How to Make Over $10k/Month Online as a Freelancer With Shreya Pattar

Timestamps 0:00 Intro0:48 Shreya Introduction2:50 How did Shreya start on LinkedIn4:25 How to go from a viral post to a content creation agency8:05 The First Service offerings from Shreya9:16 What to look for in a potential employee13:15 What skills to pursue to earn online17:25 How do you learn writing22:55 How to reach clients and close […]

How to Prepare for a Recession (9 Tips From a Businessman)

Subj: How to thrive during a recession and prolonged high inflation (Prepare for a recession)From the desk of Harsh Strongman For those of you new to this website, I’m Harsh Strongman. I’m a self-taught computer scientist, entrepreneur, chartered accountant, blah blah blah. I own: 1) Life Math Money, the #1 Self-Improvement Website for Men (you’re […]

Why Communism Doesn’t Work

Do you know that bees work in a perfectly synchronized way with their swarm. They don’t have to be trained or taught how to behave and work. For example, the first thing a bee does is clean the cell where it was born for the next larva or to store honey – whatever the hive […]

The Difference Between Criticism and Hate (And How to Deal With Haters)

It’s important to know the distinction between criticism and hate, because if you classify everything as hate, you’re throwing the baby out with the bathwater. What is Criticism (aka Constructive Criticism) Criticism is when someone points out a flaw in you or your idea using logic and is usually accompanied by some kind of rational […]

Why Americans Have a Distorted View of India

I’ve noticed that many people from America or more generally the west have a very distorted view of India. In this article, I’ll tell you why that is the case, and then offer some facts about India to help you form a more accurate view of reality. How Americans Study America When Americans study their […]

Move Fast: Perfection is For Losers

A few weeks ago, I was a guest in a podcast where the host asked me something like, “what are the 3 most important principles an entrepreneur needs to know”, and I told him: Having a bias for action Getting things done Taking fast action If I had to make a list of the most […]

What is it Like to Be a 30 Year Old Unmarried Woman? (7 Women Answer)

Society lies to women, and tells them to focus on their career, and tells women they can always figure out family and children later in life. You see the idea of being a single childless traveling woman being glorified on the internet, and some young women end up believing them. In this article, I want […]

The Wine Aunt’s Problem (Why Older Women Can’t Find “Good Men”)

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: What is a cool wine aunt and what is her problem Meet the Wine Aunt I was recently speaking to a woman who’s 37 years old. She is a working professional with a great career and makes a lot of money. She’s unmarried, single, and childless – largely […]

Business 101: Pick The Right Product

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: Pick the right product to sell This Business 101 article might seem obvious at first sight, but you’ll be surprised by how many people get it wrong. When you’re starting a business, arguably the most important thing in your business is what you’re selling. This could be anything – […]

How to Travel India: Advice from Anuradha Goyal, Founder of IndiTales, India’s Oldest Travel Blog

Topic: How to Travel India Guest: Anuradha Goyal About the guest: Founder of IndiTales, India’s Oldest Travel Blog Listen on YouTube Timestamps 00:00:00 How to Travel India _Advice from Anuradha Goyal, founder of IndiTales _India’s Oldest Travel Blog_ 00:00:05 Guest Anuradha Goyal 00:00:27 Podcast focus traveling India 00:01:29 How Anuradha’s started blogging 00:04:22 Anuradha’s early […]

Buy 1 Bitcoin While You Still Can

This will be the most important article you read all year. Fiat currencies are going to zero and it’s only a matter of time till we do almost all of commerce in the world through cryptocurrencies. People think this will take a few lifetimes, but they are dead wrong. The internet changed the world in […]

50 Lessons For Men in Their 20s

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: Some random lessons for men in their late teens or twenties 1. The group of people you are trying hard to fit in with will become so irrelevant you won’t even accept a meeting with them if you work hard and surpass them all. 2. Stop watching TV. […]

I Can’t Be Depressed Because I Don’t Believe in Depression

Depression is a lot like god in reverse. Let me tell you what I mean by that. Many people (especially on social media) get really mad at anyone who says anything like “depression is fake”. Yes, clinical depression is probably real, however, the social media mobs miss the point of the “depression is fake” idea. […]

Business 101: How to Choose a Business Idea

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: How to Choose The Right Business to Start (The Right Business Model) You Can’t Turn Chicken Shit to Chicken Salad One of the biggest mistake many entrepreneurs make is starting out in a bad industry/business and then spending years trying to turn it into a good business. What […]

Business 101: Online vs Offline Business

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: What are the advantages of being in the online business over offline business Hello everyone! I’ve been busy with non-LMM related things for the past few months, which is why you did not see any articles published in the past 2 months. I’m back now and I hope […]

Never Ignore Lumps in Your Body!

A few days ago, an old girlfriend of mine reached out to me, telling me she was diagnosed with a big tumor (fibroid) growing in her uterus. She said she had a lump there for months, and that she thought it’d go away on it’s own. Unfortunately, the lump kept growing slowly, and she only […]

How to Start a Tech Company – Interviewing Sahil Lavinga, founder of Gumroad

Topic: How to start a tech startup Guest: Sahil Lavinga About the guest: Founder of Gumroad and was the first employee at Pinterest. Author of The Minimalist Entrepreneur Listen on YouTube Timestamps 00:00 Introduction 01:03 The Minimalist Entrepreneur Book 02:55 Where should an 18 year old start to become a tech entrepreneur 05:08 How much […]

3 Big Reasons to Ignore The Naysayers

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: Why you should not listen to naysayers Anatomy of a Naysayer The vast majority of humans are unserious and unambitious. They live their lives mindlessly following a simple template that looks like this: Born -> Go to school -> Go to college -> Work a job -> Marry […]

How to Build Business Relationships & Connections Virtually (For Entrepreneurs)

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: How to successfully network with people online One thing running an online business has taught me over the past few years is that most people do not know how to network or initiate business relationships properly. For example, I will often have bloggers reach out to me via […]

The Three Chinese Curses and the Wisdom Behind Them

The Chinese curses are “blessings” which are interesting because they are named oxymoronically (curses/hexes) and provide a unique perspective on life. There are three of them, in increasing order of severity, and although they’re called Chinese curses, there’s no evidence of their origin being Chinese. They’re worth studying, nonetheless. May you live in interesting times. […]

Ovarian Lottery: Would You Take the Random Lottery of Birth

A lot of people attribute their failures in life to things out of their control: their height, their skin color, their parents, the country they were born in, etc. You will hear people say things like: I can’t get any women because I’m short. Life is much easier for taller men. I’m broke and oppressed […]

The CryptoWFH Age: A Look into the Future

People think the last 2 years have been freak years and once the pandemic is over, things will go back to normal. As I’ve talked about before, this is not the case. Things were already changing, and all the pandemic has done is speed up the changes a hundred fold. The two most significant changes […]

How to Find Time to Workout on a Crazy-Busy Schedule

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: How to fit exercise into a busy schedule It can be challenging to find time to exercise and lift when you have a lot of other responsibilities to attend to. This article is not meant for people who can’t find time to workout because they are busy with TV […]

How to Get Over a Breakup – 8 Tips That Actually Work

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: How to deal with a breakup for guys Breakups are a tough time for most men, marked with loneliness, sadness, and even feelings of despair (some even claim to have depression). This is doubly true if it was a breakup with someone you love (when you still love […]