don’t know what their viable options are.

If you ask them “what do you enjoy”, they don’t really have an answer because they haven’t tried enough things to know what they enjoy.

Here the answer is simple: trial and error.

Just do anything you find interesting and see if you like it.

This is the only real way to “find your talents”.

After all, you can’t really know you’ve got the genes to be a great tennis player if you never pick a racket and play, do you?

Try out different things. Make it a mindset to explore newness.

Look at a child – they try out everything, so they know which toys and games they like, and which they don’t. Be like a kid when it comes to a zeal for life.

I discovered I like writing because I tried it.

I discovered I love coding because I tried it, and I found it to be very stimulating to my logical brain. Now I’m teaching myself computer science online.

I would have never known I enjoyed programming and writing had I never given them a try.

I also figured out quite a few things I don’t like.

I don’t like making podcasts (too monotonous). I don’t like day trading (boring). I don’t like having a boss (fuck that).

Maybe you like trading or making podcasts, but can never know that until you give it a fair shot, can you?

You just need to get out and try new things.

If all you do is sit in front of your computer all day and surf the internet, why are you surprised that you don’t know yourself as much as you’d like? After all, you haven’t done much with yourself!

Here’s another analogy for you:

You’re in the middle of the ocean. What’s the best thing you can do in this situation?

Just swim! In any direction!

If you reach somewhere you don’t like, just swim again in a different direction!

You wouldn’t just stay there floating in the ocean just because you don’t know which direction you like *best*, would you?

So… get off your computer, and go do new stuff. Life awaits.

Make it a challenge: Do something new consistently for a month for one year.

  • Try writing for a month.
  • Try creating niche websites.
  • Try running a social media account.
  • Try coding for a month.
  • Try – you get the point!

Literally take yourself out on a monthly adventure. Worst-case scenario, at the end of the year, you’ll know 12 things you don’t like. That’s better than knowing nothing!

Hope this helps!

Your man,

Harsh Strongman

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  1. It’s so simple yet impactful especially trying different things out. But sir there is one question that How should we know that it is our thing? Because sometimes we enjoy something but making a career out of it cost us a blunder. Please guide us Sir.

  2. Want to share my perspective if I may…
    I am programmer.. Based on project.. My interest in job varies.. Sometimes I like it.. Sometimes I should have chosen something different.. Maybe because after reading all these entrepreneur reading influenced this.. True.. Idle man’s mind is devils workshop.. Mind.. As you know.
    Will bumbard with infinite things you would have done.. Sleepless nights.. Next day some interesting job.. Again forget everything and like your job.. Only till next phase of this… I enjoy gym, cooking, butchering.. eating.. Running (injury is killing me brother).. Being alone all my life.. If you ask me I’m best in my business.. To be frank I’m not. If you ask me are you happy with your life.. What you are doing.. It depends on when you ask me..
    I also like to be in wild.. Wandering as time goes.. Doing nothing.. This won’t take me anywhere..

    I like the mountain climbing analogy.. With the desire to see top.. I would not have camped there.. Will die trying.. Vision for my life is not that clear😊.. As I consider myself already dead!

  3. I wanna share my example with Subtext #1. I’m an engineer (happened by mistake) and after 3 years of work experience (EY) I’ve realized that I have a thing for core Finance and I’d enjoy pursuing a CA/CFA career path.

    But here it’s not practical to get down halfway and make the climb again. Rather tweak the current experience/skills and make a new way for myself and get to the top instead of redoing everything. I’m in the process of getting into FINTECH roles.

    Wise enough?

  4. Way too good article, ur insight is appreciable. Your articlres can compel a person to buy your book. U have deep knowledge. Tell me how many books have u read so far? And of which realms

  5. Sometimes, career is not the only passion in life.. In fact, a lot of the time, a career is only a means for self expression and to make money.. Unfortunately, our economy requires making money take priority over self expression. Not everyone is blessed with the right stars to succeed financially via self expression. Sometimes, maybe it was not “his/her time” to have won a battle. It is about choosing one’s battles wisely as per time demands and prioritizing life needs.
    What is most important is, staying true to oneself. There will be times when one has to do less favorable things, just do it willingly. Then, Life will bend in your favor.

  6. I believe the best thing to do when in the middle of the ocean would be to float to conserve energy. I don’t think swimming will get you anywhere. Hope you get found or find a flotation device and water and food.

  7. You know I want to explore new things but if i am trying to change my path my family member say that you will not be able to do anything. Then i stop myself because they want me to earn first from good means and then do whatever you want. But my point is when i got a job then how i can be able to give my 100% in new things.

    • Why god doesn’t give us enough money till the age of I guess 24-25 for learning new things. So that we don’t have to depend on our mom dad to ask permission to do this or not.


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