Stop Being Shy (Nobody Is Constantly Noticing You)

Most shy people are shy because, in their minds, they think that everyone is noticing and judging them. To quote Pook: Shyness is thinking that EVERYONE IS LOOKING AT YOU. It is a form of junior high school following you. If you get up from your seat, people will look at you. You speak up; […]

There Is No Getting Back to “Normal” (A Fundamentally Different World)

It’s been about 1 year since the lockdowns began, and the world is slowly opening up. Some people are wondering, “When will things get back to normal?” – and the answer is never. Whatever “normal” was, is now gone because the fundamentals of the world have changed. The lockdowns were a 10x change to the […]

How to Improve Your English Speaking Skills and Fluency

This article is for people who speak English as a second language, and while they can get their message across, they struggle to speak fluently and gracefully. Maybe you grew up in rural India; maybe you didn’t go to an English medium school – whatever the case, this article is for you. The Three Main […]

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

The most common questions you see people ask are, “How do I get better at time management?” and “How do I stop procrastinating?” There are thousands of articles on the internet with “advice” on how to get better at managing your time and videos to “motivate” you to put in the work. Here’s the one […]

How to Build Yourself Up from a Broken Home (by Ed Latimore)

Fatherless Black Family

LMM’s Note: This is a guest post by Ed Latimore. I recently came across some statistics that blew my mind. 40% of all American children are born out of wedlock (unmarried parents), and for black people, it’s 70%. India is a fairly stable society, so we don’t really have a lot of bastard children – […]

Why Playing The Status Game Is a Bad Investment

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: Stop caring about whether you’re seen as cool and popular or not “Status games are multiplayer, zero-sum, hierarchical, judged socially. Get grades, applause, titles now – emptiness later. Natural games are single-player, positive-sum, internal, judged by nature/markets. Pay in pain now – get wealth, health, knowledge, peace, family […]

Never Forget That You Are Going to Die

Everyone in this photo is dead

Time runs fast Everyone in the photo above is dead. The average human lifespan is 72.6 years – in other words, 26,517 days. The average is higher in countries like Japan but lower in poorer African countries. But for simplicity, let’s assume you live up to 72.6 years or 26,517 days exactly. If you want […]

The Problem with Online News (Why It’s All Outrage)

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: Why is digital news mostly outrage? If you’ve been following me for a while, you’re probably aware of the fact that every once in a while, I get some negative press from heavily left-leaning news websites for my criticisms of feminism. I don’t usually mind them because it […]

Hypefury Review (From Over a Year of Use)

Hypefury Review

Update: Hypefury is a dishonorable company that scammed us. Do not use them. Use Zlappo instead. We strongly recommend staying away from Hypefury as their team is not trustworthy and have defrauded their business partners and defaulted on their business obligations. Do not give cheaters access to your business’s social media. You have been warned. […]

Consistency Is Key | Not Where You Want to Be in Life? This Is for You.

Note: This was originally a short letter to a young struggling friend who was feeling down about not being where he wanted to be in life. Dear [Redacted], You told me that you felt really unhappy about not being where you want to be in life. You said that you want more out of your […]

How to Build a Cheap Home Gym (Low Cost Home Gym Essentials)

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: Building a Home Gym on an affordable Budget There are several advantages to having a home gym, such as saving travel time, not having to wait for equipment, and more importantly, being able to train if your area is under coronavirus lockdown. This article is intended towards people […]

6 Main Reasons Why You’re NOT Gaining Muscle (With Solutions)

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Topic: Answering the “Why am I not gaining muscle” question (muscle math) Most people in gyms look the same month after month and year after year (not counting guys who are in their first year of training). You could go to a different gym for 6 months and then […]

How to Solve Problems in Your Life (With Examples!)

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: Personal Problem Solving (Life problems solved with real examples) In the spirit of LMM, i.e., action over reading, let’s get right down to the meat, skip the introduction, and talk about how to solve problems in life. Step 1: Isolate the Problem from Your Personal Story Most people […]

How to Increase Protein in Indian Vegetarian Diet (With Desi Diet Plan)

From the desk of Harsh StrongmanSubj: How to get protein as a vegetarian (with high protein vegetarian diet plan) for Indians Note: This article has been written for North Indian diets (vegetarian and no eggs). When I started lifting (or bodybuilding, as everyone in India calls it), I knew eating lots of protein was important, […]

Is Working from Home the Future? (And the Effects of WFH)

Work from home (WFH) or remote work was forced on too many people and businesses because of the China Virus pandemic, and the implications of it are huge. Needless to say, it’s going to be a very different world from here onwards – both for employees and employers alike. In this piece, I will cover […]

Arguing Is a Waste of Time

Arguments to the human mind are like a war of words – we’ll hurt people, end friendships, and even create enemies to win them and get our sense of superiority. However, unlike a real war of guns and grenades, arguments have no spoils. There is no land to be won, no gold to take, and […]

Life Advice for 18 Year Olds (19 Lessons for Teenagers and Young Men)

You can also listen to this article: From the desk of Harsh StrongmanSubj: Things every 18 year old needs to know (Advice for teenagers) I started my personal development journey when I was 16 years old. When I was 18, I had about two years of effort under my belt, while most of my peers […]

How to Start a Startup (CS183B Stanford, Y Combinator)

The market for entertainment will always be larger than the market for information. This is easily observable on the internet (free-market flow of information) where entertainment-related content gets a disproportionate amount of clicks and views viz a viz information-related content. There are videos titled “36 GIRLY HACKS YOU WISH YOU KNEW SOONER” that have had […]

Moderation Is for Cowards: Get Obsessed or Get Nowhere

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: Moderation is for cowards There is some truth to the idea of moderation. You cannot be “on” 100% of the time; otherwise, you’ll burn out quickly; you need to work effectively and rest effectively. Breaks from work, rest days from the gym – they are not a man […]

7 Tips to Increase Productivity When Working from Home (WFH)

Work From Home

Listen to this article as a podcast: Working from home sounds good in theory – you’ll work when you want, there’ll be no one to monitor what you’re doing at any given moment, you’ll have freedom from micromanagement, you can get some personal tasks done during work hours, AND save a lot of time and […]

How to Exercise at Home Without Equipment

China Virus has wrecked most people’s workout regimens, and it does not look like the virus is going away anytime soon. I don’t think it’s safe to go to a public gym for about half a year to a year at the very least, but this does not mean we get no exercise. While most […]

Why Are You Inconsistent?

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: Why am I inconsistent? (And how to be more consistent?) A question that I frequently hear people ask is “How do I be more consistent?” – a common problem, lots of people face this issue. There are many factors to why someone may be inconsistent with the habits […]

How to Make the Most of the Lockdown

China Wuhan Coronavirus

With the China Virus now spreading around the world, most of the world population is now forced to stay indoors because of voluntary and government-enforced quarantines and lockdowns. (Never thought I’d be typing that line – sounds like something right out of a novel.) Staying indoors for extended periods of time is much harder than […]

Don’t Waste Your Life | An Open Letter to Young Men

From the desk of Harsh Strongman Subj: The two paths in life Dear young man, I hope this letter finds you in good health! Today I write to you concerning a matter of grave urgency – YOU: your life, your potential, your future. I want you to treat this letter as a warning – and […]