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There is No Getting Back to “Normal” (A Fundamentally Different World)

 It's been about 1 year since the lockdowns began, and the world is slowly opening up. Some people are wondering, "When will things get...

How to Improve Your English Speaking Skills and Fluency

This article is for people who speak English as a second language, and while they can get their message across, they struggle to speak...

Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

The most common questions you see people ask are, "How do I get better at time management?" and "How do I stop procrastinating?" There are...
Fatherless Black Family

How to Build Yourself Up From a Broken Home (by Ed Latimore)

LMM's Note: This is a guest post by Ed Latimore. I recently came across some statistics that blew my mind. 40% of all American children...

Why Playing The Status Game is a Bad Investment

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: Stop caring about whether you're seen as cool and popular or not "Status games are multiplayer, zero-sum, hierarchical, judged...
Everyone in this photo is dead

Never Forget That You Are Going to Die

Time runs fast Everyone in the photo above is dead. The average human lifespan is 72.6 years - in other words, 26,517 days. The average is higher...
Why is news outrage

The Problem With Online News (Why it’s all Outrage)

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: Why is digital news mostly outrage? If you've been following me for a while, you're probably aware of the...
Hypefury Review

Hypefury Review (From Over a Year of Use)

Update: Hypefury is a dishonorable company that scammed us. Do not use them. Use Zlappo instead. Zlappo does everything Hypefury does at half the...

Consistency is Key | Not Where You Want to Be in Life? This is...

Note: This was originally a short letter to a young struggling friend who was feeling down about not being where he wanted to be...

How to Build a Cheap Home Gym (Low Cost Home Gym Essentials)

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: Building a Home Gym on an affordable Budget There are several advantages to having a home gym, such as...

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