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Business 101: How to Choose a Business Idea

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: How to Choose The Right Business to Start (The Right Business Model) You Can't Turn Chicken Shit to Chicken...

Business 101: Online vs Offline Business

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: What are the advantages of being in the online business over offline business Hello everyone! I've been busy with non-LMM...

Never Ignore Lumps in Your Body!

A few days ago, an old girlfriend of mine reached out to me, telling me she was diagnosed with a big tumor (fibroid) growing...

How to Start a Tech Company – Interviewing Sahil Lavinga, founder of Gumroad

Topic: How to start a tech startup Guest: Sahil Lavinga About the guest: Founder of Gumroad and was the first employee at Pinterest. Author of The...

3 Big Reasons to Ignore The Naysayers

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: Why you should not listen to naysayers Anatomy of a Naysayer The vast majority of humans are unserious and unambitious. They...

How to Build Business Relationships & Connections Virtually (For Entrepreneurs)

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: How to successfully network with people online One thing running an online business has taught me over the past...

The Three Chinese Curses and the Wisdom Behind Them

The Chinese curses are “blessings” which are interesting because they are named oxymoronically (curses/hexes) and provide a unique perspective on life. There are three of...

Ovarian Lottery: Would You Take the Random Lottery of Birth

A lot of people attribute their failures in life to things out of their control: their height, their skin color, their parents, the country...

The CryptoWFH Age: A Look into the Future

People think the last 2 years have been freak years and once the pandemic is over, things will go back to normal. As I’ve...

How to Find Time to Workout on a Crazy-Busy Schedule

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: How to fit exercise into a busy schedule It can be challenging to find time to exercise and lift when...

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