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The Power of Compound Interest

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: The Power and Math of Compounding This article is about the greatest force known to man: Compound Interest. Simply put...

How to Get Ahead in Life

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Topic: How you can get ahead of others This post is going to be about how to get ahead -...

The Most Effective Money Advice You’ll Ever Get

The age-old and most effective money advice you can ever take is: KEEP TO YOURSELF 20% OF ALL YOU EARN In other words, save 20% of all...

Is College Worth The time and Money? Here’s How You Can Calculate That.

I'm talking about the handcuffs and leashes of the modern day: student loans. Student loans are not inherently evil (even though it is commonly thought...

How to Lose Fat Part 3: Fitness as a Lifestyle

This article has been continued from Part 2: Exercise. I've already talked about losing fat via diet and exercise. Did you notice something: I didn't suggest one-time strategies such...

How to Lose Fat Part 2: Exercise

This article has been continued from Part 1: Diet. Exercise This is usually the easier part for most people. If you're fat, chances are you don't exercise....

How to Lose Fat Part 1: Diet

The most significant improvement you can make to your health and personal life is to lose the extra weight. Being fat sucks. Being called "cute"...

The Big Advantage of Believing in God

A lot of people today are atheists and agnostics. I respect that. I understand your reasons and I would not force you to believe in...

How to Breathe Correctly

I've noticed something: the vast majority of people don't breathe correctly. Their breaths are too shallow. For them, breathing is an activity of the chest. Their...
Regret is a wasted emotion

Regret Is a Wasted Emotion

There's a concept in economics called sunk cost. From Wikipedia: "In economics and business decision-making, a sunk cost is a cost that has already been incurred...

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