Why Do You Fail At Everything You Try

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From the desk of Harsh Strongman

Subj: Why you can’t seem to succeed at anything

Location: A Buddhist monastery on a mountain

If you’re asking “Why do I always fail at everything no matter how hard I try” it is because of 3 reasons:

Reason for Failure #1: You Do Not Have a STRONG Reason to be Successful

Why do you want to be successful?

Some examples:

Fat loss – I hate being fat. Being fat gets me mocked. I hate getting little attention from women because I look soft. Being fat is damaging my knees and internal organs. I want to live longer. My blood pressure is too high and I will literally die if I don’t lose weight.

WiFi MoneyI hate being a wage slave. I hate listening to a boss. I hate being told what to do, when to do it, and what to wear while doing it. I hate being lectured by HR faggots on diversity and inclusion. I hate making very little money. I despise having to wake up and work for someone else.

Dating – I hate being a lonely sexless loser. I want to have sex with lots of beautiful women. I hate that I constantly jerk off to porn because I have little to no access to women.

Muscle Gain – I hate being weak. I hate looking weak. I want to squat 1.5x my bodyweight. I want to be strong. I want to live long and strong.

You get the point.

You have to have some kind of reason that keeps you internally motivated to want success in whatever thing you want to be successful in.

If you do not have a strong reason for success you will fail because external motivation and temporary feelings do not last more than a few days.

This is why gyms are full on 1st January but not full on 1st February.

Everyone “kind of” wants to lose fat.

Everyone “kind of” wants to make money on the internet.

Everyone “kind of” wants to get good with women.

The thing is “kind of” doesn’t take you anywhere.

You have to REALLY want it.

Really wanting something is the difference between doing something for 3 days and doing something for a long amount of time.

Most people don’t want what they say they want hard enough. If they did, they wouldn’t be cheating on their diet on day 3 or skipping workouts because “I’m too tired today bro”.

Reason for Failure #2: You Lack a Path to Success or You Don’t Follow it With Seriousness

You must have a plan you follow that gets you to where you want to go.

You have to pick ONE path to success and follow it SERIOUSLY for at least 6-12 months.

If you want to lose weight – pick a diet plan and exercise program that works and follow it seriously. It could be keto, low carb, protein sparing, CICO, or whatever else. Pick ONE and follow it seriously.

If you want to make money online, pick one thing like X audience building, copywriting, web design, or anything else and follow it seriously.

Don’t multi-task. Pick one thing and do it seriously.

And when I say seriously, I mean SERIOUSLY.

If you want to lose weight but you’re skipping workouts and cheating on your diet every few days, you are NOT SERIOUS.

If you want to make money with web design and you’re sending 20 cold emails one day and then 0 for the next 4 days – you are NOT SERIOUS.

Unless you take serious action, you won’t get real results. Unserious people get unserious results.

Reason for Failure #3: Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny object syndrome is a very common cause of failure – especially among generally motivated people.

It happens like this.

Say you decided to start building a WiFi money business using X.

You do it for a month and then start seeing YouTube videos about dropshipping, drop your X account, and start building a ecom store.

You do that for 2 months and then see people talking about affiliate marketing and get into that.

You start with everything and never get anywhere. You never make money and remain where you were (making no money).

Shiny object syndrome is very dangerous because it WILL get you in a loop of going from A to back to A instead of going from A to B.

You have to make a choice and STICK WITH IT FOR AT LEAST 6 MONTHS TO 1 YEAR.

This applies to everything because the path to success and mastery takes time.

If you pick a training program, but then change your program every 5 days because you keep coming across people saying “this exercise sucks bro try this one instead” you will never get anywhere.

You have to make a decision to pick ONE path and then follow it for at least 6 months to get results.

Like Miyamoto Musashi said – Never stray from the Way.

Remember the 3 things you need to be a big success:

1) A REASON to be successful

2) A WAY to success

3) Never straying from the way.

Find your reason to want to win.

Pick your path to victory.

Walk your 1000 miles.

It’s that simple.

– Harsh Strongman

P.S. If you have trouble staying on the way, get a copy of Live Intentionally: 90 Day Self-Improvement Program to push through to the other side.

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