Food And Materialism

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This is a quick observation I made about how materialistic someone is and their relationship with food.

1) Low materialism – Thinks of food as fuel.

2) High materialism – Obsessed about taste.

Of course, this is a spectrum and not just two points.

The lower your materialism (obsession with pleasure and things), the less you care about “taste”.

Sure, you won’t eat awful tasting things for no reason but as long as the food is nutritious, you’re going to eat it.

If you’re the type that eats chicken and broccoli every day, you’re probably low materialism and don’t obsess over sensory pleasure.

If your diet is full of: Black coffee, meat, milk, vegetables, whole foods, and doesn’t include much sugar and seed oils, you’re towards this category.

The higher your materialism, the more you are obsessed with taste.

This means when presented with two options, you’ll pick the thing that tastes better over the healthier options.

For example, if you have to choose between eggs and bread, you’re picking bread. Rice and dal vs samosas -> You pick samosas.

If you’re stuffing your face with sugars after every meal, eating foods fried in seed oils, and put sugar in your coffee or tea – you lean towards higher materialism.

The more materialistic you are, the less your likelihood of success.

This is simply a fact of life. As a man’s obsession with material items and pleasure increases, his will and spirit to work harder declines. As his spirit declines, he becomes more materialistic.

It’s a downward spiral.

You become slower. You become less willing to wake up earlier and stay up late working. You become more lazy and complacent as you “enjoy” more.

If you are highly materialistic, your chances of worldly success are practically close to zero. It is how it is.

Who do you think is going to win – Some guy who likes to sit and eat “comfort foods” or the go-getter who works hard to the point that he forgets to eat? My money is on the latter.

This post is more “meta” but the point is: Mindset bleeds into everything. A man who will do “whatever it takes” does so in his everyday life as well. Excellence it not an act but a habit.

– Harsh Strongman

“History is filled with the sound of silken slippers going downstairs and wooden shoes coming up.”

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