What Do You Bring to the Table Woman?

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I came across an online marriage bio for an Indian woman which highlights what is wrong with a lot of modern women and their families these days.

Husband Wanted For 5 Feet 28 Year Old Woman with No Income

Alright, here we go (the image already had the red lines when I found it):

I didn’t make the red line edits. I just found it as it is.

In order to be qualified to marry this woman, you need to:

  • Earn well
  • Own a house in a city
  • Own a car
  • Have no debt
  • Have a “good family background” (educated and “modern” parents)
  • Good financial stability
  • No family disputes

All of this seems entirely reasonable. If I was a father, I too would look for a guy who earns well, has a house, has good family background, etc.

However, if I am a reasonable person and not a complete idiot, I would understand that I too need to bring equal value to the table. That’s where these people go crazy.

If you met all the above criteria, you are now eligible to marry a woman who…

  • Is 28 (more than half her fertile years already gone)
  • 5 feet tall (below average height and your children will also be short)
  • Not working and has no income
  • Masters in Arts (i.e. bullshit education that won’t even pay $1k a month)
  • Probably a feminist (going by “social scientist as she works for women” and “#Opinionated” at the bottom)

Are you not excited to be presented this wonderful opportunity?

(It’s like buying Google in 1997… but at current market prices.)

What do you bring to the table?

If you are a woman with a long list of demands who wants to be taken seriously, please make sure you have another list of things you bring to the table.

Make sure that the list is just as long, just as valuable, and would be of interest to the type of man you are looking for.

For example:

  • Are you sexy and fit? (Why would a financially successful man want to marry an overweight woman?)
  • Can you cook? (Yes, men care. You might not care but men care.)
  • Are you tall?
  • Are you young and fertile? (Because wine aunts need to lower their expectations)
  • Do you have good genes to bear a good man’s children? (Tall, high IQ, strong body, etc.)
  • How much income do you make and is it in range of your demands?
  • Are you debt free?
  • Is your family background good?
  • Do you have an exciting life? (Watching TV shows doesn’t count)
  • Do you have a real education? (No, a degree in arts doesn’t count)
  • etc.

Basically, does your list actually sell?

This is the real world and you can’t exchange chicken shit for chicken salad. That’s not how this works.

“You” are not enough.

It’s not enough.

If you asked the average woman “what do you bring to the table”, the most common answer would be “me”.

Even though they might be joking, the problem is that they aren’t joking.

Look, here’s the thing right: Every woman out there has a vagina and milk sacs on their chest. That’s not special. Literally all women have that. You aren’t special.

What do you bring to the table other than your job and your body?

Most women bring nothing to the table except their mouth.

If you only eat from the table and do not add anything to the table, any reasonable people would not be interested in dining with you.

You got to bring more to the table than just your mouth.

The buyer determines the value, not the seller.

You don’t get to come to the table with a list of demands and nothing of value to contribute.

Remember that “things of value” is defined by the buyer, not the seller. The guys get to decide if what you bring to the table is valuable to them or not.

If you are selling a house, you cannot complain that “people should not care about the broken walls and leaky roof”. The buyer decides what he cares about in the house he buys.

YOU might think that men should not expect you to cook, but that’s something for men to decide.

You made your list of things you wanted. Now you gotta make a list of things you have that men want.

If you can’t… then either lower your expectations or the next year you’ll update your husband-wanted-page to “age 29” and then “age 30”.

And the life of a 30 year old unmarried woman ain’t pretty.

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