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Stop Listening to Soy Music

Songs are very repetitive, and what you repeatedly listen to will, on a subconscious level, impact how you think and behave. War songs have historically...

Advice to Broke Third World Student with Financial Problems due to Lockdown

 I received an email question from a reader who finds himself in a tight financial situation because of the pandemic. "Hey, first of all I...

Management Lessons from the Ramayana (Teachings for Kings)

The Valmiki Ramayana is an ancient Indian epic that holds a lot of wisdom and knowledge for all those who read it. I'm reading the...

Learn Crypto: A Free Course on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain, DeFi, and more.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain, DeFi, etc. are terms that are being thrown around a lot these days. You hear about it a lot on social...
History and Evolution of Money

The History and Evolution of Money

"In the beginning, God created the bank and the money. And the bank was without money, and bailed out; and darkness was upon the...

Are All The Sacrifices Worth It?

 Every once in a while, someone will leave a comment on the blog or a reply under a tweet that goes something along the...

Hypefury Cheated Us: Samy Dindane and Yannick Veys Defraud Business Partner (Affiliate Program Scam)

Dear prospective Hypefury client / partner / employee, Hypefury is a Twitter automation software founded by Samy Dindane and Yannick Veys. As many of you are...

Stop Being Shy (Nobody is Constantly Noticing You)

 Most shy people are shy because, in their minds, they think that everyone is noticing and judging them. To quote Pook: Shyness is thinking that...

There is No Getting Back to “Normal” (A Fundamentally Different World)

 It's been about 1 year since the lockdowns began, and the world is slowly opening up. Some people are wondering, "When will things get...

How to Improve Your English Speaking Skills and Fluency

This article is for people who speak English as a second language, and while they can get their message across, they struggle to speak...

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