Everything in Life is Sales

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What is sales? Sales is the ability to make people feel how you want them to feel.

Everything in life is sales – from selling products to dating to making friends to doing well in interviews.

Quoting from the WallStreetPlayboys:

Interviewing: You are transferring the feeling of trust, intelligence, reliability and consistency.

  • Trust: This will show up on your resume. If you have high marks, great previous performance reviews and stellar recommendations… The trust is already partially built.
  • Intelligence: This is sales. Can you convey your resume appropriately in an interview setting without coming across as a boorish?
  • Accountability: Can you dispel the interviewers fears that you will be unreliable? This is another part of the sales presentation.
  • Consistency: Is your track record several years long with glowing recommendations and references to call upon? How else can they know you are going to be consistent?

Dating: You are transferring the feeling of excitement, security, popularity, confidence and sex.

  • Excitement: Can someone logically predict what you are going to do with 90% accuracy? You’re a boring person who will struggle in the dating market.
  • Security: Are you in shape? If a fight broke out, would you at least be able to hold your own? If not you better get into the gym to increase your perceived value of security. It goes without saying, money is the biggest security asset of them all.
  • Popularity: You’re moving up or moving down, life is about momentum… If you’re passing excitement and security you likely have many people contacting you to hang out. If not… It’s time to get to work
  • Confidence: Do you ask for permission before every single choice? If the answer is no you’re building the assets of a solid leader.
  • Sex: Do you make your intentions clear and dress appropriately? If not you’ve got some wardrobe reshaping to do.

Friends: You are transferring the feeling of loyalty, fun, happiness and positivity.

  • Loyalty: Do you have at least 3 friends you have known for over 10 years? You’re passing the loyalty test and are clearly a good judge of character.
  • Fun: Be honest with yourself, if someone had to ask an acquaintance about your personality would “happy go lucky” be the answer or “gloomy”. If the answer is gloomy you’ve already lost the battle.
  • Happiness: Just like laughter, a happy person is contagious. Are you happy for the vast majority of the day? If you’re spending more than 10% of your time unhappy, something has to change immediately.
  • Positive Spin: Do you spin all events in a positive way. Do you have control of your mind? If so you’re moving in the right direction.

Product Sales: You are transferring the feeling of value, trust and many others (product dependent).

  • Value: Do you believe in the product yourself? Don’t be mistaken you can be the product as well. When you approach a woman do you truly believe you’re the best person for her to meet (belief in product)? If so your game is likely good. Similarly, you should never sell a product you do not believe in.
  • Trust: If you are only selling products that work and that you believe in, you’re building trust. Would your friends and family trust your opinion on a product? If so you’re building a solid sales foundation.
  • Product Dependent: Before the sales presentation, ask yourself “what is my customer’s problem”. You do not attempt to sell Justin Beiber concert tickets to Marilyn Manson do you? Adjust your product to be sold to your audience.

You can read the full article here.

In any situation, always be aware of and control the subtext.

You have to be aware of the feelings you are transferring.

This can only be explained with some examples so here are some:

Sales Call: People are on a sales call with you because they want to solve a business or personal problem. Your goal is to make the sale.

You want to sound calm and collected. You don’t want to sound “eager” because people who are too eager do not communicate trust and value.

This means you speak slowly and deliberately. You are not in a rush because you know the product is good.

Auctions try to rush you because they are trying to get you to overpay.

Friends: People are out with you because they want to have fun and feel good. Your goal is also to have fun.

Don’t be the guy who’s too uppity to have any fun.

Don’t be the boring nerd who gives off the *serious* vibe

Don’t be the guy who’s against trying anything new.

Keep the humor lighthearted and enjoy your time. Make jokes and do things you enjoy.

Dating: Girls are out with you because they want to have fun and want to get fucked. Your goal is to get her to sleep with you.

Keep conversations lighthearted and fun. Transfer the feelings of joy and pleasure when she’s around you.

Always seem non-judgemental because if she feels judged by you, she won’t sleep with you.

Don’t talk about things like DNA or Bitcoin (triggers boring serious person vibe).

Be sexual so she understands that you are not “friend material” (no girl will sleep with you if you make her feel like a sister).

You Get Better at it With Time

If you suck at sales, don’t stress it.

No one is born good at everything and we all learn with life experience.

You cannot escape it. You must get more life experience.

This means you spend 30% of your time on research and 70% of your time on action.

Suck with sales calls?

Read a few books on closing calls and then schedule more sales calls. Trial and error is the name of the game. It took me blowing 30+ calls to actually start to get good at it.

Suck with women?

Read the Book of Pook and The Seduction Bible and go on lots of dates (Bumble is the easiest).

Remember that the map is not the territory.

If you get into the forest without a map, you will probably get lost or take 10x the time to get the same results.

If you just keep reading but never take action, all the reading was useless.

The golden ratio is that for every 1 minute you spend “reading and researching” spend at least 2 minutes taking action and actually trying to apply the material.

If you suck at something – take immediate action to fix it.

This means:

  1. Find someone who has it figured out and does it in real life. The internet makes this really easy. Back in the day you had to learn from college professors who had no life experience.
  2. Learn from their advice. Read their blogs, watch their YouTube videos, buy their courses if they have any.
  3. Put their advice in action.

It’s that simple.

Don’t over-complicate it.

– Harsh Strongman

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