Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

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The most common questions you see people ask are, “How do I get better at time management?” and “How do I stop procrastinating?”

There are thousands of articles on the internet with “advice” on how to get better at managing your time and videos to “motivate” you to put in the work.

Here’s the one thing in common that all of these articles and motivational videos share: they don’t work.


Because this is not an intellectual problem.

There is no “answer” that you can get that will make you “stop procrastinating”. It’s not an academic problem where you suddenly “discover” something (like a mathematical formula) and suddenly, everything becomes easier.

You can pump up your emotions with motivational videos all day, but the next day when the emotions are gone – you will be back to your normal self.

The truth is: Only you can stop yourself from procrastinating.

There is no one forcing you to sit on your ass all day postponing the things you need to do.

No one can make your arms and legs move for you to make you get things done.

You have to do that.

You need to get off your ass and start getting some work done. Your body is entirely in your control.

Likewise, everyone who went to school “knows” time management.

You know everything you need to know: do the important things first, do the less important things later.

The problem is not a lack of knowledge.

The problem is that you’re being a child.

You want someone like mommy or daddy or a boss to force you to do things. Like a child, you are not able to self-regulate your actions.

You do not need to “learn time management” or discover the secret to stopping procrastination – you need to get off your ass and do things.

Grow up.

You are not a child anymore and no one is going to force you to do anything.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

There is no “problem” you have in you that you need to seek a solution to. You are not physically or mentally disabled.

You are just unwilling to move.

That’s exactly what procrastination is: a fancy way of saying, “I’m unwilling to move my body.”

Imagine if a healthy adult came to you and asked you, in complete seriousness: “How do I move my body?”

How would you react?

You would either laugh at his absurd question or feel a deep contempt for him. What a loser, huh?

But that’s the exact question you are asking when you ask, “How do I stop procrastinating?”

You are asking people to tell you how to move your body. What answer are you expecting?

Your brain commands all the nerves in your body. Command yourself to move.

Stop being a bitch and start acting like a man. You control yourself. You control your hands, your legs, and your fingers.

If you need to do your homework, tell your fingers to start writing.

If you need to work, tell your body to work.

If you need to go to the gym, tell your body to stand up and go to the gym.

Stop acting like there’s anything anyone can say that will … make your body move. Because that’s absurd. The only thing I can do is laugh at you.

Hope this helps,

Your man,

Harsh Strongman

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