Drop Friends Who Disrespect You

Drop Friends Who Disrespect You

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” … I love you. But don’t ever take sides with anyone against the Family again. Ever.” – The Godfather

Remember that time when you were talking with that hot girl or that new guy at work and your friend comes over and brings up something embarrassing about you? And then the new person starts taking you lightly – or worse, starts making fun of you too?

I’ve been there.

We’ve all been out with that one friend that openly makes fun of you and usually ends up ruining your frame.

They might not be bad people, and they probably make fun of everyone, and they might be your old, old friend – but they need to go, especially when you’re in situations where you’ll be meeting new people.

It’s impossible to develop and maintain a good reputation if you constantly hang out with someone who criticizes you and everyone freely.

People will not respect you or take you seriously if your own friends seem to cut you down willingly. It triggers the “low-value guy” vibe.

First impressions last. You’ll have to spend 100x the time it takes to make a first impression to reverse it – and that is if you can reverse it.

This is why you should only hang out with people who respect you. If you want respect, don’t be around people who disrespect you. It’s clearly counterintuitive.

These people usually mean well, they just want to have fun – but just because they mean well – that does not mean that they are good for you.

This goes both ways.

Next time you’re out with a group of friends and meet someone new, don’t derail your friends.

Don’t ruin their attempt to leave a great impression. If you can, say something good and uplifting about them.

This way, you earn not only the respect of the stranger but also your friend.

Think about it, who would you rather do a favor for – the ‘friend’ who cuts you down or the one who makes you look great?

Recommended Reading: How to command respect (and why)

– Harsh Strongman

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