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There’s a monkey meme that looks like a joke but has a profound truth to it.

“You will never reach the banana if you do not have the courage to climb”

It’s cliche but it’s the truest phase you’ll hear today. You will never reach the banana if you do not have the courage to climb.

1) Can’t lose weight?


Did you eat less calories than you burn today?

Did you do your 1 hour of cardio today?

Did you lift weights today?

You cannot expect to lose fat if you do not do the work it takes to lose fat.

2) Can’t find a girlfriend?​


Did you ask out at least one girl today?

Are you working out to make yourself look more physically attractive?

Are you doing interesting things and living a fun life? Or are you just a boring desk jockey?

You cannot expect to get a girlfriend if you aren’t even asking girls out.

3) Can’t make money from the internet?


Did you learn a valuable skill you can sell?

Did you send 20 cold emails and 20 DMs today?

Did you work to grow your social media presence today?

You cannot expect to get online cash flow if you aren’t pursuing it with seriousness.

The moral of the story is simple: You cannot cry about the results you didn’t get for the work you did not do.

I’ve been in the online business space for 10 years.

I have affiliate marketing sites, SaaS companies, and a lot of social media presence.

I’m not making it up – all of this is conformable.

Affiliate marketing: I got in this space waaay before it was cool.

SaaS and services: I co-founded Repurpose Pie, Copyright Samurai, and Teach Yourself Crypto. I have more experience here but these are plenty already. If you still think “this guy is lying” click the unsubscribe button at the end of the email.

Social media: I own LifeMathMoney – the #1 Self-Improvement Resource for men.

And I got started over 10 years ago.

It was much harder to do it back then – there were no guides, no help, and the internet culture despised making money. (People would actually complain about affiliate links for amazon books which only paid you like 15 cents per sale.)

Why am I telling you this?

Is it to flex?


I am the LAST person who’ll flex on the internet. Despite being in the game for over 10 years, I still make mistakes. For example, here I forgot to set up multiple domains and accidentally sent out too many cold emails from the main company domain. Flagging EVERY SINGLE email address – including the ones used by our employees. Big mistake that took some time to fix.

The point I’m making is – it needs WORK.

If you are fat, and you complain about being fat, and you don’t put in any CONSISTENT work to lose fat – you deserve to be fat. I have 0 sympathy for you. Your life is shit because it deserves to be shit.

If you are lonely and single but you won’t even ask a girl out because it’s “scary” – you deserve to be lonely and single. I have 0 sympathy for you. Enjoy masturbating and talking about how “all girls are hoes” (despite ironically being lonely).

If you are a wage slave and complain about money, and you aren’t putting in any SERIOUS effort into making money online – you deserve to take orders from your boss. Enjoy being a servant – a literal servant not even as a figure of speech.

Today it’s never been easier to solve your problems.

Lots of great YouTubers, coaches, and more will help you lose fat.

You can meet lots of girls girls with dating apps alone (Works best if you aren’t fat – fix that first – get down to 15% body fat or lower).

Money can be made from social media, writing, SaaS, high paying skills, and so much more.

Just pick anything and start.

Hell, I know a guy who make an extra $500 a month selling “foreign word tattoo” services. If you want a tattoo in a foreign language (say tattoo of the word “hope” in Chinese) he’ll send you a PDF of that word in Chinese so you can be sure you’re getting the right word tattooed, and not getting “idiot foreigner” or “hot dog” inked on yourself.

He got the idea from a viral Reddit post (this one).

The internet makes life easy. Instead of being the idiots who spends half his day on X, or watching YouTube videos, or watching porn –

​How about using X to start a business?​

How about making your own YouTube videos?

How about making your own porn videos? (joke – but if you’re good at using AI it’s possible. There’s someone already doing it.)

End of the story summary: Most problems in life are solvable. Things like getting girls, losing fat, and making money online is not like trying to cure HIV or Cancer. If you do the work, you WILL make it.

If you don’t do the work – you fail the MONKEY LAW OF LIFE. No bananas for the monkey who doesn’t climb, and no one cares about your complaints about how “unfair” life is.

No climbing = No Bananas = Make peace with hunger.

– Harsh Strongman

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